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2023-07-18 21:11:32
Remember today's news about the sharp rise in the share of TUSD among all the stablecoins? It happened after the introduction of zero commissions in the BTC-TUSD trading pair on Binance.

But that's not all. According to Kaiko analysts, this crypto exchange accounts for 99 percent of all TUSD trades. The remaining percentage is distributed between KuCoin, HitBTC and
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2023-07-14 17:26:08
Yesterday's XRP move resulted in $303 million in liquidations. Shorts took out $216 million and the rest was taken for corrections from particularly greedy longs. Binance, OKX and Bybit shaved the most

XRP never reached $1, now the rate is consolidating near $0.8. Coinbase has already resumed XRP trading, and Gemini, Kraken and Crypto com are ready to do it soon. But it's not enough for a new pampa yet

BTC is holding above $31k, Ethereum is trading very close to $2k. Let's hold our fists that this is finally an exit from the resistance zone, because in case of a fake breakout - all yesterday's growth may be nullified

Multichain team submitted a hacking report and effectively shut down the project. Funds were withdrawn through the accesses of founder Zhao Jun and his sister, who were taken away to an unknown destination by Chinese police

Top 3 in 24 hours:
XRP - $0.7743 (↑64.51%)
Stellar - $0.1481 (↑52.65%)
Solana - $28.32 (↑28.24%)
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2023-07-14 17:24:48
Breaking: BinanceUS, Joins Coinbase and Others To Relist XRP, Price Up 87%
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2023-07-12 08:09:16
Analysts note that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges now hold only 11.5 percent of all bitcoins in circulation. And this is the lowest balance indicator (in orange) for the last five years. Accordingly - BTC withdrawal to third-party wallets is on trend.

Here's the chart.
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2023-07-10 17:37:04
Third consecutive week of inflows into crypto funds

Despite buyer weakness and a prolonged stomping around $30k, institutional investors put $136.1 million into cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin accounting for $132.8 million of that.

It's obvious who Wall Street is betting on
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2023-07-10 17:36:13
Breaking: Standard Chartered Revises Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction To $50000, $120K In 2024
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2023-07-07 09:04:49
You can now buy NFT on Twitter

NFT Inspect, which recently introduced a Chrome browser extension for NFT analysis, today integrated MoonPay payment solutions.

You can buy NFT through Inspect's authorization.

Crypto is getting closer...
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2023-07-07 08:54:23
Binance To Retire Deposit Addresses On BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP, ADA, DOGE Networks
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2023-07-03 21:58:47
Fake crypto accounts on Twitter

Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies have many fake accounts among their followers.

So the most faked coins were Shiba Inu (10.26%), Avalanche (8.14%) and Polygon (7.58%).

At the top of the famous personalities with fake accounts were the social network's founder Jack Dorsey (8.62%) and its current owner Ilon Musk (4.76%).

The study data shows what percentage of the total number of subscribers are fake accounts.

And if we measure by the number, the record holder is Elon Musk, who has 6.7 million fake accounts
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2023-06-27 18:02:03
Since the spring of 2021, the number of whales with balances over 1,000 BTC decreased from 2169 to 1672. Total minus 497 whales, they have an epidemic or something

The bankrupt exchange FTX counted assets again and claimed $7 billion in liquid funds on their balance sheet. True, they also recalculated debts and came out $15 billion

Tether has frozen a wallet with a balance of 1,275,850 USDT on the TRON network. As a reminder, USDT is fully centralized and any address can be disabled. The company has already blocked a total of $468 million

Online broker Robinhood will fire 7% of employees due to collapse in cryptocurrency trading

Top 3 in 24 hours:
Blur - $0.4273 (↑20.95%)
Bitcoin Cash - $219.34 (↑13.51%)
Compound - $39.90 (↑10.44%)
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