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2024-04-08 21:09:53
China's Largest Fund Managers Eye Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong's Financial Markets

Two of China’s largest fund management firms have recently been reported to be filing applications for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), according to regional sources on Monday. Harvest Global Investments and Southern Fund are seeking approval from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), aiming to obtain authorization to introduce spot bitcoin ETFs.

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2024-04-08 11:34:53
Ripple CEO expects crypto market cap to double by year-end: CNBC

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization will likely double by the end of 2024, according to a CNBC report on Sunday. The current global crypto market cap stands at around $2.59 trillion, CoinMarketCap data showed. Garlinghouse told CNBC that he is “very optimistic” about macroeconomic trends in crypto such as the emergence of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF), which he said has brought forth “real” institutional investments in crypto for the first time.

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2024-04-07 21:39:54
Bug in Discontinued Lido Staking Service Blocks User Access to Tokens Valued at $24.4 Million

A bug in the smart contract of Lido’s discontinued Solana staking service is reportedly preventing users from withdrawing digital assets valued at more than $24 million. Lido attributes this issue to “a problem with the maintainer bot and the recent update of rent-exempt terms for Solana staking accounts.”. A report said the staking service’s financial unsustainability and low fee revenue were some of the reasons why Lido ended the service more than five months ago. Before that, 92.7% of the Lido community voted in favor of discontinuing the service rather than funding it.

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2024-04-07 11:24:54
US Bitcoin ETFs Bounce Back With $569.4M in Net Inflows After Initial Dip

U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs experienced a streak of four days of net inflows. The influx began modestly with $39.5 million on April 2, escalated to $113.5 million the next day, and soared to $213.4 million on April 3. The week’s culmination saw Friday pulling in an impressive $203 million, as reported by figures. Despite overall market positivity, Grayscale‘s GBTC encountered the day’s largest outflow among the ETFs. Trading volume for the ETFs on Friday summed up to approximately $2.37 billion, marking a 31.5% decrease from Thursday’s $3.46 billion.

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2024-04-06 22:09:55
Bitcoin as 'digital gold' could enable continued demand as ETFs mitigate volatility: Coinbase

Hawkish views on the potential for U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate cuts have bolstered gold among traditional investors — a fact that may lead to more demand for bitcoin, in Coinbase's opinion. "In our view, bitcoin's increased acceptance as a form of "digital gold" could enable demand from a new subset of investors in this market regime," David Han, an institutional research analyst at the crypto exchange, wrote in a report published yesterday.

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2024-04-06 14:09:55
SEC Gains Court Victory Against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon: Report

Although the US has yet to win the extradition victory against South Korea for Do Kwon, a New York court has already ruled against the fallen former crypto mogul in a legal case launched by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Do Kwon and his crypto brainchild – Terraform Labs – were found guilty of misleading investors in the 2022 crash. The Terra collapse from two years ago was among the loudest in the cryptocurrency industry, which resulted in an investor loss of around $40 billion. This unfolded when unknown actors found a way to explore the project’s algorithmic stablecoin UST, and the other native token – LUNA.

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2024-04-05 19:49:55
South Korea to tighten crypto exchange listings with upcoming guidelines: report

New guidelines imposing tighter regulations for token listings on centralized crypto exchanges will be released by South Korean financial authorities, news agency News1 reported. Additionally, the report stated that the Financial Services Commission in the country may mandate that foreign token projects develop specific whitepapers for the local market to get listed on domestic exchanges. Yet, tokens already listed on a licensed exchange for over two years may not need to meet these new criteria.

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2024-04-05 10:59:56
Banks Seek to Purchase Bitcoin Directly From BTC Mining Firm Hut 8, Says CEO

Per the CEO of Hut 8, a bitcoin mining company listed on the Toronto stock exchange, major financial institutions have made inquiries to purchase bitcoin directly from the firm. Additionally, the Hut 8 executive emphasized the forthcoming halving event’s “big impact,” noting a surge in demand juxtaposed with a reduction in available bitcoins.

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2024-04-04 23:21:41
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2024-04-04 18:59:56
VanEck predicts Ethereum Layer 2 tokens will reach $1 trillion valuation by 2030

VanEck calculated its $1 trillion base case valuation for Layer 2s by applying a free cash flow multiple of 25 to its expectations of future cash flows, assuming an Ethereum ecosystem smart contract market share of 60%. VanEck estimated the cash flows by projecting transaction revenues (inclusions of transactions on a blockchain) and maximal extractable value (revenue derived from the ordering of transactions) for the Layer 2 networks’ anticipated total addressable market.

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