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that same @Texas dude is now in ton
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I don't write first

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2024-06-20 21:56:53 Another pool in Explorer
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2024-06-20 19:09:54
New combo in PixelTap

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2024-06-20 18:53:57 Multi-cheque for 2.22 TON (15.8$) with password

Inside cheque: 888 activation(s) for 0.0025 TON (0.02$)

pass: texas
4.1K views15:53
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2024-06-20 18:30:50
What awaits us at Hexacore? Road map

Hexacore is a gaming platform with the $AGO token that allows you to create, customize and own gaming assets like NFTs. A new era in gaming that brings value to both players and developers. Hexacore already has 500K participants, a grant from IMX in the amount of $1 million, launch on BNB Chain and a confirmed airdrop.


Launching the Telegram application
Earn $AGO tokens and play mini-games

New games in the application
Among the new products are Pin Bullet, Dirty Job, and other games will be available soon


AGO Pre-sale
The first round of sales on TON, where you can purchase Steel AGO Pass, Bronze AGO Pass and loot boxes.

AGO Private Round
Magic Eden AGO Pass Sale (Solana Network) with Bronze and Silver Passes.

More games released
All "Coming Soon" games will appear in the app


UGC Platform Alpha
Early release of the Hexacore platform.

Launching the AGO utility and HXC management tokens.


Release of the UGC platform
Full-scale launch of the Hexacore UGC platform.

Ecosystem scaling
More games, more players, more creators, more fun and stable demand for tokens.

Launch the clicker

Has everyone checked out the new games?

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2024-06-20 00:06:39
Let's go
9.0K views21:06
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2024-06-19 19:44:52
Some exchanges have already announced that they will no longer support USDT, DAI, FRAX, GUSD, USDP and TUSD in the European Union. Exchanges include Kraken, OKX, Uphold.

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2024-06-18 22:57:45
New combo in PixelTap

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2024-06-18 20:58:10
New official BUMP slipper from Tonkeeper

What do we have to do?

In this game, as in NotCoin, you need to tap, complete tasks and invite friends.

It's very simple: just like NotCoin, you can trade Points from the bot for NFTs, and then sell those NFTs for real money.

Launch - BUMP.

#BUMP #Tonkeeper

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2024-06-18 19:27:39
Let's talk about cats?

How much did they give you for testing Spin's stupid mechanics?

GO breed cats

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2024-06-18 18:05:46
According to Bloomberg, billionaire Elon Musk will not yet integrate payments in virtual assets in X, at least this year.

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