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🥇 Biggest Cryptoprojects #Promoter with more than 10 Million Followers on our channels 🌍
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2023-06-13 01:44:43
Need Promotion for Your Project

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2023-06-13 01:44:42
Clint Eastwood Token

A blockchain project that revolves and put everything Clint as it main, central focus. Its the permanent, eternal place for the legend on blockchain, where fans All Around The Globe share, discuss, develop and talk about their favorite western character. NFTs and GameFi are amongst the initial use cases. CLINT will be the utility token for the ecosystems. Originally deployed on Polygon for low transaction fees and for better and fast user experience.

listed on @CoinMarketCap

0% tax on buying and selling!
Liquidity is contract minted and forever locked.

Our next milestone: 1000 holders and a Coingecko listing.

Token review:
Name: Clint Eastwood
Token: CLINT
Total supply: 10B

First 1000 people investing to share a pool prize.

Official Links
Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Discord | TikTok | Medium

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2023-06-08 18:05:28 Promotion Crypto World N°1 pinned a video
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2023-06-08 18:01:51
Metagarden Chain is the fastest Layer 1 EVM Blockchain designed for Gaming

— Currently in testnet phase
— Fast blocks, cheap transactions, API and SDK for game developers
— Over 100 play-to-earn games coming in 2023-2024

Register your wallet amoung first and get +100% bonus & airdrops from the games!
(It's a Limited Offer)

Go to register the wallet »
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2023-06-06 23:11:49 Promotion Crypto World N°1 pinned a photo
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2023-06-06 22:33:23
Solidus AI Tech

Powering the Future of AI. Building an 8,000 sqft eco-friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) data centre & Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where our range of services can be purchased using the worlds first deflationary AI utility token (AITECH).

Token review:
Total supply: 2B

Incubated by Decubate and ChainGPT

Join in on gleam to be one of the:
1000 people to receive $AITECH.
Top 50 referrers win upto $5,000.

Join Airdrop now

Official Links
Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | Discord | Medium

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2023-06-05 13:10:52 Promotion Crypto World N°1 pinned a photo
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2023-06-05 13:10:20
Launching the 48th Season of the Super X-Game

150,000 $USDT weekly bonus pool for grabs! Up to 30,000 $USDT to be won per user

Event period: 8:00 Jun 2 - 8:00 Jun 9, 2022 (UTC)

Participate now:

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2023-06-04 12:20:54 #Web3 Futures are now available for Public Testing

First time deposit win $10K
Trade Web3 Futures win a $20K
Submit bugs get a limited edition NFT

Invite friends enjoy up to 60% commission

More details :

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