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DeFi Million Represents the best DeFi
tokens via decentralised Telegram Channel.
Our Network count over 500k global users who love DeFi Market, which we cover in a long term stakers and profit makers.
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2022-01-12 18:44:41

🔹🔷 ERC20 🔷🔹

🤝 | Fair Launch


We have launched our Roller Inu token that is the hottest new trend on the Ethereum Blockchain to emerge from the crypto industry, combining decentralized finance (Defi 2.0) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with ROLLER WORLD, blockchain-based P2E games, and further income generation for the ecosystem to reward its holders in different ways.

A deflationary masterwork with a supply burn mechanism that will become legendary.

🔒 | 100% Liquidity will be locked after launch by Unicrypt

💸 | Buy tax 8% (4% market | 4% dev)

💸 | Sell tax 12% (4% market| 4% dev+ 4% dynamic burn)
(depending in size of sell - if you dump a lot, you'll burn a lot)

🌟 | P2E Game
🌟 | Defi 2.0
🌟 | NFT marketplace
🌟 | ADS campaign
🌟 | No Presale

🌐 | Website (
💬 | Telegram (
🕊 | Twitter (
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2022-01-10 22:28:01
SANDWICH NETWORK: The most complete & user-friendly decentralized hub for new crypto projects.

Sandwich Network is the definite hub to start a cryptocurrency project. User-friendly and permissionless access to anyone. Sandwich is truly decentralized and non-custodial so any user that connects with a Web3 wallet can mint, launch, lock and use all future Dapps.

Magnus Capital, AU21, X21, LD Capital, Moonwhale, Vespertine Capital & many more.

Whitelisted Private Sale Competition
Not a Venture Capitalist or Exchange but still want to participate in Sandwich Network's Private Sale?

We've got you. Follow the steps through the link below and get a chance to win $350 worth of allocation.

Sandwich Network Links
Pitch deck
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2022-01-10 15:59:55
For your attention - Kyrrex

World’s first crypto-fiat digital bank
Kyrrex provides a wide range of services including trading, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies, participating in an exclusive deposit program, and more.

They already launched:

✔️Crypto exchange

✔️Liquidity HUB

✔️Kyrrex Crypto OTC

Launching soon


🔜Tokenization Platform

🔜Crypto Merchant Platform

Kyrrex already has Maltese and Estonian license

Trading fees are now lower thanks to the KRRX token
The more KRRX token you own, the lower the commission you get.
📍Discounts on trading commissions
Save up to 50% on trading fees with KRRX tokens
📍Referral program
Earn over 50% on referral commissions
📍Kyrrex Ecosystem
Enjoy the bonuses of Kyrrex products including Trade Ideas, MAM accounts, online banking and crypto payments.

KRRX Listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

Trade the way you like with Kyrrex
Get KRRX today

🌎 Kyrrex -
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2022-01-07 23:22:38
Waiting for the market to go up? 📉

Do you want to invest on a presale while you wait for Bitcoin to pump? 🚀📈

Introducing the Rocket Network 🚀☁️

A cryptocurrency project trying to building the most complete network of cryptocurrency applications and created for the poor people around the world

Invest in the presale now that lasts until 14:00 GMT+ February 2nd and lists 14:00 GMT+ February 5th.

High probability of pumping in the upcoming years!

243 BNB raised / 757 BNB remaining

Min 0.1 BNB | Max 7 BNB

To the moon! 🚀

Get your tokens now!

Chat @rocketnetworklive
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2022-01-03 18:22:27 Intelly Tech has started its ICO with great news. Today they announced a new partnership with Tasceken Group. This partnership has the potential to change the future of real estate investing.

What is Intelly ?

Intelly is a future-oriented company that aims to combine real estate investment and blockchain technology.

Intelly enables investors from all around the globe to invest in real estate development and projects without the burdens traditionally associated with it. Investments will be done on the Intelly platform, using the INTL token.

With Intelly's F-NFT tokenization technology, Intelly allows individuals to invest in tokenized real estate, This leads to smaller investment tickets, enabling low-capital investors to take part in real estate investing. Fractionalization is the key to a liquid real estate market.

