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2022-07-25 11:20:04 #1 Source For Education on Crypto, Bitcoin, Trading & general News

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2022-07-25 09:37:02
Ukraine’s New Fiat Restrictions to Boost Popularity of Crypto, Industry Says

central bank of Ukraine has adjusted the fixed exchange rate of the national currency in U.S. dollars and introduced stricter limits on hryvnia transactions for citizens. The measures are likely to turn more Ukrainians to cryptocurrencies, according to a representative of the local crypto sector.

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has introduced new rules in response to the changing fundamentals of the country’s economy during an ongoing military conflict with Russia. The monetary authority devalued the Ukrainian hryvnia against the strong U.S. dollars by 25% on Thursday and set new limits on banking operations with the national fiat. According to the updated regulations for private individuals, enforced on July 21, banks can sell non-cash foreign currency to their customers only if the amounts are deposited for a period of at least three months, without an option to terminate the contract.

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2022-07-24 10:20:04
Tighter Crypto Regulation In Thailand Delays Bitkub’s Acquisition

’s Plan of tightening crypto regulations have caused major setback to retail investors and digital asset enthusiasts. Adding to this, several companies have received a major blow due to this decision. Increased supervision on digital assets comes after the industry witnessed major sell-off over the last couple of months.

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is Thailand’s oldest bank was supposed to acquire Bitkub which is a famous crypto exchange. The bank is unable to do that as Thailand recently amped up regulations on cryptocurrencies. A subsidiary of the bank was reported to acquire 51% stake in Bitkub. The timeline mentioned was apparently the second quarter of 2022, the plan was to become a regional fintech post the acquisition. Currently, there is no date in sight for the acquisition to take place. SCB X had announced that it wanted to acquire a stake in Bitkub, last year, November.

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2022-07-24 09:57:02
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2022-07-23 15:37:02
Vitalik Buterin considers Ethereum development only ‘55% complete’ after The Merge

founder Vitalik Buterin sees Ethereum’s history moving off-chain to reduce the protocol’s complexity. Speaking on the main stage of EthCC on July 21 about the long-term future of Ethereum, Vitalik stated that Ethereum is going through a transitional state and its development is only “40% complete.”

The merge is coming around September when Ethereum finally moves to proof of stake, the surge relates to the implementation of sharding, the verge brings in verkle trees, the purge will reduce the hard drive space needed for validators, and the splurge will do “all the other fun stuff.” Following the merge this year, Vitalik thinks that “everyone working hard to make it should be super happy at this point.” Further, he believes that Ethereum will be “55% complete.” Sharding will come next, bringing Ethereum “up to 100K transactions per second after the surge.”

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2022-07-23 10:21:44
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2022-07-22 11:45:03
Korean Prosecutors Raided 7 Crypto Exchanges With Connections to Terraform Labs

South Korean prosecutors raided seven local crypto exchanges to investigate a fraud case linked to Terra’s implosion. The operation is to determine if the collapse of the Terra ecosystem was an intentional move done by Do Kwon, the founder & CEO of Terraform Labs.

Seoul Southern District Prosecutors Office raided Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone, and four other exchanges on Wednesday to probe a fraud case linked to the crash of Terraform Lab’s TerraUSD and Luna, according to the local media, Yonhap News Agency. Besides major exchanges, eight other places associated with the people with potential connections to the case were also raided by the prosecutors, the report noted.

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2022-07-21 21:55:15 Insights and Breaking News on Bitcoin and the whole ecosystem.
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2022-07-21 13:05:04
Bitcoin Rises 7% Over the Day to Hit Five-Week High

(BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surged 7% in the past 24 hours and is currently priced at $23,369, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Although this represents a slight decrease from the daily high of $23,759 that was recorded in the early hours on Wednesday, Bitcoin is still trading at levels last seen on June 13th.

The leading cryptocurrency is also up an impressive 17% over the last week, with the latest price action coming amid growing trading volumes. As much as $48.7 billion worth of Bitcoin changed hands across crypto exchanges on Tuesday, with this value standing at more than $47.3 billion in the past 24 hours. For comparison, at the beginning of the month, daily trading volumes fell to just $16.3 billion—one of the lowest points since the start of the year.

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2022-07-20 18:12:35
@ChartsSignalsTrading just posted their Trading Report For June 2022 with a whooping profit of 1197 %

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Total Trades: 57

Target reached: 47
Stop-loss: 6
Open trades: 4
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