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Logo of telegram channel grumpyshiba — GrumpyShiba
Logo of telegram channel grumpyshiba — GrumpyShiba
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Small token with some big ambitions.
Always Grumpy.
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2022-02-26 06:17:52 Our CMS posting is here:

Please and
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2022-02-24 06:00:47
We’ve all seen how much support popular ‘memecoins’ such as DogeCoin and ShibainuCoin have been able to rally over the past few years. GrumpyShiba takes this model to the next level. Designed as the first such token with a built-in use case, this is a crypto that won’t fail once the hype is over!
Learn more about the movement that’s revolutionizing fundraising as we know it

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2022-02-22 02:49:11
Whoa! It's time for a great to our great community!

We just published our sticker pack with unique GrumpyShiba stickers.

Share with friends and use it for free!

Stay tuned for more stickers and GrumpyShiba updates!

Stickers link:
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2022-02-19 09:54:53 GrumpyShiba pinned a photo
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2022-02-19 09:54:40
Join the FellowSHIB, our close-knit community chat, to stay up to date with the most recent developments on GrumpyShiba token, the SHIBHope fundraising platform, and for weekly investor updates on everything we’re working on:



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2022-02-09 06:35:43 Good news, @fellowshib!
Bscscan just updated our token info: logo, category, our social profiles and search option availability.

Checkout the link:
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2022-02-08 20:23:50 GrumpyShiba’s first Press Release was a success! Take a look:
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2022-02-07 04:03:41
GrumpyShiba’s first official Airdrop is now live!
Enter now for your chance to win some free tokens!

Our incredible community is one of the main pillars driving this project to success and we’re incredibly grateful for your continued support. As promised, we will be starting our weekly Airdrop token giveaways for all active members and holders alike. To enter, simply visit our profile and click on the link in our bio. You’ll be redirected to this week’s Airdrop where you can provide your wallet address for a free entry and check out more ways to support the platform and increase your chances to win!

For new or prospective members, this is your chance to grab some free tokens and learn more about our vision for the future of fundraising. Join the FellowSHIB today and see how GrumpyShiba is revolutionizing philanthropy as we know it!

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2022-01-30 12:58:02
GrumpyShiba was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the ideal blockchain to support our unique new token, and the backbone to the entire crypto-alturism ecosystem.

One of the most important features in designing a successful decentralized fundraising network is ensuring that the end-user experience is simple, secure, and inexpensive. Deploying our project on the BSC allows our model to do just that. Extremely low transaction fees guarantee that we can offer users the fairest method of both sending and receiving donations. The BEP-20 token protocol and BSC’s proprietary, community-driven blockchain provide a safe and secure environment for users to interact with our network. Finally, lightning-fast transaction speeds provide users with a quick and transparent method to utilize the platform and virtually eliminates dependence on the fluctuation of system currency due to any speculative volatility.
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2022-01-21 06:11:07
Our model for an altruistic ecosystem envisions a wide range of unique, synergetic components, but none are more ambitious than our fundraising platform. Decentralized finance is the key to modernizing philanthropy, and GrumpyShiba is the coin that will galvanize its revolution.

In a capitalistic society, the fundraising industry has always faced a tough decision: exist as a slightly for-profit organization that subsists off of donations intended for the less fortunate, or operate an unsustainable model where all donations are properly distributed but volunteers and investors are not fairly rewarded. With the advent of cryptocurrency, GrumpyShiba proposes a new system that simultaneously abstracts investing from fundraising while keeping them inexorably linked. This allows investors to speculate confidently, knowing that they are not profiteering from any funds intended for donation and provides philanthropists the guarantee of no artificially-imposed fees, and end-to-end transaction transparency.
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