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Only fresh news from the world of cryptocurrencies! Lightning fast publications. One of the best Traffic Channels.
😎Admin: @icoadmin

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2023-09-30 11:09:19 Introducing you a Top 7 Telegram Channels and Groups to promote your project.

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We connect investors
with promising blockchain projects.
We Do:
The best ICO/IEO Reviews.
Airdrop Promo, Blockchain News.
Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting.



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2023-09-29 10:53:57 ​​​​​​ AMA FAQ
We chose the most common questions about how to Launch AMA with ICOSPEAKS. Here’re the answers below.

1) What steps before AMA? Any announcements for the upcoming AMA? If yes, how many?

1 day upcoming announcement in
@icospeaksnews channel and
@icospeaks group

2) Should the questions be prepared in advance? How many questions are covered?

Questions can be prepared by you or our users will ask own questions.
Our Moderator will moderate correct questions, spam and copy past questions will be removed.

3) Should it be a CEO or can be another person from our company?

Any member from your team can participate in AMA. CEO, CMO, CFO and others.

4) What is the process during AMA?

We launch AMA
1 ICOspeaks welcomes to everyone
2. Project introduction
3. Users questions
4. Project replies
5. Final words
6. AMA Recap

5) How much time does it usually takes? How many members participate in one AMA?
AMA Session takes 1 hour
Usually 250-500 members participate, and 1000-2000 questions during AMA.

6) Do you have an example of previously organized AMAs?
Yes, Here’s by Link

To organize an AMA - Dm @Admin
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2023-09-28 12:19:39
Join @defimillion
One of the largest DeFi Telegram Channels in Cryptocurrency.
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2023-09-27 12:52:07
The best crypto telegram promo Channels.

For Ads DM @Alex_icospeaks
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2023-09-26 10:26:02
ICOSPEAKS Eye catching Marketing

Your project wanna look Hype and promising?
We are here to make it happen Easy.

We prepared some Marketing packages which can turn around your vision about Marketing in crypto industry.

In our system we use method which helps sleepy Joe to wake up and be active.

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2023-09-25 10:34:45
We Do:
The best ICO/IEO Reviews,
Signals, Airdrops, Blockchain News.
Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting.

Chat @icospeaks
Admin @Alex_icospeaks
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2023-09-24 15:49:12

Crypto News
Token Sale

Want Marketing support?
Choose any package you like by this link

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2023-09-23 23:37:07
To get the best advice for ICO project. Visit @icoadviser Channel.

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2023-09-23 13:49:47
The best crypto telegram promo Channels.

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2023-09-20 10:50:12
Hello dear community

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