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Lead author's channel about blockchain projects
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2023-07-17 07:39:40
Bitcoin has become the undisputed leader in terms of returns in a new study. The average annual return of BTC for the period 2011-2023 amounted to 151%. This is almost 10 times higher than the index of the nearest pursuer - the Nasdaq 100 index.
The cumulative return for this period amounted to 10412288% or 104 thousand X's.

PS: and all this happens in spite of constant prolonged corrections, during which people get disappointed in the market and leave it forever. This happens especially often shortly before the start of a global growth cycle. So if you feel like quitting, it's the opposite, it's the best time to buy long-term.
4.2K views04:39
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2023-07-13 21:45:37
An interesting metric on bitcoin predicts continued growth. Now 75% of the entire supply of BTC is in profit, and 25% is in the zone of unrealized losses (glassnode)

It is interesting because it was quite accurate in determining the bottom of the market and signaled the end of growth cycles quite well. At the moment, the value of the metric is in the middle of the range after testing the lows, which means that bitcoin's growth potential remains serious.

Well, the news that Ripple was not recognized as a security gave a good impetus to the crypto market. Bitcoin is already above $31,000, altcoins are adding 5-10% each.
4.2K views18:45
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2023-07-09 22:36:25
Bitcoin started July very weak, despite the fact that historically it is a very strong month for it. Since 2013 it has closed 6 profitable months and only 3 losing months (coinglass)
So the mood for July is still moderately optimistic. At least August and September are historically very weak and there are no expectations at all from them. So July, push on!
3.6K views19:36
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2023-07-07 09:07:08
Total open interest in options on the VTS rose to record levels, from which we often received a change of trend (Glassnode)
4.3K views06:07
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2023-07-03 22:00:40
The Ethereum chart is in the same position as bitcoin. The price is right under the key resistance and actually just one step away from the upside to the historical maximum.

Quite strong behavior of the rate is due to the fact that the April update of the Shanghai network has brought, instead of a massive withdrawal of ETNs from the stacking, on the contrary, the growth of deposits. Despite the already rather high price of almost $2,000, Ether looks very promising in the long term.
4.5K views19:00
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2023-06-28 19:33:39
Bitcoin has most likