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Logo of telegram channel blockchainwhispersbaby — Blockchain Whispers ® Official (By D Man) -- The Most Amazing Crypto Channel Ever Created By Mankind!
Logo of telegram channel blockchainwhispersbaby — Blockchain Whispers ® Official (By D Man) -- The Most Amazing Crypto Channel Ever Created By Mankind!
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From the author of Amazon bestseller Tricks Of The Market
Probably the most accurate FREE signals telegram channel.
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2023-07-04 01:25:24 I have yet to find a chick that tells you wants only 10 things, you fill them and she doesn't change it mid way.

And finally...

I believe, it's worth it.

In the next chicks related post, I'll share with you some of the best method to meet chicks above your league, whatever that league is.

Who loves you?

Your brother D Man does!

Happy hunting
(and remember to respect the 'catch')
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2023-07-04 01:25:23 How to find the girl for you (and how not to)

Bro, having someone you share your life with is quite an important task for every man.

Some men give more fuck about relationship than others, but even if it's just 'cook and fuck', it's still quite significant aspect.

Before we satisfy more of the 'cook and fuck' group of guys, I have to say:

I believe love is one of the most important things in life.

Whether it's family love, friend love, romantic love, human-animal love or child love.

There is absolutely nothing else that makes sense in our livehood.

Money is so insignificant after your life passes. Stupid pac-man chip accumulation until eventual death.

Statues and glory is another bullshit.

The only two things I discovered matter in life are: love and self development.

Alright, so what to do when finding a chick:

Rule #1
- Accept NO compromise on things that matter to you.

If loyalty for example matters to you, and she tells you she was not loyal to guys before... abandon her. One example. Don't waste time. Breakups always hurt.

If her good behavior matters to you - demand that.

If you want a virgin - demand that.

Yes bro, you're aware as I am... the more demands, the harder they are to be met.

After 'cracking the code' (as fun as it sounds)... and getting some of the hottest bitches out there.. I can tell you, my mind, and thinking started changing to more looks matter less and character more.

Obviously, you want your chick to be fit, healthy and able to get you a boner. Otherwise, what's the point

Rule #2 - do NOT marry a prostitute or gold digger. Bro.. there are things in life you RENT and you do not BUY.

I've seen many friends who made it in life, to have their lives destroyed by opening their heart to a gold digger.

You can enjoy them. But do not marry them. Not only because of the money. But because of the cold energy, disloyal, not loving you'll be surrounded with until you cancel it.

If you're with such chick, trust me, you know it. Here's a simple test: does the money you have matter to her?

If the answer is yes, abandon her.

Yup, that's over 80% of modern chicks. Yup... still... if you are in top 20%, seek chick in top 20%, abandon her.

THERE ARE chicks that will want you for you... trust me on that. Even if you need to get to meet her on your Ferrari or on your party or something.

Step #3 - be honest. Guys who have no balls to be honest, deserve no relationship of significance. Period.

Rule #4 - do not destroy a not suitable virgin. If she is a virgin, she has a chance to become special to someone. If you see she is not your type... abandon her.

I met a couple months ago one fit, blonde, that basically eats a strip pole... really fun girl... and I discovered she was a virgin. I started dating her for a couple of days... until I realized, she is too much trouble.

For my ego and who knows what, I did undress her, and I did 'ensure' she is a virgin... but then I decided not to fuck her.

It isn't worth it. To me, it won't be anything special, as I know I won't stay with her... and to her, it could be a big deal. I didn't do it. That day later she blocked me everywhere, and never contacted me again.

This brings us to...

Be ready for irrationality of women.

Their mind simply does NOT work like yours does. Their logic is not 1+1 is 2. Their logic is something like 1+1 is 2 but we can discuss about it. Sometimes she doesn't feel like it's 2... And sometimes she doesn't want you to dwelve on the fact it's two. Because maybe you don't know. Let's agree to disagree.

Bro, their mind is almost incomprehensible for us.

What you must know is two things:

They ARE capable of love.
They are NOT as sweet as they look.

