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2022-12-05 20:00:11 ​​Crypto layoffs trigger mixed responses from the community.

From giving encouragement to trying to recruit the laid-off staff, crypto community members posted various responses to recent crypto layoffs.

As more crypto companies have cut off their staff to weather the effects of the bear market, crypto community members have posted various reactions from giving encouragement to trying to hire the professionals that were recently let go.

Just over the weekend, two prominent crypto exchanges announced layoffs as the effects of the crypto winter continue to be felt. Bybit has laid off 30% of its workforce which marks the second time the exchange conducted layoffs in 2022. On the other hand, Australia-based exchange Swyftx has also cut around 40% of its staff as it weathers the waves caused by the FTX fallout.

In response to the Bybit layoff, a Twitter user who claimed to have worked with Bybit CEO Ben Zhou opined that the exchange was making the correct decision and vouched for the members of the organization. On the other hand, another community member expressed that although they still trust Bybit, they are afraid to do bigger deals with larger funds. The Twitter user also floated the idea of an audit by a major auditor to regain trust.

After hearing news on the Swyftx layoffs, a community member wrote that this was “bound to happen” and that more bankruptcy events may happen later. Meanwhile, a Swyftx user gave the platform some encouragement as the layoff was announced. According to the user, there are good things coming on the exchanges’ way if they are able to weather the storm.

With layoffs letting go of talent with crypto experience, some took the opportunity to promote that they are hiring, trying to collect the CVs of the recently laid-off employees to see if there will be a good fit.

Meanwhile, as the operational halt from crypto exchange AAX continued, some of its users attacked its office. A recent report from local news mentioned that an AAX office in Lagos, Nigeria was stormed by its customers who were affected by the exchange freezing withdrawals.
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2022-12-02 20:00:07Binance Hires Former Donald Trump Auditors For Proof of Reserves Effort.

Major crypto exchange Binance has appointed the accounting firm Mazars, which worked for former US President Donald Trump’s company, to assist with its Proof of Reserves (PoR) effort.

In order to help assure investors that its coins are covered by reserves, Binance decided to use Mazars to verify its reserves independently, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing a spokesman for the exchange.

The report noted that Binance didn’t specify which of Mazar’s offices would be in charge of doing the reserves verification, while a Mazars spokesperson declined to comment.

According to Bloomberg, quoting a Binance spokesperson,

“Mazars is reviewing all information that we have shared publicly to date on Proof of Reserves (BTC) and will also be verifying future updates and tokens. [...] The first verification update for BTC will be completed this week.”

This is another step in Binance's endeavor to calm down the investors and reassure them that their money is safe with the exchange, and it follows the publication of its PoR on November 11. PoR is meant to allow each investor to check if their holdings are indeed covered by reserves.

As previously reported, Proof of Reserves is an independent audit conducted by a third party meant to ensure that a custodian holds the assets it claims to be holding on behalf of its clients. Various companies have decided to do Proof of Reserves following the FTX collapse and the fear it has created, though notably, some have been doing PoR even before this massive implosion.
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2022-11-29 20:00:07 ​​FTX under ‘active’ civil and criminal investigation: Bahamas AG.

Bahamian Securities Commission, the Prime Minister’s financial intelligence unit and a financial crimes unit are all involved in the FTX investigation.

The Bahamas Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs Ryan Pinder has confirmed that the collapsed crypto exchange FTX is the focus of an “active and ongoing” investigation by authorities from the Caribbean nation.

In a national statement that was delivered live on the Facebook page of the Office of the Prime Minister on Nov. 27, Pinder explained that the “affairs of FTX Digital Markets” are under scrutiny from both “civil and criminal authorities,” and Bahamian authorities are working with “a number of specialists and experts and will continue to do so as the need arises.”

“The Securities Commission, our financial intelligence unit, and the financial crimes unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force will continue to investigate the facts and circumstances regarding FTX’s insolvency crisis and any potential violations of Bahamian law,” he added.

