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"Bitcoin Industry" Telegram Channel

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Topics from channel:

"Bitcoin Industry" Telegram Channel

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☄️ Publishing news from the crypto industry faster than anyone else ☄️
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2021-09-17 23:05:33 The #NFT trend is still looking promising, and it's always good to enter a #NFT Collection before its Floor Price shoots like crazy.

And here's something that will be a Nice Addition to your NFT Collection or even as the first NFT

HornyHogs 🐖
A collection that is full of Horny Hogs 🐽 ready to jump up in the queue of leading collections.

The minting of #HornyHogs has started on 17 September at 5:30 PM UTC 📅 with each minted NFT using 0.045 ETH.

🔸 This Collection will have
10,000 Unique NFTs that are generated using an Algorithm that picks from 240 Traits to generate a Hog which is Unique and Horny 🔸

Special Note: There will be 1 King 👑 HOG that will be crowned after all 10,000 #HornyHogs are minted and available to trade on the OpenSea Platform. The King HOG owner will receive 10 ETH with another 10 ETH waiting for a few lucky ones who minted #HornyHogs early on.

⚜️ Official Links for HornyHogs ⚜️
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2021-09-17 13:00:37 Wanna trade crypto from a country where trading platforms are inaccessible?

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2021-09-16 21:00:31
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-16 21:00:31
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with Carbon Coin in Bitcoin Industry + Carbon Coin chat.

START 1 PM UTC 17.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @Carbon_Coin_CXRBN

🌐Website -
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2021-09-16 20:00:31 Thousands Joined Anti-Bitcoin March in El Salvador, BTC ATM Torched.

Wednesday saw another anti-bitcoin (BTC) protest in El Salvador, this time with a mass march against the country’s president taking to the capital’s streets.

Several thousand people gathered yesterday to march to San Salvador’s central plaza, protesting President Nayib Bukele himself, AP News reported. The protesters argued that Bukele has too much power concentrated in his hands, and that he has weakened the courts’ independence. These marchers are firmly against his seeking re-election in 2024.

Additionally, they are against the decision to make BTC legal tender, which many expressed by wearing ‘no to BTC’ shirts, or carrying signs that stated ‘no to dictatorship’ and ‘we were defrauded by Bitcoin’.

The protesters were further angered by the Chivo wallet’s ongoing issues. The app’s system is overwhelmed by the number of users attempting to seize the USD 30 worth of BTC bonus issued by the government with each account.

Bukele recently admitted that launching the new system within three months was “too big of a challenge,” maintaining that the mistakes are already being fixed. He further claimed that a number of Chivo’s technical-related problems had been “95% addressed,” while remaining issues would be ironed out “in the next few days.”

Bukele also claimed just two days ago that Chivo had over a half-million users or around 8% of the country's population.

Per opposition lawmaker Claudia Ortiz, “Bitcoin was a very big economic decision, and it was done totally illogically, sent to congress and passed the same day,” Bloomberg reported. “We are going through a profound fiscal crisis with high cost of living and unemployment and the government’s response, instead of serious economic policy, is to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender,” she said, adding that it’s unclear who was behind the vandalism.
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2021-09-16 13:50:26
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-16 13:50:26

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2021-09-15 20:59:30 IX SWAP - World’s 1st DeFi AMM & Liquidity Pools for Security Tokens and Tokenized Stocks.

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2021-09-15 19:00:57
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-15 19:00:57
🎙AMA Announcement

Bitcoin Industry will host an AMA Session with LandOrc in Bitcoin Industry + LandOrc chat.

START 10 AM UTC 16.09.2021

Prepare your best questions and be ready to participate in time, see you soon.

Please make sure to follow Telegram group @LandOrc

🌐Website -
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2021-09-15 16:00:29
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-15 16:00:29
We just launched our pre-sale with 8000 auctions available for purchase.

ClickBids is the next best game to bridge the fiat and crypto world.

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2021-09-14 21:00:42 📌New DEX Launching Announcement :

🖇 XcelSwap- the next generation DEX which will benefit the users with fastest transactions, cheaper fees and amazing UI compared to any other exchanges is launching on 15th Sep,2021.

