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▪️DEFI |ICO | NFT fundraising
▪️Investor pools
🔊 manager : @moonsynd
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Since 2018 april ⏰
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2024-05-28 20:52:41
One meme token I've been eyeing for a while now is $GRUMPY 75X Potential.

Its already made 9x ATH
And now sits at 3x

They went insane on their Telegram farm mini-app, reaching over 100K users in less than two weeks.

Big community, good team with sick track-record and GREAT branding.

They just went live today with the ticker $GRUMPY - I've secured a bag for the upcoming meme season, this one will pump hard.

CA: 0x8c3FCEC4866769Ea2c31a5FBa300671bFc7A78f7
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2024-05-24 01:27:10 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE $BROOT Our team rating 7/10 NEW GEM $BROOT: Token Deployer on BASE with Revenue Share launch today Launch tokens swiftly with beetroot, get your base token live in just one minute. Creates tokens easily with an…
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2024-05-21 20:07:53 ​​ DON'T FADE MEME SEASON NEXT X100 GEM ARRIVED


Grumpy’s pre-sale will begin to open on May 22, you've got one week left to farm your points to be eligible for the pre-sale + claim your farmed tokens!


Reached 5.500+ followers on X/Twitter
Reached 11.000+ members in their Telegram Community
Reached 23.000+ farmers on their Mini-app

Join the farm here:
Grumpy Farm Link:

Start Telegram Bot App
Complete all the tasks

All valid participants will get their farmed tokens airdropped
Farm at least 2500 tokens and refer 3 friends to receive a pre-sale spot for $GRUMPY
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2024-05-21 18:13:07 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE $BROOT

Our team rating 7/10

NEW GEM $BROOT: Token Deployer on BASE with Revenue Share

launch today

Launch tokens swiftly with beetroot, get your base token live in just one minute. Creates tokens easily with an custom contract without any technical skills.

- Create your token: Select name, decimals, total supply, initial ETH, pre-sale supply, initial tax, and more.
- Automate Tax Farming
- Pre-Sale Sniping: Automatic fund from Mexc
- Anti-Bot Security
- Execute post launch methods : Add liquidity, remove taxes, rennounce ownership, lock LP tokens, remove limits
- User-Friendly Interface: Telegram bot.
- Gauss Integration: Control pre-sale dynamics.

Revenue Share tokenomics:
- 1% of deployed tokens goes to a reward pool
- Tax Farming Revenue: 10% to an ETH reward pool, 50% to dev/marketing, 50% to locked-in holders.

Please mention in all your publications our linktr/website/telegram group

More Info:

- Bot:

manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#Sale #event #Crypto #Investment #base
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2024-04-06 12:51:45 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE Next Gem AI (GEMAI)

Our team rating 8/10

Next Gem aspires to be at the forefront of this revolution by introducing a new era in crypto data research and analysis: We are building a set of software and tools monitored by the best curated LLM artificial intelligence to access all Web3 project data directly on their pre-launch & launch stages and provide our community with efficient ways to invest in the most promising crypto projects on any existing blockchain.

_Project Futures
1. Advanced AI Integration for Crypto Analysis
2. Real-time Web Data Scraping and Analysis
3. Customized Large Language Model (LLM)
4. Market Cap Evaluation
5. Deflationary Token Model
6. Community Sentiment and Scoring

* Key Metrics
*Blockchain Network: Ethereum
Initial Market Cap: $1,224,000
Total Supply: 850,000,000
Hard Cap: $1,267,350
Project Valuation: $4,335,000
Platform Raise: $300,000
GET READY:*\gem_ai

Follow Media:


manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#nextgemai #event #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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2024-03-28 12:05:50 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE R Games (RGAME) sale

Our team rating 8/10

R Games is an innovative gaming platform that combines the excitement of traditional gaming with the advantages of blockchain technology. We are building a diverse collection of high-quality games that offer immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and rewarding experiences. We aim to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 gaming, attracting a wider audience and revolutionizing the gaming industry with the power of decentralized technology.

R Games (RGAME) revenue streams
NFT Sales: The sale of in-game NFTs (such as vehicles, skins, and accessories) can generate revenue for the game. The unique attributes and rarity of the NFTs can increase their value and demand, allowing for the possibility of high sales.
In-game Advertising: The game can also generate revenue through in-game advertising. Sponsored events, advertisements displayed during game loading screens, and other forms of in-game advertising can generate revenue
Commission on Trades: The game can earn a commission on all trades that take place on the in-game marketplace, providing a constant source of revenue.
In-game Purchases: Players can also make in-game purchases such as premium upgrades, special abilities, and other enhancements, generating additional revenue for the game.
In-game purchases for cosmetic items such as custom paint jobs, car modifications, or even unique weapons for their vehicles.

