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We provide only technical based charts here for alts coins as well as btc
We believe in charts and TA.
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#MDT is heading towards first target & it will give huge profit like our previous calls
6.5K views16:03
#Binance has announce the 38th project on Binance Launchpool - Neutron (NTRN).

Users will be able to stake their BNB, TUSD and FDUSD into separate pools to farm NTRN tokens over 20 days, with farming starting from 2023-10-11 00:00 UTC.
5.9K views16:02
Binance: As Paysafe unilaterally decided to stop processing EUR deposits for #Binance users.

Paysafe users may convert #EUR balances in their Binance accounts to #USDT before 2023-10-31 at 0:00 (UTC).

The sudden and inexplicable decision by Paysafe will cause a brief interruption to the services.
6.3K views12:56
Pre-Mine Ethereum Whale Wakes Up After 8 Years of Silence
6.4K views14:13
About The KuCoin Margin Coefficient
7.0K views03:12
#KuCoin Wallet Announces Official Integration With #Arbitrum!
7.1K views15:21
Bluzelle (BLZ) Gets Listed on KuCoin!
Deposit Now
Trade BLZ/USDT: 10:00 on March 1, 2023 (UTC)
6.7K views10:06
KuCoin Isolated Margin Adds CFX Trading Pair
6.4K views11:06
Deposit and Withdrawal Services of Digibyte (DGB) Temporarily Closed
6.9K views04:22
SO-COL (SIMP) Gets Listed on KuCoin! World Premiere!
Deposit Now
Trade SIMP/USDT: 10:00 on January 19, 2023 (UTC)
6.3K views10:10
Deposit Service of FreshCut Diamond (FCD) Temporarily Closed
6.2K views10:01
Weekly Spot Campaign Reward Distribution Announcement (January 09 - January 13, 2023)
6.3K views10:37
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6.3K views04:59
#Bitcoin ‘Power Law’ sees up to 300% BTC price gains by late 2025

“The ETFs pushed us out of the cloud, and now we're reverting back. We're 3+ months away from upwards acceleration, and we could see prices go up 4x by the end of 2025.” An accompanying chart shows the so-called “Power Law Fractal Cloud” — a guideline range for BTC/USD going forward.
2.9K views08:36
#DOT has been one of the standout performers, showing remarkable resilience during the recent market correction. The asset has been navigating a falling wedge pattern . Currently, #DOTUSDT is aiming to retest the upper resistance of the pattern .

A bullish breakout is promising, but a successful retest will reinforce and confirm this breakout.

If the price falls back into the wedge, it’s likely to retest its support at $4.850. This level will be a key indicator of DOT's strength, and a failure to hold here could signify a potential decline.

Should the macro market sentiment turn bearish with significant selling pressure, the price might revisit its liquidity-packed area and strong medium-term support between $4.0 and $3.7 . This zone is critical as it has historically provided substantial support.
The overall market sentiment and Bitcoin's movement will significantly influence price action, so keep a close eye on these factors.
8.7K views05:42
According to the previous analysis, after breaking the support level of $0.1075 - 0.115, #Dogecoin fell to the bottom of the descending channel.

The bottom of the channel has supported the price well and the price has returned to the broken level.
Considering that this return has been relatively appropriate, we can expect that the price will return to the ceiling of the channel, but after collecting the necessary liquidity for a strong growth.
17.1K views11:10
#PEOPLE reached the set levels, after passing from $0.09700 - $0.10050, the price fell sharply. (about 50%)

With the increase in selling pressure and the prevailing fear in the market, the price continued to fall after breaking the $0.07400 level and fell to the $0.04400 area. Now the price has experienced some improvement.

The recent price drop has been very strong, but considering the strong upward trends that this currency has created in the past, we can expect a strong return to the broken levels from the price.
18.7K views07:27
#ENA poured heavily even from the descending channel and reached the level of support , vital and initial demand.

The $0.350-$0.300 level is the last support level that can be considered for the price and the price has respected it so far.
The main scenario is the breaking of the dynamic resistance and then returning to it and starting to grow up to the previous peaks. To maintain this scenario, the price must still trade above the current level.
18.5K views05:52
#GRT is moving in a descending channel on the daily time frame, which is actually part of a bullish flag pattern.

To maintain the upward trend in the higher time frame, the price should be maintained above the level of 0.150 -0.136 .

