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2022-07-24 21:15:06
Cricket NFT Platform Rario becomes the official NFT partner for New Zealand Cricket

frequently discuss a number of legendary moments in New Zealand cricket. Examples include Tim Southee's 5/18 performance in a T20I against Pakistan in Auckland and Ross Taylor's outstanding undefeated 181-run innings against England in Dunedin.

The good news is that we, the fans, will soon have the chance to purchase these memorable events that have taken place in the country of New Zealand. As part of a five-year agreement between New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and Dream Sports, Rario, the largest cricket NFT platform in the world, has partnered with NZC to release NFTs in the form of classic cricket moments, player cards, and other digital collectibles from New Zealand.Rario is taking another another step toward permanently revolutionising cricket fans with this cooperation.

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2022-07-24 18:14:02
BitMart Elite NFT-Based Membership Program Launches

is thrilled to announce an innovation to the NFT and Web3 space: an industry-first tokenized month-long membership program. BitMart will be airdropping users an NFT that, when held in a BitMart wallet, will provide users with access to unique benefits across many BitMart products.

Unlike many NFTs, which are simply digital art, this NFT represents proof of membership, offering an elite status to BitMart users that comes with exclusive member benefits. BitMart will be the first cryptocurrency exchange to launch a program like this using Web3 utility, making this an exciting and celebratory event. Holders of this exclusive NFT will receive benefits that far exceed what standard users expect.

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2022-07-23 23:32:02
Global Web 3 platforms launch Open Metaverse Alliance

-based Metaverse and Web 3 platforms have come together to launch the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web 3 (OMA3) to solve the industry’s interoperability issues. The OMA3 alliance aims to ease access across all Web 3 platforms.Users can own the assets of the Web 3 world and transfer them to any virtual world of OMA3 freely.

On its website, OMA3 said the members believed in a metaverse without restraining walls, where individual platforms are interconnected and fully interoperable. “To realise this goal of an open metaverse, we are announcing the creation of OMA3 and invite all blockchain-based metaverse companies to join,” OMA3 said. The companies that have already joined the alliance include Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Upland, Meta Metaverse, Star Atlas and Wivity.

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2022-07-23 18:25:01
Dubai Racing Club launches NFT artwork collection

: Dubai Racing Club (DRC) has announced that it will launch a one-of-a-kind NFT artwork collection in the horse racing industry that offers online and real-life benefits for owners, Emirates News Agency reported.Sheikh Rashid continued: “The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that we are issuing can be utilized both in the real world and online.

The Dubai Sprinters collection will include exciting deals and benefits related to the real world in addition to a metaverse project that the Dubai World Cup organizers plan to debut soon. The new NFT project is in line with the Dubai government's initiatives to support the development of digital assets that can enhance various sectors in the UAE. Dubai unveiled a new strategy earlier this week with the goal of tripling the number of blockchain and metaverse businesses operating in the city.

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2022-07-22 23:48:02
Banks have opportunity to plug digital identity gap in metaverse

and financial services institutions have opportunities to manage digital identities in the metaverse, potentially tapping modern cryptography to do so. They should, however, ensure they are prepared to manage the risks that come with adopting any new technology.

There had yet to emerge an effective way to implement general-purpose digital identity and without which, the metaverse could not function. This currently was the missing ingredient in the equation, said advisor on digital financial services David G.W. Birch, who was speaking at Huawei's Intelligent Finance Summit 2022 held this week in Singapore. While physical things could be repurposed--via tokens--and exist in virtual worlds, there needed to be an effective way to manage social identities and credentials.

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2022-07-22 12:15:05
Minecraft Creators Will Stop Supporting In-Game NFTs

doesn’t matter that the world’s largest video game companies like Activision or Tencent are making inroads into the world of NFTs; the developers of Minecraft want those tokens as far as possible from their blockbuster game. On July 20, Mojang Studios, the team behind Minecraft, said that it will not support or allow the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game.

According to the company’s statement, the use of blockchain technology and NFTs do not fit Minecraft’s values of creative inclusion and co-play, as they allow players to earn rewards through other actions outside of the game. In addition, Mojang Studios argues that the use of in-game NFTs will change the focus on the fun that the game offers, as users would be more concerned with the speculative price of their NFTs rather than enjoying themselves as they have been doing for the 12 years that the game has been around.

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2022-07-21 16:04:02
Zharta Raises $4.3 M to Speed Growth in Instant NFT Lending

, creator of a lending protocol for instant NFT collateralized loans, has closed a seed round of 4 million dollars in new capital to fuel the company’s next phase of growth. The company had initially raised an acceleration round of $300,000 from angel investors.

Prominent investors include Lead Investor Greenfield One, followed by the institutional VCs Shilling Capital and Possible Ventures, core Web3 industry players SpaceShipDao and UniwhalesDao, as well as Clever, Olisipo Way, and other strategic Business Angels. This seed funding round was assisted by the Cuatrecasas Law Firm.Zharta will allocate the new funds primarily to customer demands, followed by R&D, sales, and marketing.

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2022-07-21 15:55:02
GameStop’s NFT Marketplace Opening Week Sales Eclipse Coinbase Volume

-game retailer GameStop’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace is proving to be an early hit among JPEG collectors, doing over 5,000 ETH (around $7.2 million) in trading volume since its launch on July 11, more than doubling competitor Coinbase’s all-time NFT volume, according to data compiled by CoinDesk.

Of that early success, sales volume of 1,200 ETH (around $1.7 million) has been from the project MetaBoy, the marketplace’s top collection since the launch. On its opening day, the marketplace had trading volume of 1,831 ETH (around $2.7 million), with daily sales steadily declining since then. The competing product from crypto exchange Coinbase has done just 1,913 ETH (around $2.8 million) in sales since its public launch on May 4, according to data from Dune Analytics.

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2022-07-20 09:28:02
3D NFT marketplace bridges three-dimensional functionality across metaverses

looks to bring three-dimensional art and assets to some major metaverse environments with the launch of its marketplace and nonfungible token (NFT) architecture. MetaMundo has built an NFT architecture on the Ethereum blockchain, which is specifically designed to power 3D files and Metaverse interoperability.

NFTs sold on MetaMundo will come with a bundle of 3D files compatible with Metaverse platforms while new 3D files can also be added to a specific NFT. MetaMundo is able to convert and optimize 3D files to create multiple metaverse optimized assets. Users will be able to preview and interact with the 3D files bundled within each NFT through the MetaMundo marketplace before making a purchase. MetaMundo co-founder Finn Hansen noted that the platform looks to pioneer NFT functionality across different blockchain projects:

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2022-07-20 07:58:02
Yuga Labs warns of 'persistent threat group' targeting NFT holders

Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creator Yuga Labs has warned there may soon be a “coordinated attack” targeting multiple non-fungible token (NFT) communities. The NFT company told its Twitter followers on July 19 that its security team has been tracking a “persistent threat group” targeting the NFT community through compromised social media accounts, urging followers to be on the lookout.

In June, Gordon Goner, pseudonymous co-founder of Yuga Labs, issued a warning of a possible incoming attack on its Twitter social media accounts.The warning came just a week after two official Discord groups linked to BAYC and OtherSide NFTs were compromised, allowing scammers to share various phishing links into the official BAYC, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and OtherSide groups on discord. Cointelegraph asked Yuga Labs for more details about the “persistent threat group”.

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