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2021-09-23 20:00:28 ✴️Bitcoin Price✴️

Dec/ 2015 -> $123
Jan/ 2017 -> $1,090
Feb/ 2018 -> $10,011
Aug/ 2021 -> $60,000

Jan/ 2022.. ?? 💸💸💸

Don’t stay behind

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2021-09-23 19:10:57 🏁 The project that went against the Market Flow 👉 GameZilla 🏁

$GZILA, a new listing on PancakeSwap that has already crossed the 15x mark in this fear-inducing market and the trend is continuing in an upward direction.

What makes this project so special 🐂?
GameZilla is a Game Launchpad
They have already confirmed their first
$GZILA had an Initial Market Cap (IMC) of $32,240

Interested in adding a Bag?
⚡️ $GZILA Contract Address: 0x4178934c6e313a062c5addd66ab0d9b8d858347a

⚡️ PancakeSwap Link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4178934c6e313a062c5addd66ab0d9b8d858347a

⚡️ DexTools Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x0acb48ac4d61e32ce931a08e0af70e65fae31a50

Official Links to GameZilla Community👇
🎯 Website: https://gamezilla.studio
🎯 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Game__Zilla
🎯 Telegram: https://t.me/officialgamezilla
🎯 Announcement Channel: https://t.me/GameZillaAnn
🎯 Whitepaper: https://gamezilla.studio/whitepaper.pdf
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2021-09-23 18:55:48
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-23 18:55:48
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with Liti Capital in Bitcoin Industry + Liti Capital chat.

START 4 PM UTC 23.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @Liti_Capital_Official

🌐Website - https://liticapital.com/
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2021-09-23 16:00:38
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-23 16:00:38
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with Liti Capital in Bitcoin Industry + Liti Capital chat.

START 4 PM UTC 23.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @Liti_Capital_Official

🌐Website - https://liticapital.com/
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2021-09-22 20:00:36 10% of early-stage startups working on blockchain: GSER 2021.

Blockchain-based startups continue to account for a significant proportion of newly established business entities across the globe.

With venture capital funding seemingly prioritizing emerging technology, the blockchain industry experiences a significant influx of capital from corporate backers.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021 published on Wednesday, blockchain-based businesses account for 10% of startups worldwide.

The figure is part of a more significant trend that has seen emerging technology become a fast-growing sub-sector in terms of early-stage funding.

The report divides startups into growing, matured and declining sub-sectors. Unsurprisingly, blockchain technology is in the first group, where the average growth rate is 107%, along with agriculture technology (agtech) and new food, advanced manufacturing and robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, and fintech.

According to the report, blockchain is the second-fastest-growing sub-sector in terms of early-stage funding, with a 121% growth over the last five years. Exits among early-stage blockchain startups also grew by 52% within the same period.

Silicon Valley remains a leading source of blockchain funding, with investors like Andreessen Horowitz regularly among the pool of backers for decentralized ledger technology startups.

With blockchain among the major destination for early-stage VC funding, it is perhaps unsurprising to see Silicon Valley at the top of the ecosystem value creation rankings according to the report.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report used survey data from more than 10,000 startup executives globally, its methodology page explains.

While the GSER focuses on early-stage backing for startups, the report's details are in keeping with the established bullish trend for blockchain among venture capital funds.

In April, Cointelegraph Consulting reported that VC firms had invested over $16 billion in blockchain equity since 2012.
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2021-09-19 21:30:00 Introducing #Slamchat, an online social #marketplace for #creators and fans to #buy, #sell, #mint & #collect content #NFT all in one app powered by #Slamcoin.

Monetize Media in Minutes:

Post a #photo to Slamchat and it becomes a unique NFT, a collectable to sell to your fans in the #app. The more fans you have, the more your content pays.

Stake to Unlock Exclusive Content:

By staking on a creator’s profile, you will gain access to exclusive #content by that creator, while also being able to #earn additional Slamcoins.

Shop Seamlessly:

Purchase content and #staking on profile is only a tap away by using your #Metamask #wallet.

Control Who Sees Your Content:

Customize who can see your NFTs. You can make posts public, or for collectors/stakers only.

Discover the world of NFT’s:

Find new NFT photos in creators #feed, or discover what’s #trending in the community-curated Explorer.


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2021-09-19 20:00:31 Bitcoin historical data reveals strategy to pick the right iPhone 13.

As Apple unveils a wide range of iPhone 13 models this week, crypto enthusiasts can benefit from a data-driven strategy.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) historical data make selecting the right Apple iPhone 13 model quite easy for crypto enthusiasts.

Apple unveiled four different smartphone models on Tuesday, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, with a new camera layout, as well as the Super Retina XDR display-bearing iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, each with several storage options.

