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According to the tracker site EigenPhi, the MEV bot Jaredfroms | 🔖TexasCoinNews media | crypto | nft | defi • AI

According to the tracker site EigenPhi, the MEV bot Jaredfromsubway.eth brought its creator $34 million in profit in three months using sandwich attacks.

Tether reported that it ended the first quarter of 2023 with total consolidated assets of $81.8 billion. The company's net profit was $1.48 billion.

Despite the explosion in the popularity of the cryptocurrency meme Pepe, the creator of the meme, Matt Fury, does not know anything about it. It is possible that he will file a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

The UK government is exploring the possibility of withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the custodial wallets of companies that evade taxes.

Solana Labs has announced that it is ready to sell the Saga Android smartphone in countries such as the US, Canada, EU, UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

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