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Logo of telegram channel kucoinpumpchannel — Kucoin Pump Channel | Kucoin Pump Signal | Bitcoin News | Big Pump Signals
Logo of telegram channel kucoinpumpchannel — Kucoin Pump Channel | Kucoin Pump Signal | Bitcoin News | Big Pump Signals
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For information about Pump, you can follow our group » @KucoinPumpsGroup
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2023-04-20 04:56:15 Our #ACT call resulted in around $350K in volume within just a few minutes. The peak was below our expectation and the price went down faster than anticipated, We believe outside selling pressure and iceberg orders from the ACT team was a contributing factor to the decline. but we are grateful for the support of our community and assure you that we will take every efforts and dedicate all of our resources to make sure our members come out on top with a massive profit on the next one, Stay tuned for more updates!
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2023-04-19 19:12:19
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2023-04-19 19:00:24 ACT
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2023-04-19 18:55:19 5 minutes left! Remember to have your trading pin ready if you have to input one. The next message will be the coin to buy
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2023-04-19 18:51:06 10 minutes left
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2023-04-19 18:30:43 30 minutes left until the Big Pump Call on Kucoin!

Official Target : +1000%
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2023-04-19 18:01:05 1 hour remaining until the Kucoin Big Pump Call! A massive +1000% pump is about to happen in only 60 minutes. We will be using USDT for this call, be prepared!

Read pinned post. Stay tuned.
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2023-04-19 16:00:34 Dear members,

3 hours left until the Kucoin Big Pump Call.

This is a basic step-by-step-strategy for new members:
1. Ten minutes before 16:00 PM GMT have, Telegram open.
2. At exactly 16:00 PM GMT, there will a message including the name of a coin in the Telegram.
3. After we announce the coin, buy it with USDT on the spot market.

Read pinned post | Stay tuned
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2023-04-19 13:02:09 6 hours remaining until the Big Pump Call on Kucoin! The market is amazing and our coin is very bottomed which means the potential for profits will be much bigger. We have all the perfect conditions to execute a massive profitable trade, be prepared.

Here's a important guide on Kucoin Big Pump Call
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2023-04-18 19:17:16 Less than 24 hours left until the Kucoin Big Pump Call!

Date: Wednesday April 19th
Time: 16:00 GMT
Exchange :
Pairing : USDT
Official Target : 800-1200%

Things to know for the Kucoin Big Pump Call tomorrow
1. The target coin will post here in exactly 24 hours from now. Further reminders will be sent beforehand.
2. You must be trading on Kucoin. Our power is focused on Kucoin in order to have the greatest effect. Kucoin is a highly liquid exchange with billions of dollars of daily volume and the very best conditions for our Big Pump Call. Whatever the target coin ends up being will likely not be listed on every other exchange, therefore you have to use Kucoin in order to guarantee its available to you.
3. Make sure you have USDT available in your "Trading Account" on Kucoin. We use USDT as a base pair because it offers the most volume and stability.
4. Remember this process has worked over 50 times with a success rate of hitting/passing our projected gain target 96% of the time. It will work greatly again tomorrow. Follow the process of market buy - limit sell and you are highly likely to succeed. Never panic, trust your instincts, and work as a team.

Tomorrow will be absolutely incredible, Have your trading bags ready for the biggest Kucoin Big Pump Call yet in 24 hours from now.

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