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2021-03-24 00:37:34
Seedify Fund Airdrop $?
2/3 stars

Up to 500 SFUND (≈$50,000) reward pool + 2 Entries per invite

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Visit the Seedify Fund Airdrop
Complete social media tasks
Submit your BSC-BEP20 wallet address and details
Note: A total of 250 lucky participants will be rewarded with a total of 500 Sfund tokens.
SFUND will be listed on PancakeSwap, Friday 26th of March 2021.

About Seedify Fund: Visit
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2021-03-23 16:18:37
Good news Boom token list kucoin

Official announcement : 05/04/2021
Trading start : 10/04/2021

BMT token buy last time

list price kucoin 1 BMT = 10 $

pre-sell live

pre sell price

0.05 bnb = 100 BMT
0.10 bnb = 240 BMT
0.20 bnb = 560 BMT
0.50 bnb = 1,200 BMT
1.00 Bnb = 3,000 BMT

more buy : @Boom_token_owner

But this is the last time to buy

bnb ( bsc ) send address : 0x124fa325161bD724c1BAF1106F95CE953c43CDCE

BMT token received instant

Limited time --- ( don't miss )

Boom Token Airdrop Still live

Get 5 BMT (≈$50) + 1 BMT (≈$10 ) per invite

Airdrop Link:

Learn more
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2021-03-23 14:15:35 #sponsored
Push Protocol update:

We are happy to announce that today at 3:00PM UTC+0, PUSH is about to list on PancakeSwap.

>> Listing price will be $0.1 or 0.0004 BNB.

Don't try to purchase before listing time, due to low supply in liquidity pools, price will increase more than $0.1.

>>Due to high demand of initial coin holders, price may increase in short period. Be active.

Upcoming centralized listing price is $0.2 or 0.0008BNB.

Contract Address: 0x7E92315491A687430D3ca20E8F6417252d8CB4F3

Verify it through:

Centralized listing:

>> As per our road-map and previous announcements, PUSH will list on big centralized exchangers on 10 april.

Centralized Listing at $0.2 or 0.0008 BNB.

Airdrop Distribution:
>> Before centralized listing, on 10 april.

Liquidity to PancakeSwap.

- Claim Upto 1400 PUSH. Limited only for first 1000 liquidity providers of PancakeSwap.

>> Provide minimum $50 or $100 or more liquidity to PancakeSwap to eligible for 700 PUSH or 1400 PUSH respectively.

First 1000 liquidity providers of PancakeSwap will be registered and will able to auto-claim 700 or 1400 PUSH from Push Protocol website, according to thier liquidity amount, before airdrop distribution. Claim option will be enabled.

PancakeSwap Pair: PUSH/BNB.

For providing liquidity:

Contract: 0x7E92315491A687430D3ca20E8F6417252d8CB4F3.

Thanks for participation .
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2021-03-23 09:40:59 Airdrop BlogSpot pinned a photo
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2021-03-23 08:04:22
Avnrich Airdrop $25
3/3 stars

Get $25 AVN for completing tasks + $5 AVN per invite

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Start Telegram Bot
Join Telegram Group and Channel
Vote Avnrich (AVN) on Latoken Exchange: Voting Link
Submit your Email Address and Details
Distribution date: 7 days after listing

About Avnrich: Visit –
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2021-03-22 14:43:51
XiaMi Pool x ChainX Giveaway $?
3/3 stars

Up to 190 PCX + 245 KSX + 24,500 XMPT reward pool

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Register your email
Complete social media tasks to get more entries
Submit your PCX Wallet Address and XMPT Heco Wallet Address
Distribution date: wait for update
PCX is already listed on Coinmarketcap

About ChainX: Visit –
46.4K views11:43
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2021-03-22 10:40:32 Airdrop BlogSpot pinned a photo
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2021-03-22 10:21:48
Push Protocol Airdrop $20
2/3 stars

Get 100 PUSH (≈$20) + 20 PUSH (≈$4) per invite

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Open the Airdrop Form
Follow on Twitter and Retweet this Tweet
Join Telegram Group
Enter the Referral Code: @annseixy
Submit your BSC Wallet Address (BEP-20)
Distribution date: Before listing April 10, 2021

About Push Protocol: Visit –
4.2K views07:21
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2021-03-21 20:21:34
Mogul Early Adopter Distribution Program $?
2/3 stars

Up to 200,000 STARS reward pool

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Sign up to the Mogul platform with a verified email address
Upload a profile picture to their account:
Like a minimum of 1 movie in the Showcase; each movie you like is one entry, so each user can get up to 9 entries:
Up to 10,000 lucky users will be drawn by raffle to each receive 20 STARS tokens.
Join QUAI DAO on Telegram
Winners will be announced March 28th at 11am EST

About Mogul: Visit –
37.0K views17:21
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2021-03-21 00:00:08
Chainge Airdrop $?
2/3 stars

Get $200 CHNG + $10 CHNG per invite

Airdrop Link:

How to Join?
Login with social media account
Click earn points
Click join waitlist
Go to profile and Connect Others Social Media accounts
Add Fusion Wallet address
Distribution Date: April 2021

About Chainge: Visit –
261 views21:00
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