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⚡️I became interested in cryptography in 2018, now I constantly follow the news, share information about the world of cryptocurrencies.
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2022-04-20 22:01:24
Here comes the airdrop of 150 NFT characters

Don't miss a chance to get your first Mayors NFTs for free until April 26th! The characters are tradable on the marketplace or can be used to run in virtual elections after the project releases this summer. There will be 50 winners.

Entry requirements:

Be a subscriber of the Discord server;
Reach server activity level 8 (or higher).


Also today we launch the contest of political slogans on our Discord channel! Imagine yourself running for mayor and invent a slogan!
PRIZE - 150$!

Hurry up!

For more information, go to the announcements channel on Telegram:
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2022-04-19 13:44:36 ​​New York Man Charged With Running Unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs That Sold $5.6M in BTC

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has charged a man with running dozens of unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs across New York City, New Jersey and Miami. 

New York Man Charged With Running Unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs That Sold $5.6M in BTC

Prosecutors say 35-year-old New York resident Robert Taylor operated a total of 46 Bitcoin ATMs across three cities and sold $5.6 million Bitcoin between 2017 and 2018. He took transaction fees of between 10–20%.
Taylor is accused of promising ATM users that his machines didn’t use cameras or require identity, in posts on social media. These promises attracted customers who had recently committed felonies. 
Taylor surrendered yesterday, according to a statement given to  Reuters by a spokesperson for the DA’s office. He is charged with tax fraud, false filings, and running an unlicensed money transmitter.
“Robert Taylor allegedly went to great lengths to keep his Bitcoin kiosk business as secret as possible to attract a clientele that would pay top dollar for anonymity,” said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. in a press release. “As the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin proliferate, they continue to attract a wide-range of bad actors who are hoping to evade law enforcement.” He added that, “we will not allow digital currencies to become safe havens for illegal activity.”
Bitcoin ATMs and the law

New York Man Charged With Running Unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs That Sold $5.6M in BTC
Bitcoin ATMs are not illegal provided they adhere to local tax and licensing regulations. However, authorities have repeatedly linked them to money laundering and other criminal activities.
In December last year The United States Government Accountability Office released a report detailing the role Bitcoin ATMs may play in human and drug trafficking .
The report argued that Bitcoin ATM providers are not required to routinely report the locations of their kiosks. This is a potential blind spot for federal agencies looking to identify kiosks in areas that are at high risk of financial crimes and human and drug trafficking. 
The report adds that the appeal of exploiting Bitcoin ATMs for criminal purposes is heightened when ATM providers opt out of collecting users’ identity information 
The report also cites the FBI, which said there has been “an increase in the use of virtual currency kiosks for illicit purposes,” including human and drug trafficking.
In March, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority ordered all Bitcoin ATMs in the country to shut down. The FCA stated: “None of the crypto asset firms registered with us have been approved to offer crypto ATM services, meaning that any of them operating in the UK are doing so illegally and consumers should not be using them.”
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2022-04-18 23:08:04 Didjjdnf
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2022-04-15 19:43:02 ​​Cryptocurrencies Carry Systemic Risks, Threaten Ruble, Bank of Russia Insists

The spread of cryptocurrencies brings significant risks for Russia’s economy, financial stability, and national fiat, the monetary authority in Moscow has reiterated. The central bank has reaffirmed its hardline stance on decentralized digital money in a new report published as the government prepares to regulate the Russian crypto space.

Russians’ growing interest in cryptocurrencies, their significant crypto investments, and the high risks associated with crypto operations create potential systemic threats, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has pointed out in its annual report for 2021. Expanding on a long list of previously highlighted negatives related to digital currencies like bitcoin, the monetary authority stated:

There is a risk of undermining the circulation of money and loss of sovereignty for the national currency.

The regulator is repeating earlier warnings that digital assets increase the risk of outflow of funds from the traditional financial system towards the still largely unregulated crypto market. This transfer of savings threatens the financial stability of Russian banks, the CBR says, quoted by RBC Crypto.

Bank of Russia remains concerned about the “well-being of citizens” as in its view, the growth of the crypto market forms a bubble while cryptocurrencies bear characteristics of financial pyramids. Investor protection is limited and investments in digital coins can be lost due to price volatility or as a result of fraud and cyberthreats, the CBR adds.

The report comes after in January the central bank suggested a ban on most crypto activities. Its hardline proposal was met with opposition from other government institutions. In February, the CBR presented legislation prohibiting cryptocurrencies. However, it is unlikely to win support as a growing number of officials in Moscow now see opportunities to employ crypto assets to circumvent western sanctions imposed over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Finance has been leading efforts to legalize cryptocurrency operations, with the exception of bitcoin payments, and recently resubmitted its new bill “On Digital Currency” to the federal government which backs its approach. The draft law now features provisions regulating crypto mining. Meanwhile, the Bank of Russia has also indicated it may accept the legalization of this industry.

The central bank further notes that according to some estimates, the volume of crypto transactions made by Russian residents reached $5 billion last year. Russians have been actively trading on digital asset exchanges and their country ranks among the world’s leaders in terms of digital coin-minting capacity, the regulator has acknowledged.
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2022-04-15 11:53:29 Djdbdjfn
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