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☄️ Publishing news from the crypto industry faster than anyone else ☄️
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2021-10-24 23:38:43 🎯 #Metaverse Launchpad ~ #GameZilla 🎮

GameZilla is a newly launched 🚀 Game Launchpad that has taken upon itself to release attractive #Blockchain Games to the #BinanceSmartChain (BSC) ⛓ Metaverse.

GameZilla has now completed its preparations to launch 2 #IGO's in the coming days 🔥

1️⃣ CryptoGamez | $CGAZ ~ https://t.me/Crypto_Gamez
2️⃣ MoonTimer | $MTG ~ https://t.me/moontimergame

Both of these launches aren't something that should be missed. Grab at least 5000 $GZILA Tokens (100$ approx.) for a Guaranteed Spot 🔥.

Buy Link for $GZILA👇

⭐️ Links to GameZilla ⭐️

Website: https://gamezilla.studio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Game__Zilla

Telegram: https://t.me/officialgamezilla
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2021-10-23 21:00:26 This is a legit NFT to mint.

💰 Join this discord now:

👉🏼 https://discord.gg/h4PzuDcVpK

Created by the Magic Collective they are programmatically generated NFTs with utility value. 🎃

💰Get access to community perks and rewards for holders like you, including the opportunity to receive a $5k gift box and much more.

🚀 Public Sale is live now! Mint yours before gas goes up at magiccollective.io

🔮 The Magic Collective will be the first interoperable game item studio for the Metaverse and owning a GourdLord is your access to future seasons of item mints, airdrops, and their community.

✅ Utility Value
✅ Long Term Plans
✅ Large Team
✅ .08 ETH to mint

💰 Join this discord now:

👉🏼 https://discord.gg/h4PzuDcVpK

👉🏼 https://discord.gg/h4PzuDcVpK

👉🏼 https://discord.gg/h4PzuDcVpK

Public sale just launched!
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2021-10-23 20:00:36 ​NFTs ‘on Bitcoin’: Yes, That’s a Thing!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage right now. From CryptoPunks to Bored Apes, millions in crypto are exchanging hands for pixel art, tokenized memes, and crypto collectibles.

For the most part, the action takes place on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which has made some hardcore bitcoiners skeptical of this new crypto market segment. However, there is also a market of NFTs secured by the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

Read on to learn about what’s happening with Bitcoin-secured NFTs.

Until recently, Ethereum has been the go-to blockchain for minting and trading NFTs. That is changing quickly, however, as Ethereum high gas fees have pushed out many would-be market participants, making NFTs on other chains more attractive.

The Bitcoin blockchain has also a role to play here.

While NFTs “on Bitcoin” don’t exist purely on the Bitcoin blockchain (in a way that ERC721 tokens exist on Ethereum), they are secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. The additional tech stack that powers the ability to issue and secure NFTs with Bitcoin is provided by the likes of Counterparty, Stacks, and the Liquid Network.

Scarce City is a Bitcoin-secured art auction platform that enables artists to sell their artwork for BTC.

The Scarce City team claims that “Bitcoin’s finest goods should be sold according to the network’s properties of pseudonymous, borderless, permissionless, trust minimized, and verifiable authenticity and supply.”

On the auction platform, art is sold via Lightning-powered auctions to “keep auction participants accountable by collateralizing their bids through instant, anonymous, low-fee Lightning Network payments,” the team explains on its website.

In addition to giving artists the ability to sell their physical art in exchange for BTC, the marketplace also sells an NFT series based on the Pepe The Frog internet meme, called the Rare Pepe collection.

Rare Pepe NFTs are powered by Counterparty - an open-source protocol built on top of the Bitcoin network - that uses the Bitcoin blockchain to record data.
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2021-10-23 12:01:12
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-10-23 12:01:12
Mr Cicero PREDICTED THE TOP of the 2017/2018 bull-run, and also anticipated something BIG was about to happen and told his community to SELL OFF all ALTS on 12th May, right before the HUGE correction.


He told everyone repeatedly 6-7 times the HUGE rebound was going to happen in END JULY.

He even assured everyone 30 TIMES in his channel of a Guaranteed bull-run where BTC was going to break ATH will happen in Q4.

Join Cicero’s Compass for the most accurate macro analysis on the planet!

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2021-10-22 23:09:41 #1 Project of the moment 🔥Presale Is LIVE: A collection of 9,999 Fudders yelling RUG PULL ☠️
🏃 Hosting Giveaways with a total of $20,000 (5 ETH) winnable through different contests
🔪 0.09 PER MINT, RELEASING On the 24th of October
👻 $FUD Token attached with SANDBOX Partnership, Sandbox Land Owners

🎉 Win up to 5 ETH - Live on Twitter and Discord NOW 🎉
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2021-10-22 21:12:14 🚀NEW NFT ALERT🚀

When NFT meets 3D and Gaming

Here’s why Ethclusives is different from the rest and you want to be apart of this NEW project!

⁃ Strong engaged community that act like family 🍭
⁃ Passionate dev team that is there for the long haul 🤩
⁃ Roadmap that includes a MOBILE APP and a 3D Play 2 Earn GAME with battle royal 🎮
⁃ They fight for whats right: A portion of the sales will be donated to a Child Abuse Organization 🦸‍♂️

For the kid inside us all! 🍧

🎉 JOIN THE Party🎉 : https://discord.gg/6VGnWD3gda
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2021-10-21 22:00:25
Get in early on these Supernerd NFTs! Join their presale now! Over 170 hand drawn traits generated into 4004 Supernerds. Only 0.0444 ETH!!! Get on it now! https://supernerds.club/presale
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