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2023-07-07 20:30:55
USDC-Issuer Circle Looking to Launch Stablecoin in Japan

The firm behind USDC stablecoin, Circle, is looking to launch a stablecoin in Japan under new regulations that came into effect last month.

In an interview with Coindesk Japan, Circle CEO Jeremy Alliare said that Japan would become an extremely large market for them if stablecoin adoption in cross border trade and global commerce picks up in the coming time.

Allaire further expressed interest in pursuing different partnerships in the Asian country. As reported earlier, Circle is currently looking to expand into Asian market. Japan brought in its latest stablecoin law into effect last month, making it one of the first countries to establish a framework for the use of overseas stablecoins. Circle CEO, who visited Japan in June, opined that Japan’s stablecoin bill is the most important thing the government and the Financial Services Agency have done.

Allaire thinks that the new stablecoin regulations in Japan that have just come into force are a crucial first step as they provide a better framework for governments and stablecoin issuers. Talking about stablecoin’s demand in Asia, Allaire said that they believe there is already strong demand and use cases for stablecoins in certain Asian markets. He added:

“Financial centers like Hong Kong and Singapore are already big markets for dollar-backed stablecoins and we have clients in these regions.”
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2023-07-06 18:00:09
Enter the captivating realm of the Kingdom of Ants, where these tiny powerhouses are taking the financial world by storm.

It's like a bug-sized heist movie, but with decentralized finance! Join the ant army and experience a gamified staking adventure like never before.

Whether you're a seasoned DeFi pro or a curious newbie, there's a spot for you in this antastic journey.

Unleash the ants, defy the norms, and let's rewrite the rules of finance together! #RuleDefiAnts #KingdomOfAnts

Join the Telegram channel as the saga unfolds: KingdomofANTS
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2023-07-04 20:30:51
Bank of America Forecasts Transformative Role of Tokenization in Finance

According to a recent research report by Bank of America (BofA), tokenization can revolutionize financial and non-financial infrastructure and financial markets in the next five to 15 years.

The report highlights the transformative power of tokenization and its wide-ranging implications for various sectors.

Tokenization, an application of blockchain, involves converting real-world assets or rights into digital tokens on a blockchain network. These tokens represent ownership, value, or other rights, enabling secure and transparent asset tracking and transfer.

Bank of America's Cryptocurrencies Research Team believes we are on the verge of a transformative infrastructure revolution that will redefine value transfer, settlement, and storage across all industries.

Released on June 29, BofA's research report emphasizes that tokenization could reshape how assets are managed and traded over the next decade. This technology has the potential to enhance efficiency, increase liquidity, and reduce transaction costs across a wide range of markets.
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2023-07-03 20:00:04

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2023-07-01 19:02:00
Binance's Powerful Co-founder Yi He Breaks Silence Amidst Regulatory Turmoil

Despite a long history spent away from the public spotlight, Binance co-founder and senior executive Yi He is finally speaking up as two of the United States’ chief market regulators sue her company.

In an interview with Bloomberg last month in Dubai, she argued that Binance is a greater ally to regulatory compliance than virtually any other company in the global crypto industry.

“If they really took the time to understand our industry, they would see that if Binance isn’t compliant, then practically no other global trading platform or offshore company is,” she said.

He’s comments came two months after the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) lawsuit against her exchange, right before another case from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier this month.

Both lawsuits alleged that Binance engaged in forms of market manipulation while also secretly serving customers within the United States from its international platform, among other things.

Despite their long list of accusations, the co-founder respects the attitude of regulators. “I understand that the overall intention of regulation is good in order to protect investors,” she said.

Binance handles more than half of the global crypto trading volume, yet much of the company’s operations are shrouded in mystery, from its ownership structure to its financial health.
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2023-06-30 16:00:09
Earn up to 2000000 UBX for each task on CrowdFeeding

Crowdfeeding is a decentralized platform for both employers and employees, created by UBIX.Network. It enables participants to open and receive tasks as well as communicate with each other. The service also provides a unified accounting and payment system for the work performed.

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Once registered you are free to apply to any tasks on the platform that match your skills to earn up to 2000000 UBX on each one of them
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2023-06-29 16:00:09
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2023-06-28 18:30:54
Expect Surge in Crypto Scams with Advancements in AI

There are growing concerns that scammers will use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new methods of fraud and deception as the technology continues to advance.

One of the primary ways in which scammers are using AI is through social media platforms. By leveraging AI-powered tools, scammers can amplify their reach and create a seemingly loyal fanbase of thousands of people.

These fake accounts and interactions can be used to give the illusion of credibility and popularity to their scam projects.

Scammers may even use AI-driven chatbots or virtual assistants to engage with individuals, provide investment advice, promote fake tokens and initial coin offerings, or offer high-yield investment opportunities.

The use of AI can challenge social proof-of-work, which assumes that crypto projects with greater and more loyal followings online must be legitimate.
With AI making it easier for projects to scam people, users must exercise caution and due diligence prior to investing in a project.
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2023-06-25 18:30:30
BlackRock Executive Stresses Importance of Knowing Counterparties in DeFi for Institutional Engagement

It is critical for financial institutions to know who they are trading with when using decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, asset management giant BlackRock’s head of strategic partnerships, Joseph Chalom, has said.

"The first issue is, who am I trading with? We go to jail, if we don't know who we're trading with," Chalom told the audience during the State of Crypto Summit hosted by Coinbase and the Financial Times on Thursday in New York.

Chalom added that issues such as DeFi’s so-called automated market making, often shortened AMM, are just fig leaves that are used instead of traditional central order books.

"We need clear understanding of who is in a liquidity pool," the BlackRock executive said.

Chalom’s description of the strict regulations that financial institutions face when they participate in markets may help explain at least part of the reluctance among traditional firms towards the crypto and DeFi sector.
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2023-06-21 21:31:09
Atomic Wallet Hackers Hide $35 Million Stolen Crypto Funds Using THORChain

Hackers that exploited Atomic Wallet for over $100 million earlier this month are using the cross-chain liquidity protocol THORChain to hide their loot.

According to on-chain data, 503 ETH equivalent to $870,000, associated with the Atomic hack, was moved to THORChain on the 18th and 19th of June and then exchanged for Bitcoin, as reported by blockchain investigator Mist Track.

Most of the proceeds in ETH from the exploit were converted to BTC using the SWFT blockchain.
Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic linked the Atomic Wallet exploit to the infamous North Korean hacker group Lazarus.

The same group has reportedly attacked multiple crypto exchanges all over the world to drain billions of dollars worth of crypto to fund DPRK’s ballistic missile programs.
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