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🔉 bDODO - DODO staking with Game-Fi on BSC 🔉

🔥Let's go with bDODO.

bDODO is a token that serves not only as a DODO’s staking token but as a gateway token of P2E(play to earn) Game-Fi to cash out of game rewards on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Reward DODO tokens are released and distributed to bDODO holders every block.
bDODO holders receive DODO reward tokens proportional to their shares of bDODO.

Dodo bird is a bridge that allows long-term, high-apy staking to be combined with entertainment, and is currently the only gateway to monetize DODO Egg tokens.

⚡️ Why bDODO?
💰 Simple Staking with high APY of 219%
💰 DODO Bird Staking with constant APY of 338%
💰 Game-Fi that makes the jackpot possible
💰 Lottery with DODO Eggs, from only 3 eggs to ...

⚡️ How to?
Hold some BNB in your wallet(Metamask, Trustwallet, ...)
Purchase DODO in Binance or swap in PancakeSwap
Follow Youtube tutorial

👉 Website
👉 Whitepaper
👉 Telegram Broadcast
👉 Telegram
👉 Youtube
👉 Discord
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