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Logo of telegram channel cryptovipsignalta — Crypto VIP Signal™
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This channel offers to provide the most profitable TA/Ideas by expert technicalists in our team.
Do Your Own Research & always
Trade or invest at your own risk.
Enquiry: @Jamess141
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2023-04-19 09:04:57
As expected Bitcoin moved toward the $30,500 area and was rejected from there. Keep tight stop loss in all open positions. If BTC trades in the range of $29,000-$30,500 then we see a good move in altcoins.
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2023-04-19 07:00:48 12 hours left until the biggest Kucoin Mega Bull Call of all time! Everything is looking perfect for a massive call today.

- This time we are expecting gains anywhere from 800% to 1200% possibly even more depending on how big our volume is.
- We will be using the USDT pairing, make sure you have USDT in your trading account to buy the coin.
- Hundreds of thousands of traders will be buying at once, make sure you buy early before outsiders do.
- If you plan to use your whole balance, you can buy using 50% of your balance initially at market price, use the remaining of your balance to place buy orders!
- When you buy the coin and it's time to sell, never sell on the buy supports! Instead sell slowly in parts as the price goes up.
- Our call will have many waves as our whales will be buying with our members to support the price, there will be a lot of possibilities to profit during the call!
- Millions of traders worldwide will be watching and buying, we have put into place a few measures to spread the word out after our signal all over social media, we will attempt to make our gains last as long as possible.

We have put together a small guide on how to trade our signals effectively on Kucoin to make sure all our members are well prepared :

Read pinned post. Stay tuned.
18.8K views04:00
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2023-04-18 20:55:57
KLAY analysis:

Price is trading near the support of the $0.244-$0.247 area. We may see a bounce from here toward the resistance of the $0.28-$0.286 area. You can try a small long position here with tight stop loss.
23.7K views17:55
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2023-04-18 19:00:19 Less than 24 hours left until the Kucoin Mega Bull Call!

Date: Wednesday April 19th
Time: 16:00 GMT
Exchange :
Pairing : USDT
Official Target : 800-1200%

Things to know for the Kucoin Mega Bull Call tomorrow
1. The target coin will post here in exactly 24 hours from now. Further reminders will be sent beforehand.
2. You must be trading on Kucoin. Our power is focused on Kucoin in order to have the greatest effect. Kucoin is a highly liquid exchange with billions of dollars of daily volume and the very best conditions for our Mega Bull Call. Whatever the target coin ends up being will likely not be listed on every other exchange, therefore you have to use Kucoin in order to guarantee its available to you.
3. Make sure you have USDT available in your "Trading Account" on Kucoin. We use USDT as a base pair because it offers the most volume and stability.
4. Remember this process has worked over 50 times with a success rate of hitting/passing our projected gain target 96% of the time. It will work greatly again tomorrow. Follow the process of market buy - limit sell and you are highly likely to succeed. Never panic, trust your instincts, and work as a team.

Tomorrow will be absolutely incredible, Have your trading bags ready for the biggest Kucoin Mega Bull Call yet in 24 hours from now.

Read pinned post | Stay tuned
23.7K views16:00
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2023-04-18 17:51:06
Bitcoin Regains $30K; 115 Mln XRP Moved Ahead Of SEC Chair Testimony
22.8K views14:51
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2023-04-18 16:47:06 Educational Post

What is transaction cost/fees?

Although crypto doesn't have a central bank or government, you still need to pay transaction costs to transfer these coins.

Blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC) have built-in "network fees" that go to BTC miners. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized network, these crypto fees incentivize more people to use their computing power to validate BTC transactions. The higher the hash power is on the Bitcoin blockchain, the more resilient it is against hacks. 

Many other blockchains, such as Ethereum (ETH), charge transaction costs known as “gas fees.” Similar to Bitcoin's network fees, these gas payments go to the node operators who confirm transactions on Ethereum's blockchain. 

Individuals must also pay transaction fees when using centralised crypto exchanges (CExs). CEXs provide a centralized hub for buying and selling digital assets like stock brokerage websites. Every CEX has a different fee structure, but most charge commissions as well as withdrawal and deposit fees.
23.4K views13:47
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2023-04-18 16:11:25 Crypto VIP Signal pinned «Hello everyone, the next official Kucoin Mega Bull Call will be scheduled for : - Date: Wednesday , April 19th - Time: 16:00 GMT - Exchange: After hours of discussion with our team, we have decided to schedule our next Kucoin Mega Bull Call in…»
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2023-04-18 15:44:43 WAN USDT also achieved first target, so far more than 20% profit from our entry. Pin our channel on top to never miss a signal.
22.7K views12:44
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2023-04-18 15:42:53 First target achieved within few hours, that is around 17% profit from our entry. Increase your stop loss to break even point.
22.8K views12:42
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2023-04-18 15:36:53 Hello members,

Due to unavailability of kucoin CEO we are postponing the upcoming AMA for another day. You can still submit your questions in google form mentioned on twitter pinned post.
22.8K views12:36
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