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​ Bear markets can be scary, but there is a tool to handle the | Crypto Evolution

​ Bear markets can be scary, but there is a tool to handle them!

$PLUTO, a new reserve currency collateralized by the treasury assets Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

This protocol and its token are designed to keep the price within a predictable range, so when things go south for all other crypto, $PLUTO stays afloat

The mechanics behind that are actually pretty clever. They involve treasury which is like a super secure, well… treasury full of low-risk assets. Every PLUTO token is backed and at the same time, its price cannot exceed a specified threshold.

To get more detailed information go to PLUTO SITE

But that's not all PLUTO can do. Users will be able enjoy onboarding and staking with triple-digit APYs

In addition to PLUTO tokens, onboarding participants get a particularly high APY for the lock-up period and increase the size of the treasury, and thus the minimum token price.

By the way, staking generates profits without asset lock

$PLUTO is a solid investment that will carry you through the unstable markets

Now available on puzzleswap, WavesExchange, and swopfi.

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