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Date: Sunday September 25th
Time: 16:00 GMT (12pm est)
Exchange: Kucoin
Pair: USDT

Our next signal will be coming this Sunday at 16:00 gmt, check your local time and deposit USDT into your Kucoin account in order to prepare. With the market in its current state small cap altcoins are ready to take off. If you take a look at the past week you can see that several altcoins on kucoin have pumped over 400% during short periods (see $WHALE, $FLY, $PSL, $COMB, $MONI, and others). Once a coin reaches a certain threshold a surge of additional traders and volume FOMOs in and continues pumping the coin up to new crazy highs. We will ride this trend and make our coin not only top gainer of the hour but top gainer of the entire day. Look for us to make a strong comeback like we always do after taking extended breaks. This gives users more time to join us and allows for a wider selection of potential coins. Truly this may be one of our greatest pumps ever. See everyone this Sunday at 16:00 gmt

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