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Logo of telegram channel binancepumpsigmals — KuCoin Signals & Pumps
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Hi! We are a team of professionals and we give you analytics and signals and semi-organical pumps on KuCoin exchange

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2021-08-02 12:38:50
#OCEANUSDT #KuCoinFutures

Hello Dear Subsribers!

#BTC is now showing signs of medium-term weakness. It tried a value above $42000 and was rejected. We expect a drop to $38000 as the first retest. But a full-blown breakout of support levels below $30000 is also possible. But then we will have the momentum to break through $42500 once and for all.

Right now you need to be as careful as possible!

We keep telling you that you need to move Stop-Loss!

2 target fulfilled!

Huge Profit: 50.75%

The crypto market will grow in spite of all the bans by the governments of different countries!

If you want to make such a big profit, then write @mrFarend
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2021-08-01 11:48:13
Hello Dear Friends!

Almost all of our subscribers are EU citizens.

As you all already know binance exchange stops futures trading for EU citizens.

We switch to trading on the KuCoin exchange

Now all signals and semi-organic pumps will be only for exchange - register here and download the mobile app!

Get ready, we're taking off!

For VIP @mrFarend
98 views08:48
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2021-07-30 12:45:17
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will cease to provide services for trading futures. The exchange announced this on its blog. To comply with the legislative field of the European Union, the exchange decided to curtail its futures and derivatives services.

Users in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy were the first to fall under the restrictions. Traders from these countries will be able to close their positions on derivatives within 90 days. In the future the exchange plans to expand the list of countries affected by the restrictions.

Perhaps this is a sharp reason for the fall of #BTC
62 views09:45
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2021-07-28 13:09:02
#BTCUSDT #Futures

Hey Dear Friends!

Why aren't you still a VIP member of our community?!

3 target fulfilled

Quick huge profit: +49.31%

Let's think about #BTC, why it goes up despite the fact that Amazon denied rumors about accepting payments for orders in #BTC. We think the general mood of the market is positive and it will continue to grow.

For VIP @mrFarend
74 views10:09
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2021-07-26 18:28:34

Hello Dear Subsribers

We want to share with you another nice profit on the cryptocurrency market!

LINK/USDT (Spot trade)

4 target fulfilled

Huge profit: +21.87%

ENJ/USDT (Trade with leverage 5x)

4 target fulfilled

Quick excellent profit: +41.84%

For VIP @mrFarend
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2021-07-25 21:58:28
#BTC #Analytics #CryptoMarket

Hello Dear Friends!

We want to share with you our opinion about the current situation with #BTC

Weekly candle broke through the EMA50, but we have to wait for the close of the candle (Red Line)

If today's weekly candle closed above 50EMA we're expecting we see #BTC at 38K - 40K around 30EMA (Yellow Line)

If weekly candle closed below 50EMA then expecting #BTC to drop 25K -23K 100EMA (Blue Line)

The bull market will start if #BTC breaks through 42K

The bear market will start if #BTC falls below 29K

We hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

For VIP @mrFarend
66 views18:58
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2021-07-25 02:04:15
#HODL #PancakeSwap

Friends, we made a huge profit with $HODL token!

It going live on exchange monday!


No GAS fees for anyone (All gas fees will be reimbursed and paid by HODL 2.0)

HODL 2.0 investors are earning FREE $BNB every day

Automatic BUY BACK burns

Automatic compounding with slider. 50% of reinvestment burned from supply.

Every transaction is taxed 10%

4% - BNB pool
2% - Liquidity pool
2% - Reflections back to holders
1% - Buybacks
0.75% - Marketing
0.25% - Team

CT: 0x5788105375ecf7f675c29e822fd85fcd84d4cd86



We think this is a strong project and it will give you a lot of money!

For VIP @mrFarend
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2021-07-24 23:53:11

Hello Dear Subscribers!

So, let's take a look at the cryptomarket and make sure that it gives us the opportunity to make great profits!

On 4H TF #BTC, we can see that the correction is completed, because the pattern of inverted head and shoulders closed. In this regard, there will be many new signals to the organic pumps like this!

Now let's talk about the profits we made in our VIP group.


4 target fulfilled: +38.67%


1 target fulfilled: +27.31%


3 target fulfilled: +29.31%


4 target fulfilled: +35.23%

Join our channel!

For VIP and more info @mrFarend
47 views20:53
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2021-07-23 07:50:03
#SUSHIUSDT #OrganicPump

Hello Dear Friends!

As we said before, we have active signals in our VIP group.

4 target fulfilled

Huge profit: 38.67%

Expected rebound from the support level on the background of positive news

For VIP @mrFarend
109 views04:50
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2021-07-21 15:34:54
#BTC #CryptoMarket #ElonMusk

Hello Dear Friends!

As you already know there will be a cryptoconference today at which Elon Musk will speak...

In this regard, the market shows a staggering growth after the fall!

We can't predict the market movement, but in our VIP group we gave recommendations for buying coins and averaging positions on them

And at this point there is already a good profit!

Now we will give our view of yesterday's fall in the cryptocurrency market. At 27000 there is a powerful Fibonacci support level and a huge number of buy orders. It looks very much like the end of the correction!

We hope today's conference will give a good boost to the entire crypto market!

For VIP @mrFarend
354 views12:34
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