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2023-02-04 10:13:43 .
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2022-12-08 14:23:00
A sensitive move from Bitcoin (#BTC)

According to the review of the Bitcoin chart in 4h timeframe, there are signs of an increase, but the RSI, MA7 and MA28 indicators show the beginning of a downtrend, the RSI had a weak breakout and is not very reliable, but watch the chart and wait for confirmation, public data is releasing signs of a downtrend.

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2022-11-12 19:00:02
Autumn and winter in Bitcoin (#BTC)

In the bear market of 2014, the price of Bitcoin fell by about 87%.
Also, in the bear market of 2018, the price fell by 84%, which was 4% less than the bear market of 2014

Now in 2022, we have experienced a 77% drop so far.
The state of the global ecosystem in 2022 is very different compared to 2014 and 2018.
During each period, the drop of Bitcoin has decreased. Because the market cap and the amount of capital in the market have increased.

If Bitcoin wants to fall 80%, it will reach the price of about $13,800 and if it wants to fall to 84, it will reach the price of $11,000.
I'm not sure about reaching $11,000.
My trading system for finding price support to detect bottoms in Bitcoin is "Time". That is, it must reach the right time for Bitcoin to start moving.

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2022-11-10 18:25:28
Bitcoin (#BTC) / U. S. Dollar - Daily

That analysis was %99.99 accurate.
In one of the worst bitcoin weeks, we made %13 profit in a day.

135 viewsedited  15:25
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2022-11-06 15:30:10
Let's rest for a while, Ethereum (#ETH)

The price of Ethereum reached the target of $1450 and even more than that and the trend line was broken after 330 days.
Now is a good time for a pullback and it looks like I need to go down a bit and the pullback will probably take a while.

It is likely to reach around 1200 and 1300 dollars.

201 views12:30
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2022-11-01 10:22:16
A Bitcoin (#BTC) trap?

Over the past few days, we have seen Bitcoin move up. Now bitcoin is in a positive and negative divergence, but the positive divergence is stronger. The current price is in a very sensitive region. If it moves below this line and completes its movement with the pullback, it goes down. But if it keeps itself above the line, it will go towards the target of $21,560.
Currently, the fate of Bitcoin depends on this important line at the price of $20,400

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2022-10-22 19:01:42
Ethereum’s (#ETH) price has remained largely flat with little volatility

On the Ethereum (ETH/USDT) daily chart, we have a high downward trendline in price from the top of 2021 to today. Currently, the price is between 30 and 55 days apart from the trendline.

The lowest point was recorded in July as a strong bottom. Price is now ranging and RSI is completing a triangle. It is expected that the triangle will break to any side, the price will also move towards it. Of course, if it is not a trap.

If it breaks down, we may reach $1000-1050 and if it moves up, the first target is $1450.

237 viewsedited  16:01
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2022-10-10 13:19:21
Time for TON (#Ton); BIG BANG is coming

It's time for the high-potential coin TON/USDT, which is currently trading at $1.36 range. An important dynamic resistance is shown in the daily chart, which if the price can cross it up, there is a chance for price to form a Cup Pattern and grow up to $5.

Considering the passed time from selling pressure of this coin in major exchanges, the RSI indicates a price floor and a buying opportunity for its buyers and fans!

140 viewsedited  10:19
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2022-09-30 16:39:21
Bitcoin's (#BTC) daily chart is clearly in a downtrend

Important Fibonacci levels (0.78 & 1.00) are marked as next support ranges. Major resistance after probable break of trendline is the $22.5k (blue box).

Currently, there is no sign of trend changing but, if the price can move up to blue box and create a new HH; we can say that trend changing has begun.

162 views13:39
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