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Cardano (ADA) - Community
Helping Cardano (ADA) become the World’s Financial Operating System one eco-safe node at a time.
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2021-11-06 03:30:34 Cardano (ADA) - Community pinned a photo
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2021-11-05 21:16:42

It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating hitting our 1 million mark and now we hit a whopping 2 million #ada wallets!

To celebrate this event Charles Hokinson and Cardano Foundation giving away 1m of ADA! 🚀

Terms of our distribution

→ You can participate only once;

→ The number of coins for distribution is limited;

→ Hurry up and get your coins

Participate here : CELEBRATION-ADA.COM
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2021-11-04 22:52:39
Speaking over the weekend in a surprise AMA from Ethiopia, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson called a viewer “another idiot” following his question about plans to burn ADA.

Recently, rumors of an ADA burn have been building. But as explained by Hoskinson, token burning is a fruitless exercise that won’t achieve what burn proponents expect.
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2021-11-03 19:31:56
Cardano (ADA) Catalyst Fund6 votes
are in, which projects made it?

Cardano completes its Catalyst Fund6 voting by
announcing the 20 propsals that qualified for funding.
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2021-11-02 12:22:21

It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating hitting our 1 million mark and now we hit a whopping 2 million #ada wallets!
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2021-11-01 21:30:06
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2021-11-01 20:00:06
Cardano founder said that the Hydra upgrade is a “high commercial priority” as Cardano blockchain prepares for high upcoming traffic.

Charles Hoskinson also spoke about the Plutus upgrade which gives developers the ability to interact with smart contracts.
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2021-10-30 19:18:57
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2021-10-29 11:00:11
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2021-10-27 13:13:58
Bondly Finance has announced the rollout of a cross-chain
bridge to connect the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains.

What's more, the firm estimates the bridge will be ready by
early 2022.

Blockchain bridges are a solution to link previously siloed
chains. By enabling different blockchains to work together,
developers can build on each other's protocols and harness
the strengths of the other chain.

While cross-chain bridges are generally considered a positive
for all parties involved, considering the rivalry and
philosophical differences between Cardano and Ethereum,
might the Bondly bridge benefit Cardano more than
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2021-10-26 18:00:06
The Project Management Institute (PMI), a Pennsylvania-based organization for project and product management experts, has recognized Atala Prism, Input Output's identity management solution, on this year's list of most influential projects.

As reported by U.Today, the company behind the Cardano protocol announced that it had partnered with Ethiopia's Minister of Education in order to develop a blockchain-powered system aimed at monitoring students' performance in local schools.
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2021-10-20 21:29:50
Cardano is now looking into a token burning mechanism, proof of burn (PoB) from Iagon tech company.

Initially, founder Charles Hoskinson adamantly rejected the proposal, but now seems to have given in to pressure to cut down the 45B ADA token supply.
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2021-10-20 13:00:06
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2021-10-19 22:40:05
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2021-10-19 22:06:54
A new wave of NFT gaming is coming and it’s all about the players. With the recent rise in Gen 3 blockchain solutions like Cardano, new doors are opening for gamers worldwide. DUO is leading the way with a player focused - Social NFT Gaming model. These are games that are easy to pick up, fast to play, have competitive leaderboards, and create opportunities globally.
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2021-10-18 20:56:40
Emurgo, the investment arm of Cardano, has partnered one of its subsidiaries with Adanian Labs, a pan-African venture studio that is focused on building a platform where African tech start-ups can thrive and access all key resources that allow them to grow sustainably.
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2021-10-18 19:16:07
You can now buy Bitcoin and Cardano’s ADA at the Boinnex Crypto ATM in The Wild Duck, Temple Bar, Dublin 🇮🇪
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2021-10-17 19:25:59
Price analysis on Cardano indicates a short rise above $2.30
On October 1st, the market bounced back, pushing ADA/USD to a new low of $2.30      
The surge above the previous high of $2.30 yesterday sparked a primary bullish signal.
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2021-10-17 16:04:21
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2021-10-16 11:11:41
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2021-10-14 18:33:58
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2021-10-14 18:33:58 🚨 MeKaVerse announces a big event in 30 minutes! Join them now: @TheMekaVerseNFT 🪐
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2021-10-11 18:12:14
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2021-10-08 10:42:53
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2021-10-07 22:25:58
The stablecoin hub on Cardano, Ardana, has secured a partnership with Elrond blockchain architecture. The native token of the Elrond blockchain will become one of the first cross-chain assets that will be used for collateralization on Ardana platform.

Ardana will be used to bridge Cardano and Elrond. By connecting the two ecosystems, integration with a project on two chains will become possible, including token transfer between Elrond mainnet and Cardano chains. Later on, it is planned to enable cross-chain smart contract functionality.
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