Learn More

Token information

- Ticker: RHNA
- Token Price: $0.7
- Token Supply: 100.000.000
- Private Pre-sale Allocation: 5.000.000
- Already Sold: 2.541.212
- Hard Cap: $500.000

Follow R Games (RGAME) Media:
Website: ​
Medium: ​
Telegram Official Group:

manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#rgames #event #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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2024-03-21 19:46:54 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE AI Protocol #1 Update

At 12 March we gave you 10 Rating Project AI Protocol.
Launch price was 0.01$ and at listing it made nice 1000% Profit for you. Its now listed in Gate and Uniswap.
First day after launch and its starting mooning hard. Just in today its made +200% Profit.

Project have huge potential, its 100,000,000$ MCAP project. Project combine HYPE + $AI +E-commerce + built on $BTC and $Sol

Where you can buy to make 5 - 10x shortly?

Right now price: 0.21$
Our team invested and wait for 4-5$ Minimum.

manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#AIPROTOCOL #event #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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2024-03-12 18:48:58 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE AI Protocol

Our team rating 10/10

YOUR AI Protocol is the world's first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana .YOUR AI Protocol has optimized e-commerce integration into Shopify's 700 million user base, revolutionizing the $8.8 trillion e-commerce sector.

YOUR AI Protocol ($YOURAI) product dive
YOUR AI Protocol
operates as an open-source system, built and maintained by its community members. Here an overview for all the protocol users:

Content creators, including brands, shops, and third-party creators, can utilise creator dApps to contribute to and enhance the product content database.
Artificial Intelligence: Everyone in the world can use AI models to create and curate product content. Next to improving the content, AI Picasso is serving as an extra layer to personalise content tailored to the needs of every unique customer.
Content curators ensure high-quality content through curation dApps.
Storage and search nodes can establish a YOUR node in the network to store, search, and stream AI-driven product content for various e-commerce platforms, handling transactions such as product content views and rewards.
Developers are able to develop distribution dApps on top of the decentralised YOUR database to enable e-commerce parties to stream content from YOUR Protocol.
Shops and e-commerce platforms using distribution dApps can seamlessly access the most accurate AI-driven personalised product content provided by YOUR AI Protocol’s content creators when their customers load a product page.
A rewarding mechanism for each content transaction (views, clicks, conversions, etc.) ensures fair compensation for all registered contributors, including creators, curators, storage nodes, and distributors.

Sale information.:

Token information
Token price: 0.01
Token Unlocks: 30% TGE, 1 month cliff and then year linear unlocks
FDV: $10,000,000
Ticker: YOURAI
Blockhain Network: Solana
Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Follow AI PROTOCOL Media:


manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#AIPROTOCOL #event #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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2024-03-11 13:50:24 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE Rhuna

Our team rating 8/10

We’re Rhuna, a revolutionary startup specializing in event management fintech. We believe in fast, secure ticketing, cashless credits, and resource management.

- Signed Clients: Untold Universe, World Tennis League
- First Usecase: Untold Festival - Massive 400.000 attendance music festival in August this year
- Offering Priceless Experiences (celebrity meet and greet, backstage access, vip parties etc)
- To be used by over 1.5 million people yearly, guaranteed

Learn More

Token information
- Ticker: RHNA
- Token Price: $0.7
- Token Supply: 100.000.000
- Private Pre-sale Allocation: 5.000.000
- Already Sold: 2.541.212
- Hard Cap: $500.000

Follow Rhuna Media:


manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#Rhuna #event #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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2024-03-01 16:26:22 ​​ ICOPOOLMIAMI ANNOUNCE Dappad (Blockchain Service)

Our team rating 8/10

Dappad Launchpad, a connective link that bridges the gap between Layer 2 projects and early investors, boasts a versatile multichain capability. This unique feature empowers the Launchpad to facilitate token launches across various blockchain networks, enhancing accessibility for a diverse range of projects.
Dappad+ is developing a mobile app to address the existing gaps in the launchpad space, with a particular focus on increasing user accessibility. This app will integrate Account Abstraction and enable users to easily participate in funding projects and incubations through batch transactions with a single click.

Learn More

Token information
- FDV: $20,000,000
- Ticker: APPA
- Token Price: 0.02
- Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
- Initial Market Cap: $422,000
- Initial Circulating Supply: 40,645,000
- Hard Cap: $500,000

Follow Dappad Media:


manager : @moonsynd
Our ETH pools :

#Dappad #APP #Crypto #Investment #Sale
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