Intelly's ICO ends on the 21st of January
For more information please visit website:

Project render and construction site video:

Display property 360° view:

Press release:



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2022-01-01 17:10:00
Found the next potential 100x Metaverse with an All-Star Team. Affyn, a Free-to-Play, mobile Geolocation-Based P2E Metaverse project.

Their presale is now LIVE!


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2021-12-29 17:27:24
⚠️ ⧫ Sphynx ETH ⧫ is HERE ⚠️

Sphynx has launched on ETH! They are one of the few projects with REAL utility. ETH staking & farming, and their BSC-ETH Bridge goes Live soon. They've got some exciting partnerships lined up as well *cough* Top 25 Project on CMC *cough*

📈 Native Charting
💻 Certik Audited w/ 24/7 Skynet Protection
🎭 Doxxed Devs
👨‍🌾 Farming and Staking Live this Week
🌉 BSC-ETH Bridge Live this Week
🤑 DEX Rewards
🎟 Lottery
🤝 Massive Partnerships Coming (Top 25 Project on CMC)

📊5% Marketing
🏗5% Development
🔥1% Burn

SphynxETH Telegram 💭 | Twitter 🐦 | Sphynx DEX 🖥 | Token Website 🌐
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2021-12-28 23:20:08
💎ShibRWD (SRWD) This token was created to last A lifetime. Liquidity is locked for 50 YEARS ! KYC Verified DEVS !! Tax is 12%. (4%) Reflections are received in $SHIB (4%) Liquidity (4%) Marketing. They have a team of Seasoned Developers as well as an incomparable Marketing team. This Token was generated to ease the mind of investors when holding a crypto. With the purpose of bringing legitimate investments into the crypto space. SRWD is an amazing way to earn free $SHIB i love it.

🔥ShibRWD (SRWD)🔥

🔑Contract Address : 0xa518c9f3724cced4715e6813858dc2ce9b21ed78

🔑Currently on UniSwap


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2021-12-24 13:49:55 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️DOGEMania Launched!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

DogeMania aims to make a big DAO community of all crypto-doge-lovers.

We are very impressed by movements of different Doge communities and want to help them all by uniting at the craziest event of finance world — DOGECON!

The crypto-DOGE show. The main goal is to unite Dogecoin and Doge-like tokens communities and developers in one big and united community that will blow up the bankers mind and banking system at all!

We want to build many useful tools for the communities and developers of Doge-like token and Dogecoin itself.

Our Toolsverse:

⚙️🔒Locker - the first developer tool is the free-of-charge locker of any tokens.
⚙️🎭NFT Meme Creation Tool - this tool will help to create a good DOGE meme and mint it in NFT!
⚙️🌉BRIDOGE - any Doge-like token will have ability to become multi-chain token.
⚙️🐕DAO Charity Wallet - the community of token hodlers will become a part of our DAO and will gain ability to suggest and vote for any charity transfer.

But that’s not all. We’ll build much more different useful tools for Doge communities and developers. In future, when our DAO will be strong enough, we are planning to hire more developers to make this process faster.

🛡 Security audit for every smart contract before publishing
💠 Open source
❌ No presale/privatesale
❌ No dev/team/marketing tokens
🔥 Burning mechanics
🧑‍🌾 Hodlers Farming
🏦 Auto LP increasing each trx
🏗 Community driven project

💎Read more in our WOOF PAPER💎

👁Follow us on:
💎Telegram ✅
📣TGAnnChannel ✅
🗣Twitter ✅
🌠Instagram ✅
📹TikTok ✅
🧠Website ✅
🛠GitHub ✅
📝Medium ✅

🌟 Local Groups:
💞 Brazil ✅
💞 Chinese ✅

📍 Token contract: 0x2DB4878D1Fd8Fb84252B16Ba2E6Fc66Cf999B007
📍 DAO Charity Wallet contract: 0x06a818fc3eF798ab2A416DEACBbe379A671C1ec3

📈 Chart

🔥 Listing:
✅ CG
✅ CoinBase
✅ Watcher.Guru

Join now:

🛡🎖 All contracts has been audited by Dessert Finance 🎖🛡
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2021-12-22 20:14:07
Is it possible to avoid volatility and earn 20% APY+ market even during bear market?

