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Germany done with dumping finally
12.5K views19:35
1.)Log X Announces Partnership with Hyperlane.
2.)BounceBit Easy Launches, Offering Simplified CeDeFi Yield Earning.
3.)Bitlayer Partners with Web3 With Binance.
4.)Ta-da Integrates Axelarnetwork to Scale TADA Across Blockchains.
15.1K views16:49
Seems really all liers (lawyers) are leaving SEC, the way SEC is dropping charges investigation we will have soon lot of more ETF coming too.

We were very early :)
17.0K views14:17
KMON Genesis Play-2-Airdrop Season Announced!

The KMON Genesis Play-2-Airdrop Season has been launched, offering participants a chance to earn a share of $1 million in PIMS tokens. This event centers around KMON Genesis, a tactical turn-based RPG where players’ skills are essential. Participants are invited to play the game, complete missions, and accumulate points, which can be exchanged for PIMS tokens.
20.0K views07:37
Everything you wanted to know about KIP

KIP: Revolutionizing AI with Decentralization and Collaboration

KIP is transforming the AI landscape by empowering decentralization, collaboration, and monetization. Encouraging viewers to become owners rather than mere consumers in an AI-powered future, KIP showcases the transformative potential of decentralized ownership and collaborative innovation.
20.0K views06:22

Biden and his SEC clowns
20.0K views05:46
Animoca Brands launched a validator on Core blockchain, boosting network security and decentralization.

Core and Animoca Brands will collaborate on integrating dApps to drive BTCfi innovation.

Core is becoming the most popular Bitcoin scaling solution in terms of DAU and dApp development. The CORE ETP launch is making the Core blockchain network more accessible to traditional investors.
+19M unique addresses
+200k transactions daily during June
+4,700 BTC staked with Core
Receiving +55% of Bitcoin hash power
The Ignition Drop is generating a lot of buzz.
20.0K viewsedited  05:16
with this ETF inflow just think what will happen when something like sol or doge get ETF approved. the volume of few 100M per day tbh is amazing for those
1.1K views04:53
Guys be safe seems squarespace ( got hacked and lot of crypto projects actually use there domain. Do not connect to any website atm I am trying to get list of major crypto projects which are on top of squarespace in next post…
16.6K views13:59

Guys be safe seems squarespace ( got hacked and lot of crypto projects actually use there domain. Do not connect to any website atm I am trying to get list of major crypto projects which are on top of squarespace in next post soon. Plz do not connect your wallet to anything for now be safe

16.8K views13:56
GameGPT Announces Exciting Summer Updates

GameGPT is set to introduce a range of thrilling updates. Over the next three months, users can expect the launch of new games and tournaments, the initiation of Creator’s Program Season 0, and the release of the Prism mobile app. Additionally, the highly anticipated DUEL x Base integration will be rolled out. GameGPT aims to enhance the user experience and provide endless entertainment.
17.2K views13:06
Hope this happens and we get 1000 year bull market :)
18.1K views12:05
Bitlayer Announces Gems Airdrop Eligibility Check

Bitlayer has finalized the distribution process for the Leaderboard Competition Epoch 1 gems. Over 40,000 users are eligible to claim their Bitlayer gems based on participation, TVL contribution, and transaction numbers. Users can check their eligibility at Bitlayer's official site. These gems will be exchangeable for BTR tokens.

Users can check their eligibility at :
19.9K views09:50
NATIX Partners with Mapbox to Bring Navigation to Drive& App

NATIX is excited to announce a partnership with mapping giant Mapbox to integrate navigation into the Drive& app, launching on July 16. By combining Mapbox's top-tier Navigation SDK with NATIX Network data, the app's utility is significantly increased. This integration enhances real-time traffic data and route planning, creating a seamless and efficient navigation experience. The NATIX smartphone strategy ensures easy access, requiring only a free app download with no additional hardware needed.
20.0K views06:03
BTC is for all of us- we all are underdog as compared to finance outside and govt
20.1K views04:37
Big big now please germany and usa stop dumping
20.0K views04:08
1.)Posemesh and Exabits Unite for Decentralized AI in Spatial Computing.
2.)Aethir and Sophon Introduce Direct Staking and Reward Program.
3.)NUKLAI Partners with AIT Protocol for Efficient Big Data Processing.
20.2K views16:36
Movement partners with up network to create the first movement phone.

