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157.5K views11:18
Filecoin-based STFIL stated on X Tuesday that its core team members were under investigation by Chinese police.

The project said a large amount of Filecoin tokens were moved to an external address.

This address currently holds 2.5 million FIL tokens ($22 million).

12.9K views07:32
Layer 1 blockchain developer Monad Labs has finalized a $225 million round led by Paradigm.

Coinbase Ventures, Electric Capital and Greenoaks also participated in the round, among others.

Angel investors include Inversebrah, Ansem, Hsaka, punk6529, Eric Wall, Rune Christensen, Bryan Pellegrino, Luca Netz, Mert Mumtaz, and others.

12.9K views17:42
The Open Network (TON), HashKey, and Oyster Labs have joined forces to launch a new smartphone, dubbed the “Universal Basic Smartphone.”

Price: $99.

Oyster Labs is dedicated to building a mobile-first Web3 ecosystem specifically tailored for 900M Telegram users.

12.9K views07:11
1inch Network, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, has unveiled a crypto debit card with developer Baanx, powered by Mastercard.

The 1inch Card will allow users to use their crypto for online and in-person purchases and make cash withdrawals at supported ATMs through seamless crypto-to-fiat conversion, according to a press release.

12.9K views19:26
Grayscale has adjusted its cryptocurrency funds, excluding $ADA from its Digital Large Cap Fund and $ATOM from its Smart Contract Platform.

The Large Cap Fund now primarily comprises $BTC and $ETH, while the Smart Contract Platform Fund has increased allocations in other cryptos like $SOL and $DOT.

12.9K views07:31
Andre Cronje has stood up for Solana.

„Seeing a lot of "I told you so's" against Solana, because *checks notes* Solana currently has so much demand for blockspace that they need to optimize some bottlenecks (which also btw, is just an engineering hurdle and not a fault of consensus or any critical component).“

12.9K views18:51
The Solana network appears to be struggling to keep up with a demand for memecoins, with data showing roughly 75% of transactions on the network currently failing.

The vast majority of failed non-vote transactions were simply “bot spam.”

12.9K views07:41, Singularity and Ocean introduced the ASI calculator.

ASI Calculator lets you see how many ASI tokens you get for your holdings:

12.9K views18:12
BlackRock names Citi, Citadel, Goldman Sachs as APs for its spot bitcoin ETF

BlackRock has revealed the names of four more Wall Street firms it's enlisting to buy bitcoin for its iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF. Citi, Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Citadel have joined JP Morgan and Jane Street as authorized participants for the world's largest asset manager's spot bitcoin ETF, according to an amendment filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday to the ETF's Form S-1.


13.0K views10:39
Binance сompletes integration of 35 new dApps on Binance Web3 Wallet (March 2024).

The newly added dApps include: Aevo, Ambient Finance, BAC Games,, Blast Off, Blaster Swap, Celluar, CryptoMaze, Cyber8Ball, Ethena,, FBPAY, Jumper.Exchange, Kinza, LayerSwap, LifeForm, Link3, Lista DAO, MonoSwap,, OmniBTC, Particle,, Satori Perp, Satoshi Protocol , Syclub, SyncSwap, SynFutures, Thena Finance, Ulti-pilot, Whales.Market, XY Finance, Zerolend, zkSwap Finance, Zorro.

12.9K views17:42
Zeus Network has raised $8 million in a funding round led by Mechanism Capital.

Other investors in the round included OKX Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Lemniscap and The Spartan Group. Angel investors, including Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Stacks co-creator Muneeb Ali and Mechanism Capital founder Andrew Kang, also joined the round.

The round brought Zeus’s latest valuation to $100 million.

12.9K views07:01
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12.9K views20:20
Binance has announced the 51st project on Binance Launchpool - Saga (SAGA).

Users will be able to stake their BNB and FDUSD into separate pools to farm SAGA tokens over four days, with farming starting from 2024-04-05 00:00 UTC.

Binance will then list SAGA at 2024-04-09 14:00 UTC and open trading with SAGA/BTC, SAGA/USDT, SAGA/BNB, SAGA/FDUSD and SAGA/TRY trading pairs.

12.9K views17:32
BonusBlock Secures $2.3 Million solve Web3 industry's largest need: on-chain quality users

12.9K views07:01
Potential Binance Launchpad

13.0K views16:43
PeckShieldAlert: March 2024 witnessed 30+ hacks in the crypto space, resulting in ~$187.29 million in losses, with ~$98.8 million recovered.

This marks a decrease of ~48% from February 2024.