Not really, if you continue earning 6% APY on stables on Binance or investing at the random one day platforms 🤷🏻‍♂️ But yep, more than possible with lending & borrowing platform from Waves - Vires Finance

20%+ APY quick guide
1. Login using WavesKeeper / Waves.Exchange
2. Scroll to the Markets section and click Supply next to your asset
3. After your transaction is confirmed, you start earning profits immediately🔥

In a few month Vires Finance gathered more than 1billion liquidity mostly thanks to the inner Waves community, cause the info about Vires wasn't widely spreaded. But for now you know about it😉

Want to earn on stables and not depend on volatility, while doing nothing? Go to Vires Finance and get the ball rolling

Btw, 20% seems to be the minimum % at Vires Finance, most of the time you can see 40% + there
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2021-12-19 22:58:25
JoinCoin promises to be the biggest BSC project of 2022.

Take part in our competition so that you don't miss out...

🎁Prize: $100 to one winner + Whitelists spots avaialable to randomly selected winners.


👉#Join Us :

👉 Post in JoinCoin TG @ "DefiMillion" sent me

👉Follow twitter:

👉Tag three friends in a retweet and use hashtag #JoinCoin
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2021-12-17 21:59:07
🚀 We're thrilled to announce the launch of Functional Elephants Club (#FEC) NFTs 🔥🔥 🔥

#FEC NFTs come with exciting perks. With some special functions to be announced later...

Early community members get a chance to win 1 of 500 FEC NFTs as a "thank you" for their participation. Elephants are well known for their loyalty after all 😍

Functional Elephants Club Perks include:

- A chance to receive an ultra-rare NFT
- Borg Box Discounts
- A chance to win 1 of 100 special edition Boxes on the release date
- Whitelisting for our upcoming public sale in 2022 (subject to KYC)

#FEC NFT Giveaway

Sign up today for a chance to be 1 of 500 to own a unique Functional Elephants Club NFT. Winners will be drawn randomly. You have time to join the draw till December 31, 2021.

To enter the draw

1. Join our Telegram group
2. Fill out the form on this page:
3. Share your personal link with your friends. You get an extra chance for each person using your link!
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2021-12-17 12:25:47

This is the very first event that gives away allocation of Private Sale to join a GameFi’s project! 50 slots are given away with a Private Sale allocated from 5000$ DeFiHorse Token!!! Incredible!!

You don’t wanna miss this one-in-a-life-time opportunity to multiply your investment! Join their “Be DeFiHorse's Kols” Event and win your slot right away!

With top-notch graphics along with e-sport metaverse gameplay & an extremely prestigious Backers, Founders and Advisors, DeFiHorse will no doubt to the moon soon!!!!

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2021-12-16 20:28:34 PrimeDAO TOKEN LAUNCH 🚀

PrimeDAO is launching with its new D2D token. The raise started yesterday and will end tomorrow 2pm UTC (20hrs from now‼).

The fundraise is used to build everything DAO's need in their lifecycle 👇
✅ DAO Launchpad
✅ Liquidity Bootstrapping for DAOs
✅ DAO Deal Making Platform
✅ Permissionless DeFi Rating

Prime DAO already has partnerships with
🤝 Olympus
🤝 Gitcoin
🤝 Balancer
🤝 DeFi Safety
and this is only the beginning!

Launch LBP:

Find the link to LBP announcement below👇
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2021-12-15 15:51:04
⚡️AlgoBlocks, One Platform for All DeFi ⚡️

🏅 $USDT Learn to Win Campaign🏅

➡️ Watch the video & Learn #algoblocks features
➡️ Finish the tasks & earn your chances for 100 $USDT prizes + $ALGOBLK Bonus
➡️ Participate 👉 HERE

AlgoBlocks envisions an ecosystem where a layer of smart contracts abstracts all the manual steps, removing the technical know-how barrier and making it easier for users to interact with the existing DeFi protocols. Algoblocks is the future of DeFi!

