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Logo of telegram channel maticnetwork_announcements — Polygon(Matic)
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Polygon - Ethereum's Internet of blockchains, aims to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with Secured Layer2 Chains & Stand alone chains
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2021-04-20 21:03:48
Excited to announce OpenLogin from @TorusLabs, a huge step forward towards accessibility and simplicity in the Blockchain space.

With Face ID/Touch ID support, Social and Customizable Logins, OpenLogin will allow developers to integrate a secure and non-custodial wallet straight in their Dapps.

It takes less than 10 minutes to seamlessly integrate a user-friendly wallet in your Dapps, get started here:

1.1K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 18:03
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2021-04-20 18:02:38
CryptoRefills brings E-commerce Payments to Polygon!

CryptoRefills enables users to buy mobile top-ups, gift cards, e-gifts and vouchers with crypto assets like USDT, USDC, DAI and other ERC20 tokens.

Learn more:

How to use:

664 viewsChinmay | Polygon, 15:02
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2021-04-20 17:31:24 Liquidity providers are subject to impermanent loss (IL), NOT WITH $ELK!

@elk_finance comes with a unique IL Protection & New Farms! and just 10 hours left to earn benefits.

Learn more:

For more information, Join:

709 viewsChinmay | Polygon, edited  14:31
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2021-04-20 16:37:51 Are you ready for Stage 2 of DeFi summer? @CurveFinance is on Polygon, bringing the deepest on-chain liquidity to your favourite stablecoins!

Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem is rapidly growing with more than 100 DeFi projects including blue chips like @AaveAave and @Sushiswap. This has resulted in the need for deep liquidity for stablecoin pairs, for which Curve is exceptional.

Curve’s mission is to allow for the seamless exchange of stablecoins with low fees and low slippage, and Polygon’s high-speed and low-cost infrastructure is the perfect match for Curve.

1.0K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 13:37
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2021-04-20 13:54:10 @Tokeny solutions is coming to Polygon!

Tokeny solutions is the compliant tokenization platform driving liquidity to private markets.

Polygon’s scalability solution will provide a seamless and accessible user experience to asset issuers.

Learn More:

1.2K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 10:54
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2021-04-20 13:16:42 Excited to announce that @blockswap_team geared to launch ETH2 StakeHouse game supporting Polygon Wallet!

Also, we’ve some exciting news about the all-new Stakehouse!

More details coming soon!

1.0K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 10:16
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2021-04-19 15:02:02 Foundation Node 6 has now been shut down.

Delegators staking on Foundation Node 6 will stop earning rewards. To continue earning rewards, please move your stake to one of the external validators.

Move you stake in one click here:

1.8K viewsChinmay | Polygon, edited  12:02
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2021-04-19 14:36:51
Join us for an AMA with @graphlinq where they will be sharing details about their IDE, analytics, no-code blockchain development protocol and partnership with Polygon!

20th April, 5 PM IST
1.8K viewsChinmay | Polygon, edited  11:36
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2021-04-19 10:50:54
We are happy to announce @EDDASwap is adopting Polygon for their ecosystem for DeFi and NFT applications.

With decentralised exchange, Launchpad, and an NFT Marketplace, EDDAswap is set to #Defi The world.

Learn More:

1.8K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 07:50
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2021-04-15 13:41:11
Ready for the best trading experience on Polygon? Excited to announce @paraswap’s premier liquidity aggregator is live on Polygon!

Traders can access the lowest prices and seamlessly trade across @QuickswapDEX, @MUSTCometh and more.

Swap now:

1.7K viewsChinmay | Polygon, 10:41
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