With so many different models available in a wide price range, it becomes hard for customers to pick a specific model as a replacement for their current gadget. For crypto enthusiasts, though, historical market data on top cryptocurrencies makes the selection process a piece of cake.

On average, customers use their smartphones for almost three years before replacing them with a new one, according to a Statista study. In other words, there’s a good chance that a consumer who’s looking to buy an iPhone 13 nowadays owns a phone purchased during the Christmas Sale in 2018.

Assuming they also purchased an iPhone model back then, for the sake of comparison, it means they had options to buy an iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. Apple’s 2018 product family’s initial prices were $699, $749, $999 and $1,099 respectively.

There’s a $400 price gap between the base model and the high-end iPhone. The same price gap would translate into 0.1 to 0.13 BTC if the purchase was made in December 2018. That means if a crypto enthusiast made the right call and went for the base model in their previous purchase, they’d have enough savings today ($4,800 to $6,200 at the time of writing) to buy several high-end iPhones.

Ether fans could even benefit more from the “buy the base, spend the rest on crypto” strategy by purchasing 3 ETH almost three years ago, which equals 10 iPhone 13 Pro Max devices at the time of writing.

Depending on the selected cryptocurrency, yields vary dramatically. For example, Binance Coin (BNB) was just over $5 at the start of December 2018, while Dogecoin (DOGE) was worth $0.00225, meaning investments made in some coins centupled in three years.
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2021-09-19 19:00:36
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-19 19:00:36
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with DeGeThal in Bitcoin Industry + DeGeThal chat.

START 5 PM UTC 20.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @DeGeThalOfficial

🌐Website - http://www.degethal.com
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2021-09-17 23:05:33 The #NFT trend is still looking promising, and it's always good to enter a #NFT Collection before its Floor Price shoots like crazy.

And here's something that will be a Nice Addition to your NFT Collection or even as the first NFT

HornyHogs 🐖
A collection that is full of Horny Hogs 🐽 ready to jump up in the queue of leading collections.

The minting of #HornyHogs has started on 17 September at 5:30 PM UTC 📅 with each minted NFT using 0.045 ETH.

🔸 This Collection will have
10,000 Unique NFTs that are generated using an Algorithm that picks from 240 Traits to generate a Hog which is Unique and Horny 🔸

Special Note: There will be 1 King 👑 HOG that will be crowned after all 10,000 #HornyHogs are minted and available to trade on the OpenSea Platform. The King HOG owner will receive 10 ETH with another 10 ETH waiting for a few lucky ones who minted #HornyHogs early on.

⚜️ Official Links for HornyHogs ⚜️
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2021-09-17 13:00:37 Wanna trade crypto from a country where trading platforms are inaccessible?

Try PureVPN’s dedicated IP and evade all the limitations. PureVPN’s dedicated IP allows you to access crypto trading platforms with the same pseudo IP address each time, thereby ensuring that you face no limitations.

▶️ Trade like a pro with PureVPN

Get 73% OFF on 2-Year Plan here:
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2021-09-16 21:00:31
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-16 21:00:31
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with Carbon Coin in Bitcoin Industry + Carbon Coin chat.

START 1 PM UTC 17.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @Carbon_Coin_CXRBN

🌐Website - https://landorc.io/
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2021-09-16 20:00:31 Thousands Joined Anti-Bitcoin March in El Salvador, BTC ATM Torched.

Wednesday saw another anti-bitcoin (BTC) protest in El Salvador, this time with a mass march against the country’s president taking to the capital’s streets.

Several thousand people gathered yesterday to march to San Salvador’s central plaza, protesting President Nayib Bukele himself, AP News reported. The protesters argued that Bukele has too much power concentrated in his hands, and that he has weakened the courts’ independence. These marchers are firmly against his seeking re-election in 2024.

Additionally, they are against the decision to make BTC legal tender, which many expressed by wearing ‘no to BTC’ shirts, or carrying signs that stated ‘no to dictatorship’ and ‘we were defrauded by Bitcoin’.

The protesters were further angered by the Chivo wallet’s ongoing issues. The app’s system is overwhelmed by the number of users attempting to seize the USD 30 worth of BTC bonus issued by the government with each account.

Bukele recently admitted that launching the new system within three months was “too big of a challenge,” maintaining that the mistakes are already being fixed. He further claimed that a number of Chivo’s technical-related problems had been “95% addressed,” while remaining issues would be ironed out “in the next few days.”

Bukele also claimed just two days ago that Chivo had over a half-million users or around 8% of the country's population.

Per opposition lawmaker Claudia Ortiz, “Bitcoin was a very big economic decision, and it was done totally illogically, sent to congress and passed the same day,” Bloomberg reported. “We are going through a profound fiscal crisis with high cost of living and unemployment and the government’s response, instead of serious economic policy, is to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender,” she said, adding that it’s unclear who was behind the vandalism.
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