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Early Gem Calls on new & hottest DeFi tokens. $ETH $BNB
For Marketing Inquires: @TheGemBoy
Always double check my username mentioned above and beware from fake's.

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2023-01-20 00:52:32

Spent: $1,554.83 (1.0 WETH)
Got: 63,989,820 CLAVELL
Buyer Position: New!
Holder Count: 399
Price: 0.00002430 (0.00000001563 WETH)
MCap: $2,429,805
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Ad: Matic CEO Supports $ONIGI
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2023-01-20 00:37:53 Bruh!!! This token has been alive this whole time, I have been watching $CLAVELL for over a month and expected it to die but the community has been building this thing on steroids.

$CLAVELL is a true top class project and comfortable HODL for me, their medium is a must read if you want to know more about this beauty :

Chart :
1.9K views21:37
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2023-01-19 00:58:48
Image Generation AI | Buy!

Spent: $13,319.23 (8.72 WETH)
Got: 4,181,668 imgnAI
Buyer Position: New!
Holder Count: 854
Price: 0.003185 (0.000002086 WETH)
MCap: $3,185,146
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Ad: Huckleberry Inu $HKBY
1.4K views21:58
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2023-01-19 00:48:28 Launched few minutes ago and i aped quite big in $imgnAI ImgnAI brings you Nai, the first anime focused Telegram bot that lets you create your own masterpiece using any command in your Telegram group. Liquidity locked…
2.1K views21:48
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2023-01-18 20:54:24 Yoo guys, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying this mini 'Meme Run'
I am back after a break, was super busy with personal stuff.

A Lot of top class quality projects are in the basket! I'll start sharing stuff regularly from today.

Let's get back to printing.. $$$$
2.9K views17:54
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2022-12-31 01:05:37 The BIG Day for BurnerKing $BK is here, I just had a chat with the dev and I am stunned by the stuff they are doing on $BK and $MCU Ecosystem, literally some groundbreaking stuff and amazing work.

They are revealing their Utility which will eventually change the game for 'Token Burning' Contracts in the space.

Join their all in one chat / announcement room for all future updates :
1.5K views22:05
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2022-12-29 02:10:05
Gem Project Alert : BurnerKing $BK - World’s first & only true burn coin of its kind with the actual utility.

Dev is doxxed and I have known him personally for more than a year now, the same guy from MemeCoin Universe and The Official MINE Token, two of the best performing tokens of last year.

He is coming with a ground breaking contract, team has been working hard on the development for many months and now they are revealing the utility in 2 days.

Official Contract : 0x06dc8cc801b8f71e3ea6e68a18c87a7ba005bfb4

Fasten your seatbelts, The Utility Reveal is coming in less than 48 hours.

Head over to their TG for the updates :
1.5K views23:10
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2022-12-23 17:26:11 APED $UKIYO - I heard this project is from Dogetools Dev. Community is super active & hyped up, A comfortable mid term HODL for me.

LIQ is Burnt and taxes are 3/3

Dex :

TG :
515 views14:26
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2022-12-23 15:09:18 Buying some $CLIFF (Red Clifford) here. $CLIFF is my love that was launched by $InuYasha last year, so I am aping this just for the name ;) Chart is looking juicy, very good volume and the team is working hard to get this thing going. https://www.dexto…
525 views12:09
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2022-12-22 16:46:52 DefiGemCalls pinned a video
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