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2024-02-24 19:00:41
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2024-02-24 17:30:21
Naira in Free Fall: Cryptocurrency Ban Looms Amidst Economic Turmoil

Nigerians Blame Bad Policies for Plunging Naira
As the naira continues its downward spiral, Nigerian traders are pointing fingers at government corruption and ill-conceived policies rather than cryptocurrencies. The blame game is in full swing, with accusations of reckless spending and foreign borrowing.

Chasing Shadows with Binance
Government critic Kelvin Odanz slams the ruling party's monetary policies, suggesting they are merely "chasing shadows" by targeting centralized exchanges like Binance. With trillions printed and millions borrowed, the naira's future looks bleak.

Misplaced Priorities: Naija Government Under Fire
Toyin Omotoso joins the chorus, criticizing the government's focus on arbitrary measures like a hard cap on USDT sales instead of addressing the root causes of the naira's decline. It's a case of misplaced priorities as Nigerians call for real solutions.

Binance Cap Controversy: A Tug-of-War
While some users demand a reversal of the cap imposed on Binance to allow for a free market, pro-government accounts defend the move as a necessary step towards shoring up the naira. The battle lines are drawn amidst economic uncertainty.
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2024-02-22 18:01:19
Africarare IDO Launch Announcement

Launch Date & Platforms:

IDO on Spores Launchpad and Kommunitas is scheduled for February 24th.

Exclusive Partnerships Highlight:

Partnering with Africa's telecom giant, MTN is a testament to our reach and ambition. With millions of subscribers across the continent, MTN's involvement signifies a leap towards connecting Africa's digital and mobile landscape with the global digital economy.
Nedbank: One of South Africa's premier financial institutions, Nedbank, brings its vast financial expertise and innovative banking solutions to the Africarare ecosystem.
CyberKongz: A leading NFT project known for its $210 million total volume traded, CyberKongz collaboration introduces a creative and blockchain gaming dimension to Africarare.
Primedia: As a leading African media group, Primedia's strategic move towards immersive digital advertising in the metaverse showcases the potential for revolutionary marketing solutions within Africarare.

Opportunities in Africarare:

Africa's first metaverse, Africarare, is pioneering the connection of creativity, blockchain, and community, with a robust community of over 200,000 throughout the platforms, signaling a massive interest and trust in the digital transformation of Africa.

AI in Africarare:

Africarare is revolutionizing the metaverse retail experience with advanced AI technology, including AI agents acting as shop salesmen, offering personalized assistance and transforming the way users interact and shop in the virtual world.

Be Part of the Revolution:

Join us on this remarkable journey to redefine Africa's place in the digital world. Register to allow list now:
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2024-02-21 17:30:40
BlackRock's Bold Bet: iShares Bitcoin ETF Takes Flight as Symbol of Progress

BlackRock, the financial titan, is making waves with its unconventional ad campaign for the newly minted iShares Bitcoin ETF. Breaking away from the glitz and glamour of its rivals, BlackRock opts for a minimalist approach to convey a powerful message.

Against a vibrant yellow backdrop, a sleek silhouette of an airplane poised on a runway catches the eye. The tagline? "Get your share of progress." It's a subtle nod to the soaring potential of digital currencies.

Industry experts are taking note. Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas praises BlackRock's ability to strike a delicate balance between tradition and innovation. By appealing to both seasoned investors and the tech-savvy younger crowd, BlackRock aims to secure its place at the forefront of the ETF game.

What sets this campaign apart is BlackRock's clever association of Bitcoin with progress. It's not just another commodity or currency; it's a symbol of our ever-evolving financial landscape. This nuanced perspective hints at BlackRock's grand ambitions in the world of digital assets.
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2024-02-20 14:02:02

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2024-02-18 21:31:05
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2024-02-18 18:30:30
XCAD Founder Comes to KSI's Rescue Amid Pump and Dump Storm

Content Creator KSI found an unexpected ally in Oliver Bell, the mastermind behind XCAD Network, as allegations of a pump-and-dump scheme swirled around the YouTube star on February 15.

Bell, in a bold move, defended KSI, highlighting his role as one of XCAD's "biggest value adders" and revealing that the YouTuber had actually been buying more XCAD than selling. According to Bell, KSI is no Pump & Dump artist.

Not only is KSI still invested in XCAD, but he also boasts "other wallets" and remains a steadfast supporter of the token, Bell assured.

However, things took a turn when blockchain detective ZachXBT shared screenshots of KSI's X account, showing a hefty sale of $850k worth of XCAD. This prompted crypto sleuth Coffeezilla to cry foul play, labeling it a "classic pump and dump."

Coffeezilla drew parallels with CNBC's Jim Cramer, arguing that trading against statements made could be seen as an ethically questionable maneuver – not just in traditional finance but also in the wild west of crypto.
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2024-02-16 21:00:38
GATE announces the MANIFEST music festival in Dubai
The first and only affiliate and gaming music festival will occur in the boundless Dubai desert, Al Sahra Desert Fortress on the 1st of March

luxurious food and beverages
1000+ industry leaders
four legendary DJs (one of them will be Altego_music)
three headliners including ONATIVE
9+ hours

The festival site will be divided into two newly constructed stages (main and techno stage) with an immersive experience around the festival’s AI and desert theme

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2024-02-15 19:00:20
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Today, February 15, at 16 UTC, TapSwap launches Initial token distribution via our innovative Telegram bot, Tap-to-Earn!
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2024-02-15 17:30:35
Crypto Phishing Group Strikes Again: Angel Drainer Siphons $400K from 128 Wallets

In a daring move, the notorious crypto phishing group Angel Drainer has made off with a staggering $400,000 from unsuspecting victims. Their weapon of choice? A devious malicious vault contract.

Blockchain security firm Blockaid uncovered this audacious attack, revealing that Angel Drainer cleverly exploited Etherscan's verification tool to mask their nefarious intentions.

At the crack of dawn on February 12, the trap was set. Angel Drainer unleashed their Safe vault contract, luring users into a false sense of security. Little did they know, they were signing away their digital fortunes.

With a single click, the 'Permit2' transaction sealed the fate of 128 wallets, leaving them empty and echoing with loss. The damage? A hefty sum of $403,000.

Blockaid was quick to clarify that this wasn't an assault on Safe itself, but a calculated ploy to exploit Etherscan's verification flag. They promptly alerted Safe and are working tirelessly to minimize further harm.
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