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2023-11-01 18:00:47
November promises to be a very eventful month for all participants of the Sundae project

Is this tied to the project's creator announcing an imminent token listing on a major exchange or the upcoming Sundae Day in the USA? We will find out soon.

A reminder of what is known about the project:

Sundae is a crypto token that equates to digital art. Currently, Sundae is available at the price of an ice cream, but in a month, the token's value may reach $25, and subsequently $50, $100, or even $1000.

What is remarkable it's the coincidence: one of the Sundae creators posted information about the project on Telegram, and 20 minutes later, Elon Musk posted a photo where he was eating Sundae ice cream in his childhood. It might be a coincidence, but it could also be Musk's intention.

Investing in Sundae today might resemble buying McDonald's stocks on its opening day in 1940 or accidentally purchasing a Picasso drawing for ten dollars.

The Sundae project was established by the team of Odyssey and the popular meme token Grimace.

This pathetic uptrend on the crypto market you call a pump is just a dead cat's bounce.

Save yourself with the help of the main defensive asset in the world. Сlock's ticking
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2023-10-30 15:00:39
LastPass Data Breach Results in $4.4 Million Crypto Loss for 25 Victims in a Single Day

Around 25 individuals have reportedly lost $4.4 million in cryptocurrency from a total of 80 wallets, all due to the 2022 data breach that affected the password storage software LastPass.

On October 27, in a Twitter post, the on-chain sleuths ZachXBT, along with MetaMask developer Taylor Monahan, reported that they’ve tracked the movement of funds from at least 80 compromised wallets that were targeted on October 25. They also mentioned that many of the victims were long-time LastPass users who had stored their cryptocurrency wallet keys or seeds on the platform.

This security breach has been affecting LastPass since last year and continues to impact its users. In September, it was discovered that at least $35 million in cryptocurrency had been stolen from approximately 150 victims affected by the platform’s security breach that occurred in 2022.

LastPass, in its usual function, is a popular password manager designed to secure users’ login credentials. The attack on it involved unauthorized access to user accounts, with a focus on obtaining seed phrases and wallet keys used for cryptocurrency storage, indicating that they were primarily interested in exfiltrating cryptocurrencies.
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2023-10-27 15:00:50
Blockchain for a Better Planet

As the crypto industry pushes the limits of blockchain, the constant pursuit of innovation and sustainability takes center stage, with various consensus mechanisms vying for the spotlight, among them, Proof of Authority (PoA), employed by Vechain, emerges as a growing alternative, challenging Ethereum’s widely acclaimed Proof of Stake (PoS) model.

I had the privilege of delving into these intricacies with Sunny Lu, the visionary CEO of Vechain, to unravel the potential and efficiency of PoA, and to explore how Vechain is redefining the standards of sustainable blockchain technology.

Ethereum’s transition to PoS has been amongst the most anticipated shifts in the crypto industry over the past two years, lauded for its promise of sustainability and energy efficiency. Yet, when pitted against Vechain’s PoA, it’s evident that there’s more to the story.

“One of the reasons for this is a lack of overall knowledge about the nuances of blockchain technologies and their underpinning architectures, but I expect to see understanding grow in the coming years as both education and adoption speed up,” explained Sunny.
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2023-10-25 18:00:09
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2023-10-24 20:00:47
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2023-10-24 17:00:35
A new CEX Haqqex for the 1.9 billion Muslim community and ethical finance lovers revealed the date of the soft launch

Haqqex is the only platform where Islamic finance principles blend smoothly with digital asset trading. It is powered by HAQQ Network and its native token Islamic Coin ($ISLM), which have raised $400M in funding during the bear market and recently launched on KuCoin

According to the official telegram channel the upcoming soft launch of Haqqex Exchange is scheduled for October 30th. Team will gradually handpicking members and then expanding to dozens and beyond. Priority access will be granted to Discord community members with special distinctions, so make sure to join Discord to be among the first to experience Haqqex.