Check out our product features:
✅ All In One DeFi Dashboard
✅ Swap Assets
✅ Universal Gas Token
✅ Paring-Free Staking
✅ DeFi Trading Signal
✅ Professional Trading Template
✅ Access the Hottest Dapps In the Market
🔥 IDO coming soon

Hurry, don’t miss out on your chance!!!
👉 Follow our channels
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2021-12-13 23:23:46 ​​IQ Coin Game ($IQG) Tokenimics

Name : IQ Coin
Symbol : IQG
Contract: 0x3e0e89077cc8ef305e1354fce19037ba50c1a3a0
Decimals: 18
Blockchain : BEP-20
Liquıd : PancakeSwap
Slippage: %11
Burn : %4.98
Team Lock: %30

Hotbit : application filed
Bkex : application filed
Mexc :application filed
Website :
Twitter :
Telegram :
Telegram Channel :
Instagram :
YouTube :
PancakeSwap :
Coinmarketcap :
CoinGecko :
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2021-12-13 20:34:05 ​​NFTime announced PUBLIC SALE🚀

NFTime is a social media space that aims to broaden the horizons of the NFT world by allowing the community to connect 🙌🏻

This is a place where you can follow your friends, chat, and share your gallery with them, as it is also a marketplace where you can create, store and share your NFTs built on various blockchain-supported platforms 🌐

NFTime is also making it possible and simple for people to visit great and famous art galleries through our virtual gallery - MetGal - a space that allows people to visit desired museums in AR and VR. People can also place their NFTs for exhibitions, create their own private exhibitions and invite people by selling the tickets as NFTs.

Public sale details
Total rewards: 15.000.000 NFTM tokens
Date: Starts on 15th of December
Price: Dynamic starts from $0.09 till $0.12

Follow for more information:
Telegram chat
Telegram channel
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2021-12-12 19:23:01 PRESALE ENDING IN 3 DAYS!!

A reserve Currency Protocol based on the $BHD Token that uses crypto reserve assets to create a crypto native stable currency where users can Stake & Bond their BHD to earn rewards on BSC simply the best fork of OHM .


On our website connect your wallet and you need BUSD & BNB for the approve and the transaction.

1 $BHD = 20$ BUSD

BUY on our website

PRESALE address:

bscscan.comContract Address 0xD37CDaf2eeC5328F67C0Af5209f402e61aAcCADb | BscScanThe Contract Address 0xD37CDaf2eeC5328F67C0Af5209f402e61aAcCADb page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract address. Users can also interact and..

500$ GIVEAWAY for the first holders .
Join our social media

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2021-12-10 16:56:31
🎁🎁 The Biggest Christmas Contest Ever is Now Live - The total prize pool of 1,250,000 dollars!

🎅🏻 Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas Everyone! #FOTA Claus is here to bring you gifts on Christmas ~

🔥 FOTA Claus created the great contest to give you a chance to get a Legendary NFT Hero - KYLA Dragon! It means you can be a part of the FOTA #Metaverse for FREE!

👉 Join our Christmas Contest HERE

👤Total Winners:
Top 1000 Participants with The Most Entries
Random 4000 Winners

⏰ Time: 10th December 2021 - 10th February 2022 (UTC)
📣 Winners Announcement: 10th February 2022
💸 Rewards: 5000 Legendary #NFT Heroes worth 1.25 million $USD

🐉 KYLA Dragon Information:
Kyla, a creature of the ancient Dragon race, resides in The Greenland's magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Although not as large and powerful as other Dragon creatures, little Kyla possesses the agility and transformational energy that allows her to attack large areas and heal allies.
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2021-12-08 16:41:15
An enhanced Ohm Fork. Or THE super Ohm.
You choose.

6 reasons why only a fool would miss out on $JADE :

📈 1,000,000,000% APY (25% ROI every 5 days)
☂️ Immune to getting killed by whales
💪 Outperforming other OHM forks in most areas
🌳 Survivor currency: Jade has been surviving every flash crash, and been growing when other cryptos have been falling
🤝 Openly supported by Ava Labs CEO & Founder and Su Zhu
☑️ KYC approved by Rugdoc

The team
👥 Lead developers from Google and Amazon
🧠 Super genius Harvard professor
🎓 Y-Combinator alumni & more experts.

Huge hype and demand !
Hurry up and buy Jade at a low price, stake it & chill before it’s too late.

