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Logo of telegram channel s_hibo — Shiba|Defi|Nft|Meta
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Raise from the ashes
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2023-06-21 10:57:10
Škoda India has announced a partnership with NEAR to launch the NFT collection. The collection is still in development.
12.6K views07:57
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2023-06-17 13:26:26
The Floki meme coin team has achieved a listing on one of Turkey's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitci, with over 5 million users.
15.9K views10:26
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2023-06-17 13:14:43
Organization of heating due to bitcoin mining in a hotel with 40 rooms.
16.7K views10:14
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2023-06-15 07:13:29
Jack Dorsey has pledged $1,000,000 a year over the next 5 years to help fund Bitcoin developers through the Brink organization.
18.0K views04:13
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2023-06-14 17:39:44
Top 15 NFT collections by trading volume over the last 30 days.
10.9K views14:39
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2023-06-09 13:47:37
Atomic swap launched between Lightning Network and Liquid Network.
20.0K views10:47
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2023-06-03 13:09:01
Bitcoin miner Bitfarms mined 459 BTC in May

Mining difficulty has increased by 44.9% since the beginning of the year (5.2% in May), while the price of bitcoin has gained approximately 63.5%, the firm noted. This gap led to an increase in the yield of cryptocurrency mining by 26.7% in terms of USD / TH.

Bitfarms Mining Director Ben Gagnon stressed that the company’s hash rate remained unchanged month-on-month at 5 EH/s. According to him, one of the factors behind the growth in BTC production was a “temporary jump” in transaction fees.
9.9K views10:09
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2023-05-17 12:23:58
While SHIB token burns fell 70% to their lows last week, this week the rate has increased by a whopping 26,500%. The reason is already known.
7.4K views09:23
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2023-05-01 09:20:09 “Bitcoin is for those who work hard and save money. This is the easiest way to create long-term wealth. But if you are lazy and poor and want to gamble and most likely lose your money, then shitcoins are the way to go.”
7.3K views06:20
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2023-04-26 15:47:56
The first social credit shop has opened in China, where high-ranking citizens can receive food from the government for free. The money for this is taken from the taxes of citizens with a low social rating.
5.9K views12:47
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