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The TexasCoinNews media is a gathering for those interested in Non-Fungible Tokens, crypto, defi, AI, texas news

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2023-11-27 22:19:24
Top 7 second-level blockchains by number of daily transactions.

BLUR Price Slips As Whales Move 7 Mln BLUR To Binance & OKX

For Cosmos (ATOM), inflation has been set to no higher than 10%

Bitcoin mining difficulty has again reached its maximum

Coinbase shares and
MicroStrategy updated annual highs

Secret state mining farms discovered in Bhutan

Nigerian politician arrested in connection with Patricia hack

PYTH token has dropped 12% in the last 24 hours

Cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex suspends trading of digital assets in Thailand

Axie Infinity Introduces NFT Monetization Solution

Brazil has frozen $5.6 million in assets associated with individuals and companies suspected of participating in a pyramid scheme using non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

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2023-11-27 22:10:48
Magic Eden launches cross-chain NFT and crypto wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Polygon.

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2023-11-26 12:00:36
gifts for the first 10 participants, and only for my referrals.

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2023-11-26 11:13:37
Coinbase share price rises to highest since May 2022

A new round of Compound Grant will be launched on November 30 with a budget of $1 million

Keith withdrew 2.48 million BLUR ($1.57 million) from Upbit and transferred it to Blur for staking

Treasure DAO creates a gaming network and plans to use MAGIC as gas

Azuki DAO drops lawsuit against Zagabond founder and changes name to Bean

Cumulative trading volume of Uniswap X has exceeded $1 billion since its launch in July this year

Web3 Bank iPeakoin Completes $10M Series A Financing Led by Zhen Fund

Polkadot will launch Core Jam and Core Play in the next six months, removing the parachain auction system and replacing it with Agile Coretime or Bulk Coretime

Final Fantasy game publisher Square Enix has announced that it will release its first original NFT game for Ethereum, Symbiogenic, with a total of 500 character NFTs

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2023-11-25 20:40:48
Credit rating of the world's largest economies

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2023-11-24 23:01:00
Victory Securities Become Hong Kong’s First Virtual Asset Retail Broker

Celer has partnered with AltLayer

Axie Infinity will launch the Axie Merch Store tomorrow

The director of the Netflix series “Conquest” used the project’s budget to invest in Dogecoin

Alchemy expands its presence in the US by obtaining a money transfer license in the state of Iowa

Klever Announces Major Investment Commitment of $20 Million from GEM Digital Limited

Harvest Global Investments partners with Meta Lab HongKong to tokenize the fund under its management

Swiss BBVA Selects Ripple Subsidiary Metaco to Support Digital Asset Operations

The UK government has introduced legislation to support companies in the early stages of developing digital products

Singapore will introduce additional rules that will further tighten its position against retail speculation in crypto and will ban margin trading

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2023-11-23 21:47:44
Miners got rid of $50 million worth of Bitcoin Cash

BlackRock met with the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets

The HTX (Huobi) exchange and the HECO network were hacked for $110 million, Sun confirmed the hack, again promising that all funds were safe and the exchange would compensate for user losses

FTT rose 42% after news about Binance

Net outflow of funds from Binance in 24 hours amounted to $1 billion

BNB price fell 10% after CZ fired

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that regional markets head Richard Teng will replace Changpeng Zhao (CZ) as CEO.
CZ wrote that he admitted his mistakes

Brian Kelly: “Bitcoin capitalization could grow tenfold”

Representatives of the European Union (EU) government say they do not see an urgent need to launch a digital euro

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2023-11-22 21:31:57
Polygon next?

Chainlink Staking v0.2 will be launched on November 28

KuCoin introduced the KuCard for crypto payments

BLUR ranks first in terms of activity on Twitter

Lumoz will launch its own network in December 2023

The AVAX ecosystem will receive $10 million in support from Colony Lab

Japanese PassPay announces alliance with EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs

Coin98 integrates Nautilus Chain, accelerating real-time streaming payments

The XRPL ecosystem now has over 1,500 projects with multiple use cases

Ubisoft Innovation Lab has partnered with Animoca Brands to support their Web3 initiatives on Mocaverse

Kinto (Ethereum L2) moved to the Arbitrum ecosystem via the Arbitrum Nitro technology stack after launching a testnet using the OP Optimism stack

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2023-11-21 21:14:29
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