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2022-07-25 16:15:07
LinkedIn Co-Founder Launches NFT on Solana Marketplace

co-founder Reid Hoffman is transforming DALL-E Arts into Solana NFT. The billionaire is rolling out a series of Solana-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on digital images he creates with DALL-E artificial intelligence software. Hoffman explained the development in a Twitter thread, noting that it was inspired by the potential of DALL-E and NFTs. Speaking further on the NFT initiative, the LinkedIn co-founder noted his fascination with how DALL-E “created both digital abundance and digital scarcity.” On digital abundance, he explained that a user with no prior experience with art could generate several images that depict expertise.

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2022-07-25 09:10:06
Fortune India 40 Under 40: ‘Metaverse is a natural progression into the future’

With the Metaverse market estimated to be an $8-trillion opportunity in the coming five years, fashion brands are going big on this next big thing so stay relevant in their game. Is it an opportunity for smart companies or a just bubble? During a 'Metaverse - From Fantasy to Reality' panel discussion at Fortune India's 40 Under 40 Awards. People were scared of how data will be transferred. After the pandemic, virtual reality and extended reality, I feel metaverse will be the next very big opportunity where people don't want to travel or want to have a different experience. Like you go to a supermarket and find predefined clothes.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-25 05:08:02
22.9 million people register interest in Dubai Police’s first NFT collection

: As many as 22.91 million people from all over the globe registered their interest in getting Dubai Police’s first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which was released by the Dubai Police General Command during the second quarter of this year. Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, Director of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police, said that the Dubai Police received more than 7,000 direct messages from participants through its social media platforms.

NFTs | DeFi | News
174.3K views02:08
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2022-07-24 17:18:05
NFT sales will fund the restoration of physical monuments in Ukraine

Ukrainian government will be using the proceeds of sales from an online nonfungible token, or NFT, museum to restore artwork in the real world. According to a Friday announcement and information shared with Cointelegraph, Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy said the government supported. Meta History Museum of War platform, aimed at preserving the timeline of major events in Russia’s war with Ukraine, raised 803.28 Ether (ETH) — roughly $1.3 million at the time — through NFT sales. The ministry said proceeds from the sales will go toward “the restoration of Ukrainian cultural institutions,” many of which have been damaged or destroyed by missile attacks from Russia.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-24 11:15:02
Minecraft ban ‘hypocritical’ and NFTs are inclusive: Animoca’s Yat Siu

Siu, the co-founder of crypto/NFT venture fund giant Animoca Brands, labeled the recent Minecraft NFT ban as “hypocritical” and emphasized that nonfungible tokens (NFT) can be inclusive, despite arguments to the contrary.The firm stated that NFTs were against its values, as they foster price speculation, scarcity, exclusion and potential rug pulls. Projects such as NFT Worlds were utilizing Minecraft’s open source servers to host a metaverse platform that had crypto and NFT ecosystems built around it. The project appeared to be relatively popular, given that it has generated more than $80 million worth of NFT trading volume and claims to have around 100,000 players.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-24 06:35:03
Telefonica to Invest in Metaverse Through Gamium

, one of the largest communication companies in Spain, has decided to invest in Gamium, strengthening its metaverse push. The company will allocate a non-disclosed amount of funds to this metaverse initiative through Wayra, its innovation-based incubator arm. Metaverse initiatives have become popular for companies and VCs to invest in during this market downturn. Telefonica, one of the biggest communication companies in Spain, has announced it will fortify its metaverse investment by supporting Gamium, a Spanish virtual world initiative.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-23 20:45:08
BitMart Elite NFT-Based Membership Program Launches

is thrilled to announce an innovation to the NFT and Web3 space: an industry-first tokenized month-long membership program. BitMart will be airdropping users an NFT that, when held in a BitMart wallet, will provide users with access to unique benefits across many BitMart products. Unlike many NFTs, which are simply digital art, this NFT represents proof of membership, offering an elite status to BitMart users that comes with exclusive member benefits.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-23 15:30:32
Global Web 3 platforms launch Open Metaverse Alliance

-based Metaverse and Web 3 platforms have come together to launch the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web 3 (OMA3) to solve the industry’s interoperability issues. The OMA3 alliance aims to ease access across all Web 3 platforms.Users can own the assets of the Web 3 world and transfer them to any virtual world of OMA3 freely. On its website, OMA3 said the members believed in a metaverse without restraining walls, where individual platforms are interconnected and fully interoperable.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-23 10:10:07
Dubai Racing Club launches NFT artwork collection

: Dubai Racing Club (DRC) has announced that it will launch a one-of-a-kind NFT artwork collection in the horse racing industry that offers online and real-life benefits for owners, Emirates News Agency reported.Sheikh Rashid continued: “The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that we are issuing can be utilized both in the real world and online. The Dubai Sprinters collection will include exciting deals and benefits related to the real world in addition to a metaverse project that the Dubai World Cup organizers plan to debut soon.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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2022-07-23 06:10:06
LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Turns DALL-E AI Art Into Solana NFTs

tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, best known for co-founding business networking platform LinkedIn, is releasing a series of Solana-based NFTs based on images he creates using OpenAI's DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence software. Hoffman announced the initiative today on Twitter, noting that he would auction the first piece starting today on Magic Eden, the largest Solana NFT marketplace.The project, called Untranslatable Words, will span 11 pieces of tokenized images originally created via DALL-E 2, which generates art based on written prompts.

NFTs | DeFi | News
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