Top5 hacks:
1. Munchables (Juice affected): $97 million (recovered)
2. CurioNetwork: $40 million
3. PrismaFinance: $11.6 million (under negotiation)
4. NFP: $10 million
5. WooFi: $8.5 million

14.1K views16:32
Mocaverse has announced its public sale details.

The community public sale allocation is exclusive to Mocaverse NFT holders, Moca ID users, and strategic partner communities.

Crafting Period: 28 March — 11 April 8:00 UTC

Crafting Machine is a core component of Mocaverse’s meta layer with cross-platform gamification. Crafting will be a long standing mechanism, and more variations of crafting will be introduced in the near future.

60.7K views15:32
Dice and earn $MONORIX token on telegram bot and web3 game...!

monorix is the first financial web3 game powered by $MRX token.

if you miss NOT coin, do not miss MRX!

Join to community and stay tuned:

57.1K views08:42
Binance has announced the 50th project on Binance Launchpool - Ethena (ENA).

Users will be able to stake their BNB and FDUSD into separate pools to farm ENA tokens over three days, with farming starting from 2024-03-30 00:00 UTC.

Binance will then list ENA at 2024-04-02 8:00 UTC and open trading with ENA/BTC, ENA/USDT, ENA/BNB, ENA/FDUSD and ENA/TRY trading pairs.

52.5K views17:32
Don't let this chance to establish your crypto brokerage pass by!

The crypto trading universe, with its 300 million traders globally, presents a golden opportunity. @B2Broker, together with its B2Trader Brokerage Platform, smooths the path for emerging businesses and seasoned enterprises alike in the thriving crypto marketplace.

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Access to trading over 3000+ cryptocurrency pairs.
Real-time market updates, refreshing every 100 milliseconds for utmost accuracy.

Further Benefits:

A user-centric trading interface, along with CRM and efficient back-office solutions.
Blockchain-enhanced wallets & streamlined systems for automated payouts.
Comprehensive mobile app solutions, REST and FIX API integration, and advanced options for White Label solutions.

Elevate Your Brokerage Offerings:

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62.6K views13:42
Illuvium introduced a roadmap for 2024.

Pre-registration will begin April 15th, 2024, and continue until the Testnet is available to all players.

Private Beta 4
Dates: April 30th - May 28th

33.0K views18:03
Notcoin (NOT) will be the latest project to be listed on Bybit Pre-Market Trading on Mar 25, 2024, 10:00 UTC.

42.5K views17:22
EtherFi has announced the second season of StakeRank.

Season 2 has already begun, running from March 15 until June 30
StakeRank begins March 25, 2024
StakeRank gives users a boosted loyalty points reward for staking longer with
5% of total ETHFI token supply will be allocated to Season 2

1. StakeRank is a level system with 8 levels or "Ranks"
2. Users advance 1 rank level every 100 hours of staking their ETH with
3. Each rank level has a progressively higher loyalty points rate boost
4. Your staking balance needs to be above 0.1 eETH to continue to advance ranks
5. Users who participated in Season 1 start off at Rank II
Rank boosts will range from 1x - 2x (subject to change)
6. Ether.Fan NFT holders are automatically levelled up to Rank III
This applies only once per NFT holder
7. In transitioning to Season 2, the protocol aims to recognize Season 1 participants without disproportionately allocating Season 2's airdrop to them. To achieve this, there will be an increase everyone's loyalty points accumulation rate by 10x. While this dilutes old points, they will still count, subject to conditions below.
8. All eETH and weETH, whether held or in DeFi positions, including Liquid, will be treated the same for StakeRank.

78.5K views18:40
Floki has introduced its roadmap. —link

111.2K views06:12
The Optimism Collective introduces the Superchain Developer Console.

87.7K views17:12
Self-custody is now illegal in EUROPE !

Any cash payment above €10,000 will become illegal, while also anonymous cash payments above €3,000.

Payments made in cryptocurrencies will be prohibited through unidentified wallets. This includes any self-custody wallet provided by mobile, desktop, or browser applications.

99.2K views10:33
According to Defillama, Renzo TVL exceeded $1.29B, becoming the second largest among LRT protocols.

87.7K viewsedited  07:25
Worldcoin Foundation open sources core components of the Orb’s software.

Worldcoin will also stop storing users' personal data. —link

41.5K views17:52
Renzo Protocol launched ezPoints boost for restaking in multiple chains.

Renzo is an Ethereum restaking protocol and strategy manager based on EigenLayer.

Starting - March 20th, 1am UTC - Ending - April 3rd, 1am UTC

91.6K views07:51