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2024-06-12 08:01:56
Bitcoin Open Interest Reaches All-Time High Of $36.3 Billion

Bitcoin futures interest tapped an all-time high in US dollar terms on Monday, reaching over 500,000 BTC worth $36.3 billion. Analysts say the overwhelming surge in open interest relates to a clever arbitrage play levied by institutional traders between Bitcoin’s futures and spot markets. In a Tuesday newsletter, lead Glassnode analyst James Check theorized that leveraged funds are simultaneously shorting Bitcoin on the CME while buying up coins in equal measure via the Bitcoin spot ETFs.

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2024-06-11 21:55:45
Bitcoin open interest remains elevated as crypto market dips slightly

Bitcoin open interest has increased to over $1.5 billion while the price is trading down — a cause for concern, according to some crypto analysts. "Price flat, with OI up $1.5 billion. High-risk situation," Decentrader founder @filbfilb posted on The Decentrader founder also warned, "Can't remember such a situation in a long time. Survive." According to another X post by Byzantine General, "open interest is rising quickly again, almost back to the previous level where we got a sudden nuke."

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2024-06-11 08:10:13
Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Doubles Down on Bitcoin, Advises Using It as Inflation Hedge

Ricardo Salinas, the third wealthiest man in Mexico, has recently doubled down on his proposal to use Bitcoin as a reserve asset. On social media, Salinas defended the role of Bitcoin as an inflation hedge, commenting on a post that presented inflation as a hidden tax on fiat money and advised his followers to purchase it.

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2024-06-10 20:00:54
“Bitcoin is the most important thing happening in the world today.”

- Erik cason
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2024-06-10 07:50:13
BlackRock's spot bitcoin ETF surpasses 300,000 BTC in assets under management

BlackRock’s IBIT spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund crossed 300,000 ($21 billion) in assets under management on Thursday, five months after trading began on Jan. 11. BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF has now accumulated 302,534 BTC, according to its fund page, with around 4,920 BTC in net inflows yesterday taking it over the milestone. GBTC originally operated as a private placement fund before transitioning to public trading on the OTC market in 2015 and its ultimate conversion to an ETF in January.

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2024-06-09 12:00:57
Michael Saylor gives another must see explanation on why Bitcoin is going up forever, Laura!
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2024-06-07 22:45:37
"The rapid movement of Bitcoin is lost for some people. They may have forgotten what it felt like in past bull runs where it went up massively."

- Samson Mow
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2024-06-07 08:04:58
Robert Kiyosaki Says His Prediction of Bitcoin Hitting $350K in August 'Is Not a Lie' — Also Bullish on Ethereum and Solana

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has emphasized that his prediction of bitcoin hitting $350K on Aug. 25 “is not a lie.” He also expressed his bullish outlook for ethereum and solana, noting that he will keep buying the three cryptocurrencies because he is “quite certain their prices will continue to rise.”

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2024-06-06 19:09:58
Bitcoin mining difficulty sees second negative adjustment following April halving

According to Newhedge, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has decreased by -0.78%. This is the second negative adjustment in the last four, following the Bitcoin halving on April 20. The halving led to a delayed hash rate drawdown due to sustained high fees from Runes, which incentivized some miners to stay online.

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2024-06-06 10:59:58
Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin: QCP Capital Foresees New All-Time Highs in June

Several analysts and researchers have a positive outlook on bitcoin’s prices for June. This week, QCP Capital observed that their trading desk witnessed a “strong bullish follow-through with significant call buying for June expiries.” This trend in the options market suggests a possible move past the $74,000 level. While ethereum is “lagging,” QCP anticipates it will soon catch up and “possibly even outperform against [bitcoin] when the [ethereum] spot [exchange-traded funds] begin trading.”

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