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Logo of telegram channel nftpartner — 📢 Metaverse Updates
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2023-06-13 14:43:36
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2023-05-31 10:57:18
Gear Up for BIG REWARDS: 500 #FRI and Free NFTs Await on Chainers game!

40 winners will get up to 500 #FRI

Guide to do:
Complete simple task

Rewards for 40 winners
3 winners get 50 USDT + An Epic NFT
+ 200 FRI

12 winners get 500 FRI

15 winners get 300 FRI

10 winners get 250 FRI

Welcome to the future of gaming with Chainers — the Free-To-Play NFT metagame set to revolutionize the web 3.0 landscape! Here's a treat for you: a chance to win a free NFT daily.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our fresh Chainers Shop This will be your go-to place to make the most of your in-game currency FRI by trading them for distinctive, exclusive NFT cards!

Snatch up your FRI for free each day now
Get your FRI for free every day because when Chainers officially launches, you'll need to buy them. Don't miss out on this early bird advantage!

Time to fill your pockets with a bunch of rewards!
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2023-04-06 16:11:21
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2023-03-13 18:38:56
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2023-02-14 14:45:11
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2023-02-09 15:15:14
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2023-02-07 17:25:17
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2023-01-25 15:41:27
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