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Logo of telegram channel nft_focus — Daily NFT / Crypto Signals 🔔
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2022-10-01 14:00:34
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2022-09-29 09:40:01
NFT sales expected to grow 6% – DappRadar

sales are expected to increase 6% to reach $21.1 million by the end of the third quarter despite overall trading volume being down 75%, according to DappRadar‘s latest report. Despite the crashing prices during the coldest winter in crypto history and the declining market volume.

Ethereum suffered a great deal during Q3 2022. Top 100 Ethereum NFT projects lost 44% of their market cap in total, downsizing to $19 billion compared to the previous quarter. Immutable X (IMX) NFTs recorded an increase during the third quarter. According to the report, its trading volume increased 87% since the previous quarter, indicating the potential of Web3 games. sales count dominance in the NFT market is considered, Ethereum (ETH) looks like it holds the most significant share with 26.2%.
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2022-09-26 09:53:24
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2022-09-22 13:32:50
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2022-09-19 10:32:20
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2022-09-16 18:59:27
Crazy Camel in Wonderland

This Nft will be valued. This is from birth.
Get your place now.



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2022-09-15 20:20:19
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2022-09-11 10:26:23
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2022-09-09 12:49:02

ARKPIA, an art brand featuring NFT artworks of world-renowned artist, will be launching ARKPIA Mint Pass this October!

Among the artists, there are Florentijn Hofman (public artist famous for his monumental art installations 'Rubber Duck'), Gabriel Hollington (popular illustrator who collaborated with Vans and Nickelodeon), Jung Byung-gil (film director of Netflix Originals 'Carter'), Sarah Beetson (world renowned illustrator and artist selected as Saatchi Art's Emerging Artists), Charles Jang (Korea's top pop artist), Dan Woodger (famous illustrator who collaborated with Apple, Pepsi, Samsung and Line Emogi), and Ben Ouaniche (visual artist and Youtuber with over 1.78M subscribers).

ARKPIA is the first in the world to announce such a big line-up of globally famous artists at once and is expecting to establish its place in the market with GODA, Art Blocks, as big 3.

There will be total of 1,000 ARKPIA Mint Passes, and the holders will be able to purchase up to 2 of each ARKPIA artist’s artworks, depending on the total supply.

Get a chance to purchase the ARKPIA Mint Pass by applying for a spot in the 1st ALLOWLIST via PREMINT. Only applicants who are successfully included in the ALLOWLIST can participate in the 1st sales.

For more details, please visit Premint or our Discord.

* Premint I
* Discord I
* Website I
* Twitter I
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2022-09-08 14:42:04
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