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💥Latest Cryptocurrency and Blockhchain news.
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2022-09-06 20:00:08 ​​Kyber Network offers bounty following $265K hack of decentralized exchange.

"As a bug bounty, we are offering you 15% of the funds if you return it and have a conversation with our team," said Kyber Network.

KyberSwap, the decentralized exchange built on liquidity protocol Kyber Network, has offered a hacker 15% of the funds from a $265,000 exploit as a bug bounty.

In a Thursday blog post, Kyber Network said a hacker had used a frontend exploit to pilfer roughly $265,000 worth of user funds from KyberSwap. The protocol said it will compensate all users for any missing funds related to the exploit, and directly addressed the hacker to give them an opportunity to return the funds in exchange for “a conversation with our team” and 15% of what was taken — roughly $40,000.

“We know the addresses you own have received funds from central exchanges and we can track you down from there,” said Kyber Network. “We also know the addresses you own have OpenSea profiles and we can track you through the NFT communities or directly through OpenSea. As the doors of exchanges close upon you, you will not be able to cash out without revealing yourself.”

Kyber Network reported shutting down its frontend following the discovery of a “suspicious element” at 8:24 AM UTC on Sept. 1. The platform disabled its user interface and found “a malicious code” in its Google Tag Manager, which targeted “whale wallets with large amounts,” giving the hacker the ability to transfer funds to different addresses. According to Kyber Network co-founder Loi Luu, this was the first hack on the protocol in five years.

“The attack was identified and put a stop to after 2 hours of investigations,” said Kyber Network. “This attack was an FE exploit and there is no smart contract vulnerability.”

Hackers have used exploits to execute attacks on many decentralized finance protocols, including $100 million being removed from the Horizon Bridge in June and draining $200 million worth of crypto from the Nomad token bridge in August. Cointelegraph reported on Aug. 11 that the overwhelming majority of attackers responsible for the Nomad bridge hack copied the original exploit, directing funds to addresses they chose.
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2022-09-05 21:00:04 ​ Flight Force 4 are MINTING RIGHT NOW!! Make sure you get some Defender NFTs before they are gone!

We are currently building a super high quality UE5 based, online multiplayer first person shooter game - which uses our NFTs as playable & rentable characters and items. We have just released our EPIC cinematic game trailer, check out our website - it is very cool!

We have also just announced a HUGE partnership with ZSC Multiverse and 3 other big NFT projects who are launching their super high quality 3D "Multiverse" End of October. This opens up endless opportunities for us as a community!!

So why do you need a Defender NFT?

- Access to our Play&Earn + Rent&Earn game
- A HUGE first in web3 12 month NFT refund system
- Our Defender Bounty for holders straight after Mint to win a share of $45k USDC
- Access to your 3D character in the "ZSC Multiverse" launching October 2022 as mentioned above!
- The ability to Rent out your In-game NFT characters and items to users for passive income
- A 1 for 1 airdrop of the next X-ion NFT characters, & a very generous FF4 token airdrop for all Defender NFT holders

All of this + much more coming!!

See our website + social for more details on everything above

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2022-09-03 20:00:05 ​​Singapore court rules in favor of Bithumb founder in acquisition case.

The decision on the civil lawsuit might affect a trial court in South Korea.

The court drama behind the acquisition of South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has been going on for several years, but in an unexpected development, a Singapore court has made a ruling against Kim Byung-gun, who has originally accused the owner of Bithumb, Lee Jung-hoon, o defrauding him.

According to the South Korean publication Aju Daily, on FriAug. 26, after three years of proceedings, a court in Singapore found Kim guilty of selling BXA coins without the permission of his partner Lee and ordered him to return the proceeds gained from the sale of coins to Singapore-based consortium BTHMB.

The decision of this civil case might affect the trial court that has been held in South Korea. In that case, Kim accused Lee of defrauding him in the process of a jointly planned acquisition of Bithumb.

As his narrative goes, in October 2018, Lee Jung-hoon discussed the purchase and joint management of the Korean exchange with the chairman of BK Group and the founder of a line of cosmetic surgery clinics, Kim Byung-gun. ThPartners registered the BTHMB consortium to buy out a 50% stake in Bithumb Holdings — Lee reportedly received $100 million upfront as a “contract fee” from Kim, another part of the funds, demanded to close the acquisition, wshould have come from the sale of BXA coins issued by BTHMB.

Yet the token was never listed and the consortium didn’t take over Bithumb as it failed to pay the balance. Kim filed a complaint against Lee in a Korean court in 2020. But even beforehand, in 2019, Lee accused his ex-partner of selling BXA tokens on his behalf in Singaporean court.

Meanwhile, Bithumb casually continues its operation — in January 2022, it confirmed the development of a nonfungible token exchange that would help it stay competitive with Korbit and Upbit, two other domestic Korean exchanges. In July, the current owner of Bithumb, Koren company Vidente, revealed that it has contacted FTX on the subject of a possible sale of its stake.
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2022-09-01 16:00:07 Welcome To The Future Of Web3- Copium Protocol is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining investment ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Copium Protocol is a real-world, large-scale crypto mining firm situated in Otago, New Zealand.
Powered By Hydroelectricity, They Are Sustainable & Eco Friendly
Their project has a robust team of industry specialists with an established track record and a lot of expertise behind it, with over 10 years of experience in the Blockchain / Cryptocurrency sectors

Copium Protocol's four key launch products will let investors invest in an eco-friendly mining platform, receive rewards through staking, invest in their native ERC-20 token, and obtain access to further benefits through their Investor Pass NFT collection.

