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2022-09-08 03:50:11
Meta History immortalizes Ukrainians with Al illustrated NFTs of war events

true history of what is happening in Ukraine can now be learned through the trending Neuron Art. Al illustrated all the most important news of the war for over a month. They make up the 4th drop of the NFT-collection Warline, which belongs to the META HISTORY museum. This project turns all significant events starting from the first day of battles into works of art. The last of its work will be dedicated to victory. The purpose of Warline is to counter Russian propaganda with proven facts and raise funds for humanitarian aid through selling NFTs. The collection already contains 3 drops, for which the works of over 200 Ukrainian and foreign artists have been tokenized.

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2022-09-07 22:10:12
Meta to Open 10 Metaverse Campuses as Part of $150 Million Immersive Learning Project

, the metaverse-focused social media company, is helping universities get their own virtual reality campuses online. The company will be opening 10 virtual campuses as part of its Immersive Learning project, which seeks to take education to virtual reality environments. In partnership with Victoryxr, an Iowa-based virtual reality education startup. One of the biggest applications of virtual reality and metaverse technology has to do with education and the possibility of virtual reality classes coming true. Meta, the social media behemoth, is executing this idea, helping 10 universities to launch their metaverse-based campuses. One of these is the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), which is an online university.

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2022-09-07 16:30:52
Sports NFT market doubles to $2.6B in 2022

to a recent study, sports NFT market has doubled from $1.3 billion to $2.6 billion in 2022, and it is expected to see $41.6 billion by 2032. The Sports NFT market doubled from $1.3 billion to $2.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.3% to reach $41.6 billion by 2032, a study from Market Decipher shows. Physical collectibles can be damaged and lose value over time, as opposed to digital ones. Tokenized video clips, player accessories, and cards are the top collectibles that create high returns for holders.

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2022-09-07 09:40:02
Renault Inks Partnership With The Sandbox to Bring Automotive Experiences to the Metaverse

Korean subsidiary of Renault, a historic brand in the automotive industry, is establishing a partnership with The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based metaverse platform, to enter the metaverse space. With this partnership, Renault Korea’s objective is to establish its brand presence in the metaverse and to present Renault-based virtual automotive experiences to customers. Renault, one of the biggest automotive companies in the world, has signed a partnership with The Sandbox to be present in its virtual metaverse world. The Korean subsidiary of the organization will be responsible for this, establishing the brand presence in the space through a series of automotive-related activities to introduce virtual customers to the products of the company.

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2022-09-07 09:00:33
LG chooses the Hedera blockchain for its TV NFTs.

Korea-based LG is releasing a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called LG Art Lab that plugs into the Hedera Network, which LG supports.

Television owners with sets updated to LG's most recent software will be able to buy, sell and showcase their Hedera NFTs from their screens. LG's strides into the NFT space follow Samsung's release of an NFT marketplace on three of its TVs, all supported by Nifty Gateway. LG Art Lab will only be on LG TVs. Incorporating LG's mobile crypto wallet Wallypto, users can purchase assets by scanning a QR code to connect their wallets.

The choice of Hedera is not an obvious one for an NFT integration. According to data from the past 30 days, Hedera NFT marketplace Hash Axis' $36,000 trading volume pales in comparison to Ethereum's $330 million trading volume on OpenSea. But it makes more sense for LG: it's been on Hedera's Governing Council since 2020.

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2022-09-07 03:30:40
OnePlanet Completes Migration to Polygon, Aiming to Become Top Gaming NFT Destination

Over 60 Terra-based NFT collections will be migrated to the Polygon sidechain network, giving them a new home after the original Terra blockchain collapsed in May. OnePlanet had immediately secured a new partnership with Polygon Studios, which provided technical and financial support through a Terra Developer Fund initiative. After the necessary preparations, which included rewriting the original code to make it EVM compatible, OnePlanet is now ready to facilitate the merging of the rich Terra NFT ecosystem with Polygon, one of the market leaders for gaming and NFTs. The Polygon deployment will be launched in Beta mode on Sep 6.

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2022-09-06 22:28:02
Kryptomon to Launch an Exclusive Physital NFT Collection on Binance NFT

The blockchain game Kryptomon, a living-NFT-powered Metaverse project combining Play-and-Earn gaming with nostalgic charm, announced today its official sale on Binance NFT, the NFT marketplace of Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. This launch features one of the world's first “Physital NFT” collections. The “physital” concept comes from the merge between physical and digital.

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2022-09-06 16:40:12
Sygnum Crypto Bank to Introduce Metaverse Hub on Decentraland

construct a 3-story building on the well-known metaverse network, Decentraland, the Swiss-based technology platform bank Sygnum has extended its entry into the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) arena. A media release states that Sygnum’s multiverse hub will be introduced on September 27 via a live broadcast event on Decentraland. 2 banks received licenses in 2019 for External link to link conventional finance with cryptos and the blockchain, Sygnum being one of them. Digital currency and other valuables like stock in companies, antiques, and works of art have a place to live in databases backed by the blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technology.

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2022-09-06 14:10:25
The Ethereum Merge is an event that will shift Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work mechanism to Proof-of-Stake. Simply put, this will drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed by Ethereum, greatly improving the chain’s sustainability in the long term.

As an owner of NFTs on Ethereum, there really isn’t much to worry about come the Merge, though. Popular marketplaces and wallets will still recognize what assets you own, and you’ll be able to continue interacting with the Ethereum NFT ecosystem as you normally would.

The one area of concern when it comes to ETH NFTs is in regard to “forked chains”. As we’ve previously discussed, there is a small faction of Ethereum users (primarily miners) who will look to split off from the main Ethereum chain post-merge, keeping their own version of the chain on Proof-of-Work. While major marketplaces like OpenSea and prominent brands like Yugalabs have publicly stated they will not support the duplicate versions of NFTs that exist on these chains.

Ethereum Merge
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2022-09-06 09:05:11
‘Blocker Bug’ Delays Highly Anticipated Y00ts NFT Mint

-fungible token (NFT) project Y00ts has delayed its highly anticipated mint by an additional day, according to a Sunday Twitter thread from the project’s founding team. The team cited a “blocker bug” as the reason for the delay. Blocker bugs are broadly defined as issues that arise during the testing phase of a project’s development. “Due to the nature of this bug, we do not feel comfortable bringing the mint live right now,” the team said in the thread, predicting a one day delay. The Y00ts team did not respond to CoinDesk's request for comment on the specifics of the bug.

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