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​​Troller - The Father of All Meme Coins

Now live for trading on pancakeswap

The Troller is the most unique and innovative NFT Project of 2021, it offers a complete ecosystem combining Artists/NFTs/Competition/Fun/Sponsors/NFT Collectors/Blockchain Ecommerce & rewards for all.

It bridges the gap between every day NFT artist and major brands.

The first meme coin with a revolutionary platform.

⚡️First NFT Entertainment Platform
⚡️First NFT Competition Marketplace
⚡️First Vote & Earn NFT Project
⚡️First Bridge Betweet Artists & Brands
⚡️First Art Blockchain EcommerceFirst Museum environmental Marketplace
⚡️First Multichain NFTs Marketplace
⚡️First NFT Marketplace to offer Triple Passive income for
Artists & Community
⚡️First Crypto project with FourToken Burn Mechanisms
⚡️First NFT Marketplace to Airdrop free tokens to Artists & Community

The Troller will be providing triple ways passive income for Artists & Community

💥Passive income for community💥

2% Autostaking Rewards
20% of All NFT sales
10% of all Merch Sales

💥Passive income for Artists 💥

2% Autostaking Rewards
5% lifetime commissions on NFTs sold in our Museum
20% lifetime Commissions on Art Blockchain Merch

💥Super deflationary token model with 4 Burning mechanisms💥

2% of each transaction gets Burned 🔥🔥
100% of Competition application fees gets Burned 🔥🔥
5% from NFTs sales will be used to buy back & burn 🔥🔥
10% of Merch Items sales will be used to buy back & burn 🔥🔥

We’re listed on CMC, CG and have our first exchange listing all within the first 5 days of launch. This is just the beginning.

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