Pinder also revealed the relevant Bahamian authorities would try to hold to account any companies or individuals found to have committed any wrongdoing during the investigation, while they will cooperate with other regulatory agencies and law enforcement bodies around the world.

“These events remind us of the lessons learned from securities and other financial regulation about the need for strong cross-border cooperation. The public worldwide will be best served by a strong international regulatory cooperation,” he said.

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas suspended FTX Digital Markets (FDM) license to conduct business and stripped its directors of their power on Nov. 10.

On Nov. 12 they ordered the transfer of all FDM digital assets to a digital wallet owned by the commission for “safekeeping.”

Pinder mentioned the country’s regulatory authority has taken further protective measures approved by the Supreme Court but declined to elaborate further until “we are confident that doing so will not jeopardize any aspect of the ongoing investigations.”
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2022-11-26 20:00:08 ​​FTX miniseries gets go ahead, covering the ‘most brazen frauds ever committed’.

The Russo’s are reported to have said that FTX “is one of the most brazen frauds ever committed” in their reasoning for wanting to create the show.

An eight-episode limited series exploring the unraveling and scandals behind sunken crypto exchange FTX and its leadership is slated to begin production soon.

The series has been purchased by technology conglomerate Amazon and will likely air on Amazon’s video streaming service Prime.

It’s understood to be based on “insider reporting” from journalists covering FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried, according to a Nov. 23 report from the entertainment magazine Variety.

Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, famed for directing Avengers: Endgame and multiple other Marvel-owned movies, are reported to have sold the idea to Amazon and are slated to direct the mini-series.

Details are sparse with what direction the series will take, the source material it will draw from, and what time period and people it will focus on, with all of it still kept under wraps for the time being.

In their reason for pursuing a series on the FTX story, the Russos brothers told Variety what happened with the exchange “is one of the most brazen frauds ever committed,” and opined on Bankman-Fried:

“At the center of it all sits an extremely mysterious figure with complex and potentially dangerous motivations. We want to understand why.”

Amazon is slated to start producing the show as early as March 2023, and while the characters and the actors who will play them are unknown, it’s reported the Russos are in discussions with prior Marvel actors they’ve worked with to fill the main roles.

The idea for FTX-inspired movies akin to The Big Short and the Wolf of Wall Street has already been joked around on Twitter over a week ago, with some members of the community already taking the initiative to cast who would play Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and other related players, such as Terra’s Do Kwon.

One Twitter user pitched the idea of FTX THE MOVIE on Nov. 12, selecting Wolf of Wall Street’s Jonah Hill to play Bankman-Fried, while comedian Jimmy O. Yang could play Changpeng Zhao.
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2022-11-23 20:00:08 ​​South Korea investigates crypto exchanges for listing native tokens.

Initial investigations revealed that all crypto exchanges performed lawful operations across South Korea. However, Flata Exchange is suspected of listing its in-house token, FLAT, in January 2020.

Native cryptocurrencies turned out to be the biggest factor contributing to the demise of numerous exchanges and ecosystems this year, most recently during the FTX collapse. Korea’s financial authority, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU), took notice of the same as it launched a probe into crypto exchanges in relation to listing their in-house, self-issued tokens.

Crypto exchange FTX and its 130 affiliate firms recently filed for bankruptcy due to a price crash of its in-house token, FTX Token. While Korean crypto exchanges are barred from issuing native tokens, KoFIU’s probe into the same is to ensure regulatory adherence for investor’s safety, according to a local report.

Initial investigations revealed that all crypto exchanges performed lawful operations across South Korea. However, a Financial Services Commission (FSC) spokesperson revealed plans for deeper investigation because “there are still some doubts related” to in-house token listings.

Flata Exchange is one of the primary suspects and is being investigated for listing its in-house token, FLAT, back in January 2020, as reported by local media Yonhap. Major exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb have been cleared by the authorities and the investigations will be more focused on smaller exchanges.

On average, 297,229 unique South Korean users visited FTXcom monthly, making South Korea top the chart of countries that were most impacted by FTX’s collapse, confirmed a CoinGecko analysis.

Based on suspicion of profiting from unwarranted LUNA sales, South Korean authorities froze approximately $104.4 million (140 billion won) from FTX co-founder Shin Hyun-seong.

The Seoul Southern District Court approved the decision to freeze Shin’s assets until further investigations are concluded.
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2022-11-23 15:00:11AliumSwap launches a series of quests in Crew 3

AliumSwap is an all-in-one multi-chain DEX with hybrid liquidity feature, unique staking alternatives and the upcoming cross-chain feature operating on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Chain, Polygon Matic Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, Fantom Opera and 5 other chains.

We invite you to join our Crew 3 community because we have prepared something special for you. By completing all kinds of quests you have a chance to win some USDT. Perform simple tasks and get XP for that. The 1st backer's dozen of participants with the highest scores will receive:

1st place - 500 USDT

2d place - 200 USDT

3d place - 100 USDT

4-13 places - 20 USDT each

Invite friends, make swaps, leave ideas, take part in quizzes and gain more and more XP!

You also have the chance to monitor your progress on the leaderboard and see the levels of other participants too.

Are you ready to gain lvls? Then follow the link and join our Crew 3 community

AliumSwap Crew 3 -

Visit AliumSwap at: Website | Telegram | Twitter
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2022-11-20 20:00:09This Eco-Friendly Crypto Coin Has ESG Investors Excited – Find Out Why.

IMPT is a brand-new cryptocurrency focused on changing the world of carbon credits for the better.
The project has been gaining traction over the course of the past few weeks, with impressive rates of participation in its presale.

The company has now successfully raised almost $13m to fund its vision - this is all the more impressive when one considers that the crypto markets are currently extremely bearish, with most assets down significantly from last year's highs.

The current system of carbon credits is antiquated

The current state of carbon credits depends on an antiquated system in which carbon credits are issued by the state for the use of companies.
This means that it becomes prohibitively more expensive for companies to pollute in any given year, as there are fewer carbon credits issued each year.

This is an old system which means that carbon credits face issues when it comes to scaling and having a larger impact.
Moreover, the current system of carbon credits is such that it is very difficult to trade them, and they are very opaque.

Incentivising "responsible shopping"

IMPT hopes to use carbon credits not for the benefit of large polluters but for consumers.
By rewarding consumers who shop with companies that are highly ESG friendly, they are able to ensure that ESG companies become better capitalized and incentivize other companies to come on board as well.

Anyone who shops via the IMPT platform (choosing from over 25,000 different companies) is eligible to earn IMPT rewards as cash back.
Currently, the IMPT team has managed to onboard a series of impressive names through their affiliate program with industry giants such as Huge Boss, Netflix, and Microsoft.

Carbon credits as NFTs

By using NFTs as carbon credits, the entire ecosystem of carbon credits can be made more efficient, more transparent, and fairer.
When a consumer earns IMPT as cash back for their spending, they can choose to either hold the token or redeem it for carbon credit NFTs.
The process of redemption means that IMPT is burned, which makes the token scarcer.
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2022-11-19 15:00:07 ​We’re halfway there Galleria Tecnica is the 4th drop of Lamborghini’s “The Epic RoadTrip” NFT adventure (21 Nov – 24 Nov)

Collectors who secure all 8 puzzle pieces will be the first to experience the latest inLamborghini’s long line of super sports car perfection.

Register now to claim a piece of Lamborghini’s heritage that will be yours forever.

There will be 3 Limited Edition NFTs available for purchase for 24 hours each -- collect all 3 and receive 60-minutes of Early Access to the Rare Limited Edition NFT

1. Lamborghini “Wallpapers” now delivered as an AIRDROPPED NFT
2. Lamborghini Centro Stile Sketch now delivered as an AIRDROPPED NFT
3. Those who collect all 3 or 4 silver or gold NFTs will receive an NFT token revealing a piece
of The Epic Road Trip Puzzle
4. OpenSea secondary market COMING SOON

Join the Discord:
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Early Access Mint - Register now and join Discord to receive 60 minutes of Early Access on 21-23 Nov
Public Mint: Monday 21- Thursday 24 Nov
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2022-11-17 20:00:19 ​​Trust Wallet launches browser extension, integrates with Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay.

The new browser extension lets users store, send and receive crypto across all EVM chains and Solana.

Following the collapse of FTX and the bank run on crypto exchanges in general, self-custody Trust Wallet is gaining momentum. In one week, the company launched the long-anticipated browser extension and collaborated with Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay, whose users can now transfer their funds directly to a Trust Wallet account.

On Nov. 14, Trust Wallet launched its browser extension, now available in Google Chrome and Opera browsers. The extension lets users store, send and receive crypto across all EVM chains and Solana. A network auto-detect function provides users with a seamless dApp experience without the need to manually add networks.

The extension also includes multi-wallet support, NFT support, fiat on-ramp providers, and non-EVM blockchain integrations, as well as hardware wallet support.

On Nov. 16, the world’s biggest crypto exchange, Binance, reported the launch of Binance Pay’s Trust Wallet integration. Now, Binance users won’t have to scan or input a wallet address, having their Trust Wallet among the direct withdrawal options. And it won’t cost anything above the blockchain gas fees. By press time, the function is supported solely on Trust Wallet App’s Android version, but Binance announces the iOS version “soon.”

The same integration will work with Coinbase Pay. According to Bipul Sinha, Group Product Manager at Coinbase, an ability for users to easily fund their self-custody wallet or dapps corresponds with the company's mission to "build a bridge to Web3."

Earlier, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao publicly endorsed Trust Wallet, stating that “self-custody is a fundamental human right.” The move comes as no surprise, given that Binance owns the U.S.-founded wallet provider since 2018.

By Nov. 15, Trust Wallet Token (TWT) has surged by nearly 150% in six days, bucking the downturn in the cryptocurrency market, whose net capitalization has crashed by almost $100 billion in the same period. Meanwhile, the token’s trading volume has soared from 279 million TWT to 593.25 TWT in the same period, showcasing the market’s conviction in its uptrend.
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2022-11-14 20:00:10 ​​Crypto exchange Kraken freezes accounts related to FTX and Alameda.

Kraken said it froze account access to certain funds “we suspect to be associated with ‘fraud, negligence or misconduct’ related to FTX.”

United-States-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has frozen the accounts associated with “FTX Group, Alameda Research, and their executives,” on its exchange after engaging with authorities.

In a Twitter post on Nov. 13, Kraken said the accounts were frozen “to protect their creditors” and added it “maintains full reserves” and other users’ funds aren’t affected, likely seeking to stamp out fears from users that the exchange might face liquidity issues due to the fund freeze.

Kraken has spoken with law enforcement regarding a handful of accounts owned by the bankrupt FTX Group, Alameda Research and their executives. Those accounts have been frozen to protect their creditors.

A Kraken spokesperson told Cointelegraph that it had “actively monitored recent developments with the FTX estate” and “are in contact with law enforcement,” saying it froze account access to certain funds “we suspect to be associated with ‘fraud, negligence or misconduct’ related to FTX.”

“We will resolve each account on a case-by-case basis and may seek guidance from the Bankruptcy Court or trustee as appropriate,” the spokesperson added.

Kraken’s account freeze comes after crypto exchange FTX announced on Nov. 11 that FTX Group consisting of roughly 130 companies including its sister trading firm Alameda Research filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States, with its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, resigning as CEO.

It also follows a suspected hack on FTX that involved a Kraken account, Kraken’s chief security officer Nick Percoco said on Nov.12 that they are aware of the account owner’s identity and later gave an update that FTX would make a statement regarding the situation “and them utilizing funds from their verified Kraken account to complete this transaction.”

Regulators appear to be coming down hard on FTX and their executives amid the recent turmoil.

FTX is headquartered in The Bahamas and the country’s securities regulator on Nov. 10 froze the assets of FTX Digital Markets — the exchanges’ Bahamian subsidiary — and its “related parties."
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