This innovative device promises to bring:
-EVM/MoveVM compatibility.
-AI capabilities for personalized crypto experiences.
-A dApp store with smart wallets and account abstraction.
-DePIN Kit.
-Over 45 partners and rewards.
20.3K views05:28

Animoca Brands introduces the MOCA airdrop for Moca NFT holders, allocating 10% of the total MOCA supply across three phases. Holders can choose between immediate claims or enhanced bonuses with "Claim Now" and "Claim Extra" options. Staking opportunities commence at TGE, promising additional rewards. The initiative emphasizes security, requiring manual verification for each NFT claim to ensure fairness and transparency.
20.2K viewsedited  04:00
NATIX Unveils Game-Changing Navigation Feature!

NATIX is set to revolutionize navigation with its upcoming release of the Drive& app. Offering a free, user-friendly experience, this app promises to attract new users with its seamless onboarding. By leveraging NATIX's real-time data, it enhances route planning and traffic updates, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. The introduction of navigation significantly boosts the app's utility and scalability, heralding a new era in DePIN innovation.
20.3K views17:34

Creator Bid has launched its Public Alpha, introducing AI Influencers to revolutionize content creation. With the start of CreatorDrop Season II, participants can now earn CreatorPoints (CP) to grow their brands. By signing up with a referral code and connecting a Twitter account, users can immediately begin earning points. AI Agents, including AI Creator Agents and Knowledge Base Agents, will enhance content creation and engagement.
20.3K viewsedited  13:33
germany done dumping 1b+ btc still have more than a B left
1.3K views11:35
1.)Nuklai and Filecoin Foundation Team Up for Decentralized Data Archive.
2.)Orderly and Sharpe Announce Ultimate Trading Showdown.
3.)BounceBit Announces Launch of Superfast On-Chain Brokerage Service.
20.2K views17:18
Atlas Navi Surpasses 150K Daily Users, Offers 20% APY Staking!

Atlas Navi has achieved significant mainstream adoption, attracting over 150,000 daily users who are effectively cutting their vehicle's fuel costs. The platform also provides staking opportunities with an impressive 20% APY return, making it a standout investment option during market downturns. To celebrate its success, Atlas Navi is hosting the JulySprint giveaway, offering $400 in NAVI tokens to participants who complete tasks on their quest board. This initiative underscores Atlas Navi's commitment to practical staking solutions tied to driving rewards and mobile app usage, further enhancing its appeal.
20.2K views13:17
No chill for BTC

Crypto exchange Bitstamp will aim to distribute its portion of the bitcoin repayments to Mt. Gox creditors swiftly, even though it has up to 60 days to do so once it receives the coins.

"According to the agreement with the Mt. Gox trustees, Bitstamp has 60 days to distribute the tokens, though we are of course working to make sure those investors are made whole as soon as possible," the exchange said in a statement.
20.1K views12:47
SOL ecosystem is growing nicely. No more analos?

Solana's fees and revenue experienced significant growth in the second quarter, generating over $26M, a more than 42x increase YoY

The total SOL trading volume reached $292B, nearly 7x higher compared to the same period last year
20.1K views10:37
Old ICO GOLEM in 2016 time raised 820000 ETH. They started selling some eth in past 30 days via cex has transferred 36,000 ETH to Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Currently, Golem still has 231,400 ETH, worth about $656 million
Wow big treasury but just for team not for anyone else

Current mcap 320M and holding 2x in ETH and more in cash. Lol this founders really sucked everything out of market
20.1K views07:05
Ethereum ETF Expected to Launch Soon

The spot Ethereum ETF is anticipated to be listed and traded within the next two weeks, according to Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store. Speculation points to a possible launch next week, though the week of July 15 is more likely. Since the unexpected approval of the 19b-4 form in late May, Ethereum prices have declined by over 20%.
20.3K views16:14
JUICYPERP Mainnet Launch: Perpetual Battles Revolutionize Trading.

The launch of JUICYPERP on mainnet has introduced Perpetual Battles, transforming the trading landscape. Users can now engage in thrilling 3-minute battles, predicting UP and DOWN price movements of various assets. This gamified trading experience offers high rewards, leaderboards, and competitions, making it a fun and fast-paced way to trade.
4.4K views08:06
All about how rekt you are small ups looks better :)
19.5K views18:40