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Logo of telegram channel newicoworld — DEFI WORLD
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We evaluate DEFI-projects and invest in the best. Own evaluation system and the team of analysts.
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2023-06-12 11:11:03
Glassnode analysts note that Bitcoin hodlers are not particularly upset by the current market collapse and continue to save coins. Now the number of coins at the disposal of long-term investors on average increases by 37.4 thousand units per month.

So capital owners are taking advantage of the situation.
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2023-06-05 22:59:41
The outflow of funds from cryptocurrency products for large professional investors continues. In the last week, the equivalent of $62 million was withdrawn from there.

Overall, this is the seventh consecutive minus for a total of $329 million - here's the chart from CoinShares. So the mood of crypto investors is clearly not the best right now.
4.2K views19:59
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2023-06-04 22:37:23
Trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges have fallen to their 2020 lows, and bitcoin volatility has fallen to its lowest level since the beginning of the year. All of these technical indicators only indicate that we are in for a real storm in the market.
There is a theory that a long, debilitating sideways move takes out more traders than any, even the strongest correction. So everything that is happening in the market now is a norm and to some extent even a necessity.
4.3K views19:37
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2023-05-30 12:00:38
Glassnode analysts are focusing on the Bitcoin network's 3 percent increase in hash rate over the past couple of days. Given what's happening in the middle of the week, another increase in the difficulty of mining BTC awaits us.

Next comes the summer. And in recent years it often ended with a decrease in this indicator.
4.3K views09:00
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2023-05-30 11:59:21
Binance Australia Users Selling Bitcoin (BTC) A$9000 At Discount, Know Why
3.6K views08:59
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2023-05-27 09:00:39
The popularity of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap continues to peak compared to conventional trading platforms like Binance. The first category of exchanges now accounts for 22 percent of total trading volumes on centralized platforms.

This is the maximum in the history of decentralized trading platforms. Accordingly, traders are now actively trading directly from their wallets, rather than putting coins on exchanges.
3.7K views06:00
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2023-05-26 17:58:13
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2023-05-26 17:12:09
Dive into the world of crypto and stay ahead of market trends! Join our vibrant traders community on Telegram for lively discussions, latest market news, and valuable insights.

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2023-05-21 18:07:40
As Santiment experts note, the share of bitcoins and ethers on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges is now not far from its historical lows. Specifically, we are talking about 10.1 percent of all ethers in circulation and 5.7 percent of total bitcoin supply.

Accordingly, more and more cryptoinvestors are sending their own coins to independent non-custodial cold storage-type wallets. And this is a good trend.
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2023-05-18 14:06:45
The day before the Bitcoin network commissions rose, including reaching an average level of $31. This happened because of the hype around NFT based on the Ordinals protocol and the so-called BRC20 tokens.

At the same time, a rather rare phenomenon occurred in the blockchain: commissions for transactions in the block exceeded the amount of 6.25 BTC for its creation. According to Glassnode analysts, during the network overload in the first half of May, the amount of commissions per block averaged 6.66 BTC, making the total reward for miners equal to 12.9 BTC or $348,000 per block.

This has only happened five times in the cryptocurrency's history. Here is the corresponding chart with these moments.
4.6K views11:06
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