Breaking this level means changing the trend and making sellers stronger. The price needs some rest in the areas of this level to return. After reaching the bottom of the channel and the demand level, there is a possibility of the price returning to the channel ceiling and the resistance area of ​​$0.33 - $0.355 .
22.9K views13:19
Recently, #VET has been following a descending resistance trajectory , and faced a strong rejection from the internal resistance at $0.03400 and losed momentum.As savvy traders, we should look for a bullish rebound after a proper retest confirmation at the support level of $0.02543.

As long as #VETUSDT has not been able to cross the dynamic resistance, it will be a downward trend. Currently, the most important support area is $0.01940 to $0.01830, and the price may continue to decline until it reaches this level due to the successive bearish candles that have formed.

Strive for consistency, not quick profits. Treat the market as a businessman, not as a gambler.
22.4K views10:39
#ZENUSDT has broken a dynamic resistance in the daily time frame and has now retested it.

#ZEN is showing a strong probability of a bullish continuation . consistently respected the descending resistance. Recently, it broke upward and completed a retest phase. Currently, it’s resistance at $10.50 - 9.80 . The bullish probabilities are strong due to the formation of strong candles, the breakout of a strong descending resistance, and the creation of bullish momentum at key support levels.

if the price fails to ascend from the support at $8.5 and loses momentum, this scenario would clearly indicate that seller sentiment is in control, and #ZEN could drop significantly.
23.8K views05:45
#PEPE has been respecting the descending resistance line, repeatedly getting rejected at this level.

The major support zone is $0.00000765 - 0.00000835 . If the price fails to hold above this level, it could lead to a further drop towards the next support at $0.0000066.

For the bearish scenario to be invalidated, #PEPEUSDT needs to break above the resistance at $0.00001225. This would signal a potential trend reversal and the start of a new uptrend.

There's a bullish order block around $0.0000073, which could act as a strong support level, providing a potential bounce back if tested.
27.7K views12:45
#TRON is moving upward with confidence, consistently making new highs and closing above them.

The price has recently broken out and closed above the previous high, and while it hasn't yet reached the upper border of the channel, its bullish momentum is expected to lead to further upside extension.

#TRX is likely to experience a correction against the trend soon, as it has reached the strong resistance at $0.13 . This correction will present an opportunity to go long. We expect the price to pull back following the level breakout and then continue trending upwards. the first target is resistance zone at $0.145
28.7K views07:03
#Bitcoin made a good return from the bottom of the channel and recovered to $58,000, it has reacted to the middle line of the downward channel and there is a possibility of the price returning to the bottom of the channel . If it crosses the middle line of the channel, the first target is to return to $61,000 .
27.1K views06:40
#BinanceCoin recovered the broken level of $470-500 and is now trading above it.

The price has left the ascending channel formed in the daily time frame, but as long as it is above the current level, it will be an upward trend.

Considering that this area is a strong demand level, it increases the possibility of the price returning to the resistance level of $635.0-$660.0 .
32.7K views09:06
#Ethereum has returned to its main demand level, maintaining the level of 2870-3030 dollars in the 4-hour period is a sign of the continuation of the upward trend.

The reform process has intensified. The price moves in the ascending channel on daily timeframe, and the probability of the price returning to the floor and the area of ​​$1900-$2120 is high.

When the price drop becomes intense, fear dominates the market, and many whales take advantage of the opportunity and invest in safe currencies.
3.7K views02:26
#Bitcoin has decreased by more than 6% in the last 24 hours.

The descending channel in which the price used to move has changed and has become larger, and now the price is trading at the bottom of the channel.
The demand level of $57500-$56200 - was also violated, and the pattern of 2 peaks in the chart is completed. If the price wants to move according to the pattern, it will return to the level of $48000-$47000 .
19.3K views07:30
#SFP again returned to the broken support of the ascending channel and tested it, but failed to enter the channel and returned again.

Although this currency does not fluctuate much, it strongly reacts to the limits of $0.8560 and $0.6200. These supply and demand levels are very important for the price. Therefore, the price will return to the level of demand. .
12.6K views16:55
According to the previous analysis, the upward trend in the #MKR chart is still maintained in the daily time frame.

The price returned to the dynamic resistance and reacted to it again. The price is still moving above the level of $2250-$2050 . By carefully observing how to grow and then correct the price, you can expect to break out of the pattern and grow again to the top of the channel. But first, we have to wait for dynamic resistance to break.
18.7K views08:31
Following the previous analysis, the price of #BCH returned to the $400.0 area and reacted to it again.

It is now moving above the demand level of $340.0-350.0. By checking the trend of this currency, it can be seen that the price may fluctuate for a while in these areas and then start to grow. Maintaining the current level is very important for the price. In fact, maintaining this level means continuing the upward trend and breaking from this level means starting the downward trend.
19.5K views06:14