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Official channel of the cryptocurrency exchange KickEX.
Get the latest updates on trading in the crypto world. All the most useful, fresh, and interesting content - in one channel and without ads!
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2023-04-05 14:58:18 Great news from our partners QUASA. QUASA Drop is coming!

Get MATIC for every #ANFT creation.

Total Airdrop Pool: 1000 ANFTs.

Reward: 0.5 MATIC for each generated ANFT.

Everything is very simple:

install the QUASA NFT app;
create the first free ANFT;
create other ANFTs and get 0.5 Matic for each ANFT created.

The rewards can be used immediately. Buy, sell ANFTs and withdraw MATIC tokens.
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2023-04-01 10:50:21 WOW!
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2023-03-27 11:19:46 Update:
1. We are working on marketmaking activity to get started. Seems everything is ready for that;
2. Nodes are syncing. Once done, deposits and withdrawals will work again. TRX deposits are working already, and BTC too for some users. BSC - testing, you may try yourself with a small check.

Synchronization of nodes will take a day or two (TRON node is still syncing since yesterday). This is not something we can affect.
520 views08:19
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2023-03-22 08:57:24 Hello everyone. We are fixing withdrawals. Due to the Russian IP addresses, a lot of nodes are not working because... Russian IP's are banned due to the sanctions. Decentralization, they said. Anyways, we'll fix it too.
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2023-03-21 12:30:55 Still working on the matching engine (trading), some things might not work properly. Reviving trading and withdrawals/deposits at the moment.
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2023-03-17 08:55:54 We are testing trading, orders, etc. Maybe today will be that day, finally.
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2023-03-16 17:35:27 We've got a good progress, finally. The most complicated and messy tasks were just solved. Still no exact ETA, but we are close.
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2023-03-15 10:13:53 Starting KickEX services. Getting and fixing errors due to the different Yandex servers architecture. We think today we might fix most of them and finally start KickEX. Fingers
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2023-03-14 10:52:35 This night, all our data was successfully restored. We are launching services and testing them right now. If everything goes well, and tests are passed, KickEX will resume operations this evening/tonight. As soon as launched, we/you may encounter collisions and bugs, so if you'll see something weird or not working after the launch - make sure to report those errors ASAP.
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2023-03-13 18:02:54 KickEX update: 1.7 terabytes out of 2.5 terabytes are currently restored. Waiting for the rest to roll up. At the same time, microservices are being launched and tested. We expect that the data will be fully restored this night, and with some luck, we'll resume operations tomorrow.
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