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The best channel for investment with best projects.
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2024-02-08 14:47:23
FAM! To celebrate the opening of Love Power Marketplace we’re having a massive giveaway for everybody and a special contest for #NFTartists
 We are launching Love Power Marketplace – the first decentralised trading platform with the feature of P2P NFT token exchange!! Join us, participate and get great prizes
A few simple steps to get your prizes and gifts   
Prize fund: 30 000 LOVE tokens $90 000 worth
Prizes: 5 LOVE tokens to each participant
Super prizes: 300 LOVE tokens ($900) to a random lucky one!
Date: January 30th to February 16th
The prizes release date: 6 weeks after the end of the giveaway
How to participate
Click the airdrop link and complete all the tasks:
The more tasks you complete, the higher the chance of winning the super prize!

Don't forget to share our giveaway with your friends too! Thank you and good luck!!
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2024-02-03 03:32:03
NAVI Protocol Raises $2M from OKX Ventures, dao5 and Hashed

NAVI Protocol, the first native one-stop liquidity protocol on Sui, has raised $2 million to expand its innovative all-in-one lending, borrowing and LSDeFi platform. The funding round was co-led by OKX Ventures, dao5 and Hashed, with participation from other notable investors including Mysten Labs, Comma3 Ventures, Mechanism Capital, GeekCartel Capital, Nomad Capital, Coin98 Ventures, Cetus Protocol, Maverick, Viabtc, Assembly Partners,, Hailstone Labs, Benqi and LBank Labs.

NAVI Protocol enables users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers within the Sui ecosystem, providing crucial DeFi infrastructure for the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance. The Move-based protocol’s innovative features empower users to leverage their existing assets and access novel trading opportunities with minimized risks

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2024-01-30 14:30:22

InfiCloud: Revolutionizing blockchain with seamless data storage, swift retrieval, & limitless possibilities for Decentralized Apps.

A broad range of use cases and operational capabilities are offered by InfiCloud, which takes use of the convergence of cloud computing and blockchain technology. This ground-breaking platform opens the door to a wide range of opportunities in numerous fields

- Kyc
- Safu
- Doxx
- Audited
- No Private Sale
- Huge Buy Backs
- Avedex Hot Booked
- No Unlocked Tokens
- Rennounced Contract
- BSC Trending on Launch
- DEXView Hot Trend Booked

Access it here
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2024-01-22 23:55:42
Smiley Coin Officially Launches on BNB Chain

Smiley ETH paid early investors 36X and reached a 20M market cap!  Smiley BNB is having a Pinksale Fair Launch with the same team and contract address!

The Smiley Bridge will allow you to bridge some Smiley BNB directly to ETH!  With the current hype around Smiley and the new Smiley bridge, Smiley BNB won't be this cheap for long!

Presale Information

The Smiley Team successfully orchestrated a pre-sale on the Pinksale platform, implementing KYC, SAFU, AUDIT, and DOXX tags for enhanced security and transparency.

Check the KYC Proof
Read the Audit Report
Look at the proof of SAFU
Click to View DOXX Details

Access it here
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2024-01-20 16:00:25
Mini Myro is a cryptocurrency project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a focus on creating a friendly and playful atmosphere. They emphasize the inclusion of dog-themed memes and present Baby Myro as their cute mascot, aiming to make the Web3 experience more relaxed and enjoyable for users.

- KYCed
- Audited
- Media Releases
- Huge Buy Backs
- Liquidity Locked
- No Unlocked Tokens
- Rennounced Contract

Access it here
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2024-01-17 17:34:39
HyperGPT x Binance

The synergy between AI and decentralized data is reshaping the landscape of digital innovation. In this transformative era, the collaboration between HyperGPT and @BNBCHAIN Greenfield emerges as a beacon of cutting-edge integration, offering users unparalleled capabilities within the BNB ecosystem.

Know More:
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2024-01-09 00:52:05
Introduction to the MainnetZ Platform

The MainnetZ Platform is built with the developers in mind and is Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. The MainnetZ blockchain solves the largest issues of the decentralized applications (Dapps) production. The MainnetZ Platform will provide developers with an array of diversified original facilities and services globally. The development of Dapps will be advantageous by providing extensive empowerment with conditions of promotion, traffic, resources, and overall, more efficient.

Solving The Market's Biggest Problem

MainnetZ aims to address the issue faced by decentralized applications (Dapps) on various blockchains. Many Dapps encounter financial challenges, despite having a significant user base and active smart contract transactions. The problem lies in the fact that transaction fees, paid by users, primarily benefit miners or stakers, leaving Dapp developers without direct profits.

MainnetZ resolves this problem by introducing innovative technology. A portion of the transaction fees paid by smart contract users will be redirected to the smart contract deployer. This approach empowers Dapp developers to sustain their efforts in building decentralized applications, ensuring a positive cash flow for ongoing developmental designs and fostering a more equitable distribution of transaction-generated revenue.

TPS: 2,000+
Average block interval: 3s

Economic Model

The endogenous token on the chain is NetZ, the transactions consume NetZ as gas fee.

Miners/Validators pledge NetZ to become validator nodes. The reward of nodes is gas fee, which is distributed according to the mortgage proportion.

Useful Links:
Website | Litepaper | Whitepaper | CoinGecko | CoinMarketCap | Twitter | Telegram | Github | Medium | Explorer | Get NetZ | Claim NetZ | For Enterprise | For Developers
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2024-01-04 22:57:34
The $F3 Staking Pool V2 is now LIVE

Stake $F3 to earn a guaranteed 25%+ APY, a share of 50% of the platform's revenue and more!

Total Rewards: 240,000 $F3
Hard Cap: 10M $F3 (#FCFS)
Unstaking Fee: 35% within 10 days
Duration: 35 days

Stake here
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2023-12-22 16:12:00

ArithFi(Arithmetic Finance) uses the SCP (Smart Contract Counterparty) model, where the smart contract serves as the counterparty for all participants in futures, options, and other derivative transactions.

This approach ensures decentralization and potentially infinite liquidity in derivative trading, thanks to blockchain's token issuance and burning mechanisms. All $ATF token holders collectively assume risks and rewards in this process. In contrast, traditional financial markets rely on market makers to match and execute derivative transactions, with market makers mitigating risks in the secondary market.


Total supply: 1B $ATF
Circulating supply: 20M $ATF

20% for investors.
5% for team & early contributors.
15% for DAO operational activities.
50% locked in the smart contract for token issuance, burning, and cross-chain activities.


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2023-12-15 14:36:44
$UNILAPSE: a bullish wave coming in 3 days?

$UNILAPSE looks like it’s going for a new ATH before Christmas. Token staking + NFT staking are launching on December 18, together with an airdrop for early stakers - this could trigger the pump.

Already broke out of accumulation and virtually no resistance ahead. Next stop: $0.040 to $0.045.
Once $UNILAPSE goes into price discovery, it should hit $0.1 quickly.

— Strong fundamentals for $UNILAPSE:
— A popular NFT marketplace in South Korea
— Partnered with famous Korean artists
— VR + Offline gallery
— Registered in Hong Kong

If you missed $BLUR, definitely add $UNILAPSE to your portfolio. Better do it before December 18!

Official Telegram
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