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Logo of telegram channel nft_marketcap — NFT MarketCap
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2022-09-02 14:40:47
A16z Creates NFT Licensing Framework to Standardize Collectors’ Rights

capital firm Andreessen Horowitz’ crypto arm, a16z, released six NFT-specific copyright licensing frameworks on Wednesday as part of a free and public set of “Can’t Be Evil” Licenses, in the style of Creative Commons. A blog post from Miles Jennings, general counsel at a16z, and Chris Dixon, a managing partner who founded a16z.

The “Can’t Be Evil” set is meant to serve as a template for NFT projects to consider when creating and selling NFTs, according to its Terms and Conditions. The slate of open source licenses are based on US law and relate to copyright only, excluding other forms of intellectual property, including personality rights, stated the document. US copyright laws do not automatically grant buyers of both traditional and digital assets the right to reproduce, adapt or publicly display the artwork without a license.
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2022-08-31 15:10:44
Bored Ape, Doodles, and Other NFTs Star in ‘Real World’ Metaverse Parody Show

sounds like a regular day on Crypto Twitter: a Bored Ape Yacht Club avatar chats with a Cool Cat or Doodle, with World of Women or Robotos avatars in the mix, as well. But it’s also the premise of a new reality show parody called The R3al Metaverse, a show starring characters based on NFTs from those notable collections. It’s a scripted video series that begins with the premise of MTV’s The Real World—but instead of actors, the housemates are Ethereum-based NFT avatars.

The R3al Metaverse hails from Invisible Universe, a tech startup that CEO Tricia Biggio described to Decrypt as an “internet-first animation studio.” Invisible Universe’s backers include Seven Seven Six, the VC firm from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian—who owns the Bored Ape on which the show’s character Pete is based. The startup has previously created animated characters in collaboration with celebrities.
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2022-08-29 12:14:45
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