Haqqex aspires to introduce exclusive features like algo trading, commodities trading, and P2P exchanges, aiming to serve the expansive global Muslim population of over 1.9 billion plus the crypto community. It enables users to buy, sell, and trade in cryptocurrency assets in compliance with Islamic principles.

Before the official launch users have a unique opportunity to participate in the pre-launch registration and get a 20 ISLM bonus. Users also can earn up to 1000 ISLM by referring Haqqex to friends. Check their web-site to know more about Haqqex.
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2023-10-24 15:00:38
Former Israeli Military Intel Personnel Launch New Crypto Firm Blockaid with $33 Million in Funding

Web3 security company Blockaid said it has emerged from stealth with $33 million in funding to protect users from fraud, phishing, and hacks.

The company, founded in September 2022, concluded its series A funding round, bringing the total raised to $33 million, led by Ribbit Capital and Variant, with participation from Cyberstarts, Sequoia Capital, and Greylock Partners, it said.

Blockaid plans to use the funds to fuel the company's growth and scale the product, customer base, and team.

Per the press release,

"In under a year, Blockaid has not only secured a recent funding boost but has also come out of stealth, revealing some of its inaugural customers: Metamask, Opensea, Rainbow, and Zerion — with more to be announced soon."

Their common goal is to protect millions of users from malicious transactions before they occur. Blockaid enables users to trust using wallets, decentralized applications (dapps), and smart contracts by preemptively validating all transactions, it said.
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2023-10-23 20:00:03
Our friends at are holding yet another amazing giveaway, and this time it’s bigger, badder and radder! Yeah, you heard it right — this time it’s five iPhones 15 Pro 256 GB and twenty five $200 cash prizes!

Entering it is a piece of cake :

1. First, you gotta have a account
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And you are golden — all you have to do now is wait until October 31st

As for additional conditions: no double entry, only legit accounts and if we can’t send you the iPhone, we’ll provide its cash equivalent. All the cash prizes will be credited to your account.

Good luck and have fun at!
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2023-10-21 15:01:55
Hong Kong’s SFC Moves to Update Crypto Market Regulations Following New Market Developments

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has announced plans to update its framework on cryptocurrency sales and requirements amid the evolving market development of the digital asset industry.

In the regulator’s upcoming amendment notice published on October 20, five major parts were addressed with respect to the crypto industry. These include distributing virtual assets (VA)-related products and the provision of crypto dealing services, asset management platforms, advisory services, and implementation steps.

SFC stressed that while the spread of VA has scaled past regions and increased in popularity, the global regulatory landscape remains uneven. The risks associated with investing in digital assets, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-financing terrorism (CFT), are still present. However, the SFC and Hong Kong authorities prioritize investor protection due to the burgeoning growth of the cryptocurrency regulatory landscape.

This will be followed with updated stringent measures and requirements to curb risks associated with these assets. The comprehensive amendment notice stated that restrictions would be imposed on selling some assets.
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2023-10-19 15:01:37
An announcement about the Sundae project has appeared in the public space. Bloggers, stars and opinion leaders are discussing this project.

One of the creators of Sundae published information about the project in Telegram, and 20 minutes later Ilon Musk posted a photo of himself eating Sundae ice cream as a child. It may be a coincidence, but it could also be Musk's idea.

What's known about the project. Something partly crazy, partly grandiose is coming.

Sundae: it's a crypto-token that equates to digital art. According to the project's philosophy, without community appreciation, a Picasso painting is worthless. The value of a work of art depends on community appreciation.

Right now Sundae is available for the price of an ice cream, but in a month the token may be worth $5, and then $50, $100, $1000. With each new purchase, the "Picasso painting token" will become more and more difficult to buy. The current capitalization of the project is only $20 million.

According to the project's White Paper, Sundae holders are expected to receive multi-million dollar dividends, as well as the right to medical and legal insurance, pensions and free use of the corporation's assets.

Investing in Sundae today might be like buying McDonald's stock on the day it opened in 1940 or accidentally buying a Picasso drawing for ten dollars.

The Sundae project was created by the team behind the popular meme token Grimace, which grew in value hundreds of times in six months, making many investors millionaires.
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