Through centuries they developed the passive/weak power.

By acting sweet and innocent, they learned to identify the man's weakest moment and then 'attack', to get what they want, or to simply...


Women test a lot.

Whether you're man you claim to be, or she wishes you to be.
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2023-07-03 13:46:34 For Alts, they successfully lived upto our expectations as soon as $30.4k was reclaimed same day. Even ETH made new weekend highs last night again as well as this morning too (not too significant highs) but it tells us Alts were better performers as predicted specially when BTC made no new weekend highs as we expected no 32.5k breach either in our timeframe. No significant moves, was small intra info.

Now If BTC remains between the current range for longer, then I'll share specific Altcoin setups. Otherwise I'll prefer sharing higher liquid or general information.

Mr. P
7.2K views10:46
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2023-06-30 11:25:47 As long as BTC is above $30,400 during weekend (likely to remain above during weekend) then Altcoins are best performers in immediate short term, starting with higher liq. coins that are already starting to see some moves. Also, during weekend $32.5k is expected to remain resistance and breach is not expected during weekend timeframe for BTC.

Mr. P
14.9K views08:25
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2023-06-29 21:51:36 my thoughts on the market:

music is with BTC.
the BlackRock spot ETF is the biggest catalyst since years. I expect price to rise until a decision is formed (i strongly believe that this ETF will get approved, and Binance and Tether will suffer a bit more for the sake of SEC blessing, but this is another topic).
I would recommend to ignore every possible bearish catalyst, buy spot BTC and hold it until the decision (August is the earliest possible date).

Thesis: markets are forward looking and i think that the majority of the bearish catalysts are priced in now. We had regulation, Binance and CB sued, an array of rate hikes. I don't believe in a hard landing anymore and i also don't believe that the correlation to the stock market will strengthen further. I think crypto bottoms much earlier. We had a capitulation event (FTX fallout) and we had time-based capitulation (tourists leaving).
The only bearist catalysts left is Kobayashi and US gov selling, and a possible DOJ lawsuit against Binance (good for chances of ETF approval).

What further strengthens my conviction is global liquidity is rising again, China has cut rates and announced a stimulus.

Why i bought BTC and not ETH?
BTC still the best hedge against M2-money supply and this spot ETH will open the floodgates. This is a very strong narrative.
ETH on the other hand is dependent on big narratives (ICO era utility tokens, DeFi, NFTs). The core business of ETH is selling block space and without new compelling narratives this will be hard. And L2s add fuel to this fire. I have lost conviction on ETH in the last weeks.
Also i think ETH is the crowded trade atm, BTC dominance mooning and BTC outperform would be the max pain trade, would rekt everybody.

And if new narratives emerge I can easily switch back to ETH. Opportunity cost for this is limited, would be 10% or smth.

so, don‘t try to time a ETH/BTC reversal, just buy BTC spot and ignore altcoins (with one exception: shitcoins).

shitcoins are a hotbed of activity at the moment, be especially sharp for everything that emerges from the Milady community.

keep positions very small in this segment, as it is high risk.

For Blockchain Whispers,
Mr. Y
14.9K views18:51
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2023-06-29 10:41:01 The FREE, Early, Macro Bull Run Announcement And The Master Plan


With my report buyers, I share macro analysis for quite some time now expecting somewhere between September and end of year for the real crypto bull run to begin.

In order for this to happen, one thing must happen, and two ideally.

The thing that doesn't need to happen, but would be really good is: CAPITULATION.

That we clean up the final phase of the wiping the market, clearing the forest so new trees can start growing. We had already 4/5 phases, so entering the final one would give some confidence to the market, and strength to the bull run.

The thing that MUST happen is economic shift, or the markets economy starting to reflect the real economy, giving us period in favor of risk asset class.

We are fundamentally getting near this point.

For you it doesn't matter, the drop, the sideways or bullish sideways for the next period... what matters is you should get ready when the real bull run happens, to enter it, and do so with full force.

To do so you need capital.

Step 1 - protect what you already have. This one is obvious. In bleeding times it's easier to lose than it is in bullish times. And the switch is macro-near.

Step 2 - earn more. Again, sounds easier said than done, but if you have a plan you can get started.

Step 3 - make a really good plan.

Some projects will make 100x.

I seek to lead my group to 20x. No guarantees, but this is where we aim to get with the BCW Macro reports in the quarters to come.

We are already around 2x, so it's halfway there. However, I chose to ignore most of it, and focusing on getting the next and next one better and better... We did much more in losses saved/prevented etc.


First, I expect it.

Macro speaking, soon.

This 31k pump I still do NOT have a confirmation it is the beginning, and I am approaching it CAUTIOUSLY.

It is two months earlier than my earliest estimate, so I do not participate in this one.

Technically, this bounce was easy though. We even booked shorting profit on the very bottom as I showed you before.

The main concept of this post, brother, is I believe, you'll get a chance. A real shot in crypto in the months to come.

Don't rush. Make a plan. And practice discipline, once the green days, weeks, months come... that you stick to your plan and exit ultimately the winner.

We didn't have a good strong alt run for quite some time.

We are getting near.

For Blockchain Whispers family,
your brother D Man
12.6K views07:41
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2023-06-28 14:30:55 Re: the trading fund

I am quite excited about this. The guy I know is really good at trading, opens the fund (or starts as a core team)... we exchange ideas over the years now.

I can't name the fund name yet, however I just found out the cap at the beginning will be eaten up extremely rapidly.

There are no special privileges offered, I tried to get you special Blockchain Whispers early access or something... but since it won't be possible, I'll announce you the minute they launch.

They expect it to be within 1-2 months.

So far, to my understanding, there are 8 established traders, four out of which are from crypto, including my friend. One is metals. Two fundamentals are stocks. (one of them is overlapping with something else), and finally there are two experienced offshore investing guys for hedging instead of sitting idle in cash positions.

The reason I'm so excited is there are no many good traders in crypto, guys that I know performed in bad and good years in both cycles... and that understand risk well.

I promised to promote his fund as long as he is trading in it and doing well, because it's the way to beat the secretive whale groups etc while approaching it professionally.

Over the 50+ traders (I am giving a small number here) I personally tested, tried, checked their personal trades... he is one of the top 3 that I find consistent performer. Especially in the wind-changing periods of 2018; 2020 etc.

I never managed to get him to BCW as he understandably found the idea of publishing his trades stressful and counter productive. However, he values my input, as I do his, so over the years he would check out on my macro bias as I would on his..

I tell you, even in times of bad gains, he had good protection of risk... and in times of green months, he surprised me how early he caught on to it.

Now, as with everything new, there is no guarantees.

He is the by-the-book type of guy, so the fund he joins is fully regulated, consisting of a group of strong traders.

In crypto, it's extremely hard to find. It doesn't look to be. But it is. I tried. I tested. Many perform for some months then on tide change they are shocked like the guy next to him.

I don't know the other three traders, but apparently, he is the lead for crypto, so it is in good hands.

I have been asked many times to trade for others myself, but the idea is too stressful for me. This is the second best I can find for you.

I will keep you informed on the developments.

I was quite surprised with the amount of interest @cryptoalfred reported to me regarding the crypto trading fund in question.

I'll try to get as many of you the best possible/timely info I can regarding that, but be ready within 1-2 months as apparently the regulator allows them only a fraction of their required marketcap for the first year, so I expect it to be oversubscribed.

The limits are known already: $100k min; 10mm max. If something changes, I'll inform you when I find out.

This is the second best thing to you beating the game yourself.

D Man
10.9K views11:30
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2023-06-27 21:10:51 90% of traders pretty much lose money.

90% of those who don't lose, don't share.
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2023-06-26 21:14:39
Mr. M feedback for past month 2/2
I hope it helps. New member joins are now on. Cheers!
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2023-06-26 21:13:56
Mr. M feedback for past month, pt.1/2
10.0K views18:13
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