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Subscribers: 530,686 (Update date: 2022-06-24)
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Enter the Degenverse - the largest crypto casino in the world!

☑️Degen Pass is collection of 1777 genesis passes on Ethereum blockchain. It aims to revolutionise iGaming in Web3, by creating an immersive and customisable digital world and on boarding players and businesses alike.

☑️Holders will also share exclusive jackpot funds from iGaming providers and receive a guaranteed airdrop.

☑️Get Degenpass the genesis NFT and share a pool of $2,000,000!

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🚨 Chainers NFT Collection is Almost Here 🚨
Secure Your Whitelist Spot Now

The Chainers is a multiplayer-oriented game, which means it thrives on community. This means there are community-owned in-game spaces as well as private ones. This also points to a collaborative platform that allows users to air their views as well as decide the future of the whole universe.

How to get access to Chainers whitelist?

📍Take part in raffles on the Event Page
📍Follow Chainers on Twitter and take part in various activities there;
📍Join Chainers on Discord and get even more chances to get whitelist.
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2022-06-18 16:52:01

The iconic LimeWire brand is coming back as a music-first NFT marketplace. LimeWire Originals will be LimeWire's genesis NFT collection and ownership comes with ton's of perks.

Get on the e-mail waitlist to get a chance to purchase a LimeWire Original in the private pre-sale ahead of the public drop.

Join the Pre-Sale Waitlist:

Telegram: @limewire


Bloomberg Article:

🎉 Access to LimeWire events & parties, starting with the NYC Launch party on July 1st
⭐️ Early access to NFT drops on LimeWire
🎁 LMWR Token Airdrop in Q4

✅Price: $750
✅Supply: 10k NFTs
✅100% gas/mint fees covered by LimeWire
✅Payment: Credit card (Stripe), BTC, ETH and USDC
✅Minting in July. Buyers receive a code via e-mail to claim their NFT on LimeWire’s marketplace.
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2022-06-17 12:07:00

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