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Logo of telegram channel fast_pumps — EagleDollar
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2023-06-09 18:51:22
free 250$

1rf = 5$
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2023-06-09 07:24:13 free 250$
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2023-03-24 19:21:55
12 BSC project

Earn Up to 12.3% Profit Daily
Also Earn 11% in referral profit

12 BSC is a next level smart contract that generate profit for your BNB
No human involved

If you invest 100$ , you get 12.3$ everyday and you can withdraw it at any time without any wait

How to start?!

1 - Open in Your Trust wallet or Safepal Wallet
Or your chrome Browser with Metamask installed

2 - wait for Few seconds and let your wallet to connect

3 - Invest as low as 3$ or reffer people and earn from their investments

Withdraw investments or referral profits instantly!

Note :
Investing opens in 70 Hours
We recommend you to start getting referrals from now

So when investing becomes available you can claim your referrals profits

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2023-03-12 17:09:25 2 hours left till Trading opens on Pancakeswap

Have BNB ready in your wallet if you want to buy $VTC at its lowest

Also if you want to participate in Giveaway above (trading competition)
Please read the post above

You can check live timer from:
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2023-02-20 08:12:59 NFT Mint is live !

Minting page:

Minting page changed to original website to fix the issues with loading

Website should run normally now
To ensure security website load slowly
( You may still experience small delay while loading but wait it will come up)

Go mint Your NFT now !

Minting window is limited and we will close it soon and airdrop any remaining supply to people who minted !
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2023-01-18 18:36:07 Free NFTs!
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2023-01-16 22:42:14 Claim 1$ every 30 minutes
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2023-01-14 23:51:54 Free NFTs here
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2023-01-13 19:42:03
Violet Airdrop

Get Free violet tokens and free NFTs

You can get free 1$ every 30 minutes!
That’s 48$ a day

Click on link below and register:

You can also get Free NFT rewards by getting referrals
Each NFT is worth 100$
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2023-01-12 15:03:50
BTC short trades scenarios
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