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2021-12-07 17:38:40

💎 Hold Euro Shiba Inu and earn great rewards for every transaction

💥 100x - 1000x incoming!!!! 💥

✅ 14000 holders already
✅ 10Q burn every sunday until 50% will be burned
✅ 47300% already up
💎 Only 1 month old coin
✅ Instant reward: 5% of each transaction redistribute to holders
🔥 Listed and promoted on coinscope
✅ Listed on CMC
💎 Strong comunity growing token
🔥 First Investors already made good profit

👉 Telegram Group:

👉 Chart:

👉 web:

💥 1000x incoming!!!!💥
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2021-12-03 17:01:57 With BEPR, winning is always easy🤩...don't you believe us?

We are building a company of 1 billion worth through a blockchain product ecosystem.
As BEPR holder you always will have passives incomes💰; all clients will buy any service from BEUROP through BEPR; and holders get a 3% for each buying/selling.

$BEPR token reflects the real company value expressed in digital products built and launched on the market; three of which are active:

📣Crypto DeFi Trading and Marketing Tool: more than 3,000 users and growing, weekly contests and free promotion.

🤖TG Price BOT: always up to date with your favorite cryptocurrencies

⚖️ the best prices on the market for buy/sell cryptos, with a fiat payment gateway.

📚 to care about your education, we invest in your knowlegde.

🎮COMING SOON: NFT game and metaverse.
Legends of Aragon is a P2E game launched on a web 3.0 platform. We offer a metaverse where knights and dragons collaborate to be rewarded for breeding, exploring, hunting, and more.

🚀JOIN Telegram NOW: beurop
🚀JOIN Twitter NOW: project_euro
❤️Weekly drawings

🤑$BEPR a token created for you to always earn🤑

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2021-12-03 16:37:04
🔥Introducing GOGOcoin, the NFT/DeFi crossover on a mission to onboard the next big wave of users to DeFi by making DeFi easy!🔥

They are constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management, savings and the first to enable segregated funds on-chain.

✅$GOGO Token Fair Launch on Polygon via CopperLaunch: Dec 7th
✅Doxxed Team with a Decentralized legal structure in Switzerland
✅Advisor board including the biggest names from the ecosystem
✅Game-changing UX/UI Design for the easiest DeFi experience out there

What’s to come?
⌛️ NFT Staking
⌛️ NFT Smart Vaults with non-custodial keyless wallet proxies
⌛️ Managed vault strategies with segregated funds.
⌛️One-click access to DeFi

🔥GOGOcoin is celebrating their token fair launch with $50,000 worth of $GOGO tokens! 🔥

The giveaway begins today @ 2:00 pm UTC and ends on Dec 7th!

Hurry, don’t miss out on this massive opportunity to get early access to the GOGO verse!

Participate here, NOW 👉 Here!
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2021-12-03 12:39:03
IDO + Whitelist for $ZOMI

ZOMI is the InGameToken for Nozomics - a Play2Earn platform with leaderboards and growing price pools. Top scores will be rewarded once a week, once a month and the all-time scores once a year. Three games are launched alreay. Team is doxxed.

IDO Overview

Token Symbol: $ZOMI
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Total Supply: ZOMI
Initial Market Cap: around $630.000

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB
Maximum Contribution: 3 BNB

Soft Cap: 150 BNB
Hard Cap: 300 BNB

Start: 6th of December 2021
End: 10th of December 2021

Audit: by SolidProof
KYC: IDOpresale (soon)

IDO on DxSale:


Only 100 wallets can come on the Whitelist !!


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2021-11-30 23:21:52
⭐️ TANGO BLOCKCHAIN + Blockchain Game Console ⭐️

Strategic Sale Round´s NOW! ( 44% filled)
Testnet launched with smart contracts

TangoChain is the first Blockchain 100% specialized in
Gaming, NFT and Play to Earn games.

It integrates a great amount of innovations in a native way
for the management of on game assets, exchange, storage,

TangoChain ensures that this computing power is not wasted. The user enjoys his favorite game, while securing
the network and at the same time receives rewards for securing it.

Tango as a leader in the Gamer industry, implements a console with native connection to different blockchains and
the Tango native network.

The ERC-2324 protocol is an evolution of the ERC-1155 multi token standard, which is also an evolution of the well-known ERC-
721 (classic NFT).

Official Web:
✅ KYC Team
Experienced team. Binamon Creators (50X since launch)
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