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Hotbit Pump Events

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The Official Hotbit Pump Events.#DYOR

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Whom do I contact for a pump of my project token? I have been try to chat with an admin but I couldn't lay hands on any. I love the pump channel and I needed to join the bandwagon

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2023-05-06 16:58:52 Dear members,

3 hours until our huge pump!

- In 3 hours, the name of the coin we pumped here will be announced.
- As soon as you see the post, go to, type xxx in the Hotbit search bar and search for the money.
- Select the xxx/usdt pair and buy at the market price.
@hotbitpumpevents team
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2023-05-06 14:01:06 Dear members, (in 6 hours from now)

Today at exactly 17 pm gmt we will push the price of a coin and create a hype that has never been seen before on

This is a basic step-by-step guide for new members:

1. 10 minutes before 17 pm gmt open and our telegram channel.
2. At exactly 17 pm gmt, we will announce the coin in the this channel.
3. Right after we announced the coin, buy it with usdt (Tether) on the spot market.
4. Once you have bought the coin, share it as quickly as possible on all your social networks.
@hotbitpumpevents team
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2023-05-06 10:03:11 10 hours until our huge pump!
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2023-05-05 20:47:59 Dear members

The next pump will be,Saturday.

Date : 6-May-2023 Tomorrow
Time : 17 pm gmt
Pairing : usdt
Exchange :

Our last pump was great and our members made over 1800% profit.We believe that Saturday's pump will bring in more profit.Wait patiently and get ready for this huge volume pump!
@hotbitpumpevents team
65.3K views17:47
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2023-04-29 21:03:49 We'll be making a big pump announcement soon.
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2023-04-15 20:27:24
Pump Result: Very amazing pump and volume, the peak was over 1800%.

Low : 0.16
High : 3
Volume gain: $20,000

We can safely say that this pump was a great success and that the upcoming one will be much bigger.We are also seeing a lot of positive feedback for the pump and we are glad to know many members managed to make a massive profit on this pump.Stay tuned!
@hotbitpumpevents team
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2023-04-15 20:03:47 1800+%!!
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2023-04-15 20:00:07
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2023-04-15 19:58:06 2 minutes!
Next post will be coin name!!
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2023-04-15 19:49:07 10 minutes left until the Hotbit pump!

Login and keep an eye here.
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