Features like pools and farms are built on this exchange with high possible APRs.

XcelDefi is the governance token that powers the XcelSwap DEX.
Users can earn XLD from Farms and Xcel Pools, or can buy it on the most rewarding Decentralized Exchange- XcelSwap.💫

XcelDefi's(XLD) use cases are as following :

👉User can use it in Yield Farms to earn more XLD tokens. 🎁

👉User can stake it in XcelSwap pools to earn other tokens.

👉Vote on proposals relating to the XcelSwap(coming soon).

👉 User can book 2.3M+ hotels and 400+ flights with XLD using

Officially launching date: 15th September 2021, 10:15 (UTC)

Download Xcelpay Wallet and claim XLD tokens for free as incentives.

🔗Their official social handles :




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2021-09-14 15:00:52
Picture 1 from Bitcoin Industry 2021-09-14 15:00:52

She is going to break the world record now. People converted 50$ into 5000$ in last 17 signals. 🚀

Just follow the group and see for yourself! 😎

SCREENSHOTS AND REVIEWS present and pinned in group 💸
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10,000 Loopy Donuts Now Live for minting!

Each Loopy Donut is created randomly from a pool of 100 hand-drawn traits. The generative algorithm ensures that all Donuts are unique and none has the same set of traits. Some traits are “rarer” than others, but all of them are meticulously illustrated.

Donuts priced in ETH - up to 4 is 0.07 per donut, 5-9 is 0.06 per donut, 10-20 is 0.055 per donut.

Breathe life into your collection with The Portal of Derivation.

Engage in the LoopyLand DAO - every Loopy Donut has an equal voice.

Copyleft rights on your donut.

Take part in Airdrops, Art Contests and an established intelligent community as a Donut Holder.

Earn! 25% of all profit made after the primary sale goes to donut holders - including secondary sales, airdrop sales, fees from loopyland, and whatever else we're baking in the oven.




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2021-09-13 21:00:26 Breaking!!!

Earn money on your ingenuity

A unique event! 😱 🔥

A book has been officially published on Amazon where you can earn cryptocurrency! Earn cryptocurrency from your ingenuity! 🧠

Watch out for age restrictions !! 😈
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2021-09-13 20:00:31 Russian Central Bank Tells Domestic Banks to Block Crypto Exchange Transactions.

The Russian central bank has recommended that domestic commercial banks block their customers’ crypto exchange-related card and e-pay transactions.

In an official release, the Bank of Russia spoke of the need to stamp out internet-based “shadow economy”-related businesses. It called on domestic banks and e-pay operators to identify all accounts and e-wallets belonging to “illegal business activities” such as “cryptocurrency exchanges,” which it clumped together in the same group as “online casinos and lotteries,” “financial pyramid schemes” and forex dealers.

The central bank said it wanted domestic financial institutions to “block transactions” and “completely stop servicing” transactions made to accounts flagged as “shadow economy”-linked.

The central bank also provided banks with a list of protocols that it claimed would help banks effectively tell the difference between suspected “shadow economy” transactions and bona fide, above-board peer-to-peer business transactions.

And it concluded by repeating a familiar refrain: Explaining that crypto, forex, casinos, and the rest were “associated with high risks of losing money” and “fraudulent schemes.”

The media outlet Kod Durov (the Durov Code) commented that with this new measure, the Bank of Russia had “taken a step to stop the circulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia, despite the absence of direct legal prohibitions on exchanges and trading of cryptocurrencies for individuals.”

The Bank of Russia has been locked in a long impasse with pro-business forces in the government over crypto policy. While the central bank has repeatedly called for a blanket ban on crypto in a similar vein to China’s crypto crackdowns, the Ministry of Finance and other government organs are opposed to this kind of measure.

The resulting stalemate has led to relative inaction in the regulatory space, although some measures have passed, including a ban on crypto as a form of payment and tax reporting obligations on crypto earnings.

Crypto mining, however, continues to thrive in Russia. Bigger businesses are still pushing for tokenization. And the nation’s largest bank and tech giant Sberbank (also known as Sber) has launched a stablecoin – despite the Bank of Russia’s insistence that it also wants to limit stablecoin usage.
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