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2022-11-04 15:02:22
Demand for blockchain developers is on the rise all over the world.

Blockchain developers create new tools to interact with WEB 3.0. This includes deployment of smart contracts and all ways of interacting with them.

1 500 Jobs for Solidity Developers (web3career)
180 000$ Salary of mid-level Blockchain Developer
60% per year Blockchain market growth (YahooFinance)

Kickstart your Web3 journey with “Profession Blockchain Developer” course.

What you get on the course:

Self-paced learning to study at your own speed
World-class portfolio based on real-life web 3 projects
CV enhancement and job interview preparation
NFT Certificate from Web3 Campus powered by Cointelegraph

After completing the course, you will be able to build a career in such companies as Revolut, Google, Binance, OpenSea, Electronic Arts.

Follow the link to sign up for the course
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2022-11-04 05:56:02
Arweave teams up with Meta for NFT storage, AR token spikes 61%

is partnering with Meta to store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Instagram, the protocol’s CEO and co-founder Sam Williams announced on Twitter. In response, AR saw 61% gains over the last 24 hours to lead the top 100 tokens. A local top of $17.85 was hit at 03:30 (UTC) on Nov. 3, leading to a gradual trickle-down to $16.26 as of press time.

The internet is made up of information and data that is subject to change, redaction, and removal at the hands of centralized entities. Arweave sees value in solving the issue of web data impermanence. Underpinning Arweave’s system is “the blockweave” — a mechanism that cost-efficiently enables scalable on-chain storage. As the amount of data in the system increases over time, the amount of hashing needed to reach consensus goes down. The end result is a decreasing cost of storage as the system scales up.


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2022-11-03 15:09:02
Visa, CryptoCom Partner to Launch New NFT Collection Ahead of FIFA World Cup

has been the official payment partner of the International Federation of Associations of Football (FIFA) since 2007. The payments giant described its new product as the “first of its kind” hybrid experience that features a pre-event NFT auction and immersive activation for football lovers in the FIFA World Cup scheduled to begin later this month.

The Visa Masters of Movement features unique digital artworks, avatars, and other collectibles curated from FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup competitions. The digital artworks are available on Visa’s crypto exchange partner platform CryptoCom. Interested fans who wish to participate in the auction can start bidding today through November 8. The collection will officially debut later this month at the upcoming FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, Qatar beginning November 19 to December 18.


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2022-11-02 08:04:02
Stepn founders' bright idea for its new NFT marketplace: compulsory royalties

developer Find Satoshi Lab is bucking the trend set by other NFT marketplaces with its own multi-chain offering called Mooar — with a zero-fee, compulsory royalty structure. Launched today, the venture is the third project in the FSL ecosystem after the move-to-earn darling Stepn and its decentralized exchange product, Dooar.

Mooar debuts with what the business calls a "unique membership model," as it eschews platform fees in favor of an initial entry fee of $29.90 a month for unlimited NFT trades. For context, the fee is nearly double what you might currently pay for a standard Netflix subscription. Stepn’s move into the NFT marketplace business comes at a time when many other established players and new disruptors are shaking up revenue models — as a race to adopt the most competitive fee structures has emerged.


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2022-11-01 13:18:02
Ex-OpenSea Employee’s NFT Handling Runs into DOJ’s ‘Stradivarius’

Chastain, who allegedly bought and sold nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the OpenSea app with secret information, was charged in June with wire fraud. The statute, along with the related mail fraud statute, is broad, adaptable and powerful. They’re federal prosecutors’ “Stradivarius, our Colt 45.

Chastain argued in court filings that an “‘insider trading’ wire fraud charge” requires “the existence of trading in securities or commodities.” Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan rejected the argument last week and refused to dismiss the indictment. The DOJ, which has taken an increased focus on digital assets under the Biden administration, can crack down on conduct that might fall outside the SEC’s reach.


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2022-10-31 14:18:02
Visa Submits Application for NFT Trademarks

NFTs, the crypto sector enthusiasts are always ecstatic. This has occurred with Kanye West, the Mean Girls series, and others, often with reference to forthcoming initiatives. As per trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the newest member of this group is worldwide payment processor VISA.

These apps are for non-downloadable software that allows users to see, access, and trade NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc. In these filings, the establishment of a digital world where users may engage for recreational reasons is also mentioned. These seem to consist of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the Metaverse. If we’re fortunate, we’ll have a comprehensive blockchain interaction with VISA goods and services that include the most prominent blockchain-powered services.


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2022-10-30 14:53:02
Metaverse schooling to help Japanese city combat growing absenteeism

data showed that 244,940 Japanese elementary and junior high school students were absent for at least 30 days in FY 2021. The Japanese city of Toda, Saitama, adopted a metaverse-schooling service to encourage students — especially those staying far away from school — to attend their classes.

Government data showed that 244,940 Japanese elementary and junior high school students were absent for at least 30 days in FY 2021. NHK’s report highlighted a fifth grader’s interest in chatting online instead of attending school in person. While the child has not physically attended school in over two years, they shared an interest in meeting up with friends to play outdoor games, such as tag. Sugimori Masayuki, the head of Toda’s education center, hopes to see metaverse students grow up and eventually live independently in society.


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2022-10-29 07:54:02
Premier League weighs $34.7 million NFT deal with Sorare

Premier League, one of the largest soccer organizations in the world, is reportedly having conversations with its teams about signing a multi-year deal with Sorare for digital collectibles. The deal would include a multi-year contract for static images of players in the form of NFTs.

ConsenSys, the blockchain infrastructure provider of Infura and MetaMask, is thought to have tried to renegotiate a lower-priced contract with the Premier League after NFT valuations and volumes dipped this past year. The Premier League, the UK's top-tier soccer organization with hundreds of millions of avid fans, also is reportedly in discussions with Dapper Labs, another digital collectibles company which started the NBA Top Shots platform.


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2022-10-28 12:54:02
NFT vending machine to make digital art more accessible at London event

NFT platform hopes to provide an easy and accessible way for people who want to start buying and trading digital assets without needing deep knowledge of the Web3 industry. The vending machine will allow users to purchase an NFT without owning a digital wallet.

Users who want to purchase an NFT through myNFT’s vending machine will need to select one of the envelopes on display, and then key in the code provided. After paying, they’ll be able to scan the QR code in the envelope, which will come with an invitation to set up a myNFT account, complete with an NFT wallet whee they’ll receive their NFT. The physical NFT vending machine will be located outside the NFT.


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2022-10-27 12:15:03
JP Morgan To Launch New Digital Identity Feature In Metaverse

American multinational investment bank JP Morgan continues expanding its presence in the metaverse. This time, the financial services holding company has announced plans to allow users to traverse digital realms using a single digital identity. the multinational investment bank confirmed plans to develop a digital identity feature empowering users to choose identity credentials.

According to JP Morgan, the new digital identity feature will allow users to seamlessly traverse across digital realms, such as the Web3, DeFi, and the metaverse. The digital identity feature will set users in total control over their digital credentials. JP Morgan’s Onyx will power the new digital identity offering. Launched in 2020, Onyx is one the first bank-led and blockchain-powered platforms allowing users to trade value, information, and digital assets. JP Morgan anticipates using the digital identity feature to allow crypto fans to explore.


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