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In Q2 2024, venture capitalists invested $3.194bn (+28% QoQ) into crypto and blockchain-focused companies across 577 deals (-4% QoQ)
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This is what I'm thinking rn
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Market is bouncing but trading volume may not be enough on their own to reveal changes in a trend. Overall volumes have been declining for some time and the prevailing thinking is that volume is down because there is more risk.

The market is currently very volatile on both sides I recommend to be patient. I expected your calm before taking more positions. Late-Summer/ Early-Autumn will likely see a reversal.
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We bounce?
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Bitcoin prices are hovering very close to the average cost of production for Bitcoin miners
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The share of stablecoins vs fiat market share of volume just hit its highest level since 2020. Currently, 84% of crypto trade volume involves stablecoins, while fiat accounts for only 16%
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Summer boring is repeat itself
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Currently, the BTC weekend trading volume stands at an all-time low of 16% in 2024, marking a 12 percentage point decrease from its peak of 28% in 2019
14.3K views07:12
Market share of volume since October 2023
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Despite healthy investor profitability, the magnitude of volume being processed and transferred on the Bitcoin Network following the ATH has declined drastically.

This underscores a reduced appetite for speculation and heightened indecision in the market.
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Monthly stablecoin transfer volumes have ~10x'd over the past 4 years. From $100B to $1T+ per month
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Since the beginning of 2023, Bitcoin's 60-day historical volatility has remained below 50%, a stark contrast to the significant fluctuations of 2022, when volatility exceeded 100%
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#BTC.D UP and #Bitcoin DOWN Bad time for ALTs
28.1K views13:17
#BTC.D UP and #Bitcoin DOWN

Bad time for ALTs
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USD-backed stablecoin continues to dominate the crypto market. Nearly 90% of all crypto transactions are executed using USD-backed stablecoins relative to the USD. Their average weekly volume in 2024 was $270bn which is 70 times higher than their EU counterparts.

In contrast, just 1.1% of all transactions are done using Euro-backed stablecoins. However, it is notable that this share has increased from near zero in 2020 and is currently at an all-time high.
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#Bitcoin Hopefully it can get some life back
29.3K views17:32

Hopefully it can get some life back
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$TRU one of the top RWA is underrated. Get your bags.
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Tough time for altcoins but the future still bright.
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Historically, Q3 has had the lowest volume by a significant margin, with cumulative BTC trade volume over 40% below the highest volume quarter.
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A short-term, 30-day correlation between Bitcoin and the Nasdaq 100 Index of US technology stocks is around the highest since early 2023, suggesting that further gains in the equity gauge may be accompanied by a move higher in the crypto market leader.
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Introducing IO.NET (IO) on Binance Launchpool! Farm IO by Staking BNB and FDUSD
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On May 31th, U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs saw +$50m net inflows, marking the 14th consecutive day of positive flows
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