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The TexasCoinNews media is a gathering for those interested in Non-Fungible Tokens, crypto, defi, AI

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2023-06-11 22:33:08
Exactly 12 years ago, the famous bitcoin faucet was launched, distributing more than 19,000 BTC ($500,000,000 at the current exchange rate) for free.

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2023-06-11 22:28:52
Arthur Hayes buys GMX again.

Last year, between March and September, Arthur bought 200,000 GMX at an average price of $44.70. At the moment, GMX has dropped to $45, and Artur has bought about 2k GMX (~$100k).

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2023-06-11 12:29:04
DinoWars Community Round at 40% off the IDO price has started

I don't know if you understand the value of entering at the stock price, but for those of you not in the know, this is an extremely rare opportunity

Usually, when you start a project, there is a small chance to win a small allocation at the IDO stage and that's it

Just a reminder

Community Sale for a total of $500,000
1-wallet limits are $1,000
Community Round token price $0.25, token price in allocations for DAO Maker and other lunchpads $0.4 (if investors with DAO Maker do x10, you make almost x20 by buying tokens at this price)
Listing planned for July on T1 exchanges
Full game release in August

Link to participate

All Community Round wallets get access to closed beta test with bonuses + additional 1 NFT character in game

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2023-06-10 15:52:10 There is a good opportunity to make money on DinoWars

They have a closed community sale starting tomorrow, but as a parter I know for sure it will come out at 700 admins and I think they'll be sold out in 2-3 hours because I plan on buying some more for my allotment myself

What input do I know about the project from the inside and what I like

Product. I like the idea of the guys and the fact that the product will definitely be (not unimportant due to the situation in p2e where many projects have not even released the product)

More than 20 lunchpads with a small alocation under each, which will make noise in the market, but will not increase the pressure on the token

DINW token is not farmed in game, and there is a lot of utilities in game, which suggests it will be redeemed from the market and it will give X (the project itself did a good post)

Strongest support for the project on the market by Influencers (700 admins already in partners and strong streamers) and I know that the guys will buy a lot of big Asian and English channels for the listing

Project contracts have passed all audits

I know for sure that MEXC/Huobi/ have already given the okay to list, but there is information that OKX gave the project cool conditions for the listing and it is very likely that the project goes to ByBit

Public team, they revealed all the chats at AMA and showed the daily internal work on the code

I plan to forage for accounts, because the token on DaoMaker will go to 0.4, and now there is an opportunity to go to the price of funds at 0.25 and if we see x10 on DaoMaker, then from this round will get to do x20

I as an admin will have the link today, I will definitely be able to get in, and hopefully tomorrow there will be something left for you (there will be a limit on the purse of $ 1000)
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2023-06-10 08:49:46
In partnership with the NFT project The Moment3! e-commerce platform AliExpress will release a collection of 5,555 NFTs destined for sales outside of China.

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2023-06-10 08:39:19
Top 15 stablecoins by market cap.

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2023-06-10 08:28:59
The Aldi grocery supermarket in the UK requires installing an app and scanning a QR code to enter the store and purchase groceries. But they haven't launched CBDC yet.

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2023-06-10 08:20:53
Another solo miner using an independent mining pool service was lucky enough to mine a bitcoin block and get 6.25 BTC with only 17TH. The probability of such a possibility is about 1/5500.

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2023-06-09 13:55:27
Kraken opens up the World of NFT marketplace with over 180 new NFT collections and several new features.

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2023-06-09 12:08:36
Atomic swap launched between Lightning Network and Liquid Network.

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