Their 10K Investor Pass collection will also be available through a Dutch auction sale for 3.5 ETH in early mid-October.

The first 2,000 users who register early interest via the premint link on the Copium Protocol website will be guaranteed a mint spot at a reduced fixed price of 3 ETH. So Don't Miss Out!

Key Benefits Of The Investor Pass:
Each holder will receive an exclusive airdrop of their ERC-20 Copium Coin.
Holders can use their Investor Pass to earn a daily allocation of Copium Coins by staking it.
Through the staking platform, Investor Pass holders will have unique access to greater levels of ROI.
Passholders are automatically entered into monthly drawings for more Copium Coin.


Yes!- Their mining investment ecosystem is designed to be simple to use and risk-free for all levels of investors.

Don't Pass Up This Opportunity- Passively earn free crypto by simply holding an NFT and staking it on their platform.

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2022-08-31 20:00:05 ​​Coinbase says it will 'evaluate any potential forks' following the Merge.

“Should an ETH PoW fork arise following The Merge, this asset will be reviewed with the same rigor as any other asset that is listed on our exchange,” said Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has updated its information related to Ethereum transitioning to proof-of-stake to include forks that could arise.

In a Thursday update to an Aug. 16 blog post, Coinbase said it would evaluate any potential forks in the Ethereum blockchain on a “case by case basis.” The crypto exchange previously said it planned to 'briefly pause' Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 token deposits and withdrawals during the Merge, expected to occur between Sept. 10 and 20.

“Should an ETH PoW fork arise following The Merge, this asset will be reviewed with the same rigor as any other asset that is listed on our exchange,” said Coinbase.

Exchanges and crypto firms dealing in ETH have made announcements informing clients of any preparations needed ahead of the Merge from proof-of-work, or PoW, to proof-of-stake, or PoS. Many expect the blockchain’s energy consumption to drop precipitously, scalability to improve, and the network will be less vulnerable to attacks.

It’s unclear how crypto users might respond to a forked PoW token listed on Coinbase or any crypto exchange as Ethereum transitions. On Wednesday, the platfor launched an ERC-20 token that will allow customers to use staked ETH while earning rewards, cbETH.

Binance also said on Thursday it could offer support for new tokens created by a potential hard fork but would “not guarantee any listings” without a review process. BitMEX made a similar announcement on Aug. 8, adding the offering was “highly speculative” and “might never exist.”
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2022-08-28 20:00:05How to Use Bitcoin Vouchers to Buy Bitcoin With Cash.

Bitcoin (BTC) vouchers provide one of the most convenient and private ways to buy bitcoin. However, despite the convenience and privacy they offer, bitcoin vouchers are yet to fulfill their full potential to spur global bitcoin adoption.

Read on to learn what bitcoin vouchers are, how you can use them to buy bitcoin with cash, and why they could play an influential role in bitcoin adoption.

What are bitcoin vouchers?
Bitcoin vouchers are pre-paid cards - similar to gift cards - that can be purchased using cash or bank cards and are redeemed for BTC. The amount of bitcoin “stored” within vouchers typically ranges from USD 10 to USD 250.

Crypto vouchers can be either digital or physical, with the latter providing an innovative way to purchase bitcoin privately with cash.

Physical bitcoin vouchers are sold at kiosks, grocery stores, gas stations, and newsagents, enabling fast and easy access to bitcoin for anyone with cash in their pockets.

How do you buy BTC with bitcoin vouchers using cash
Buying bitcoin using a physical bitcoin voucher only takes minutes and enables you to seamlessly and privately convert your fiat currency into digital currency.
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2022-08-25 21:00:04 ​ NEW TOKEN ALERT
Presenting Nugen Coin!

Extremely detailed Ecosystem with avenues for everyone!

Partnering with Neobank, to issue cards to purchase with crypto for your everyday needs.

From an exchange to NFTs to #Metaverse, Nugen ecosystem has it all!

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Token launch incom ing on by the end of AUGUST!

massive potential on minimum investment!

Don't wait, until it's too late!

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2022-08-25 20:00:07 ​​Vitalik: People still ‘underrate’ the superiority of crypto payments.

The Ethereum co-founder suggests that cryptocurrency payments are a “big boost” to international business, charity, and even payments within countries.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin suggests the superiority of cryptocurrency for payments is often “underrated” compared to fiat, pointing to the convenience of international payments and payments to charities as key examples.

Buterin made the comments in a Twitter thread on Wednesday, explaining that it’s not just resistance to censorship but also convenience that makes cryptocurrencies “superior” when it comes to international business, charity and even payments within countries.

Cryptocurrency adoption in payments has been growing globally. A report from data platform PYMNTS titled “Paying With Cryptocurrency” in July found that among businesses surveyed with annual income exceeding $1 billion, 85% said they are adopting crypto payments to find and gain new customers.

The availability of crypto debit cards has also been growing quickly, with Binance recently partnering with Mastercard to announce a prepaid card for Argentinians. Many of these cards, such as Wirex’s, even reward users with crypto cashback for paying through the card and facilitate spending of several major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, as well as the withdrawal of cash from ATMs.

As pointed out by Vitalik, cryptocurrencies are also particularly useful when transferring money internationally and for charitable donations. Traditionally when done using fiat currency, international payments can take a long time to process and results in large fees. The war in Ukraine is one great example of its usefulness in this regard, with Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov having tweeted on Aug. 18 that $54 million has been raised by nonprofit and activist group Aid For Ukraine alone.

However, not everyone has been as bullish about crypto’s use as means of payment, with common objections including price volatility, ease of use, and regulatory risk, as well as high-transaction fees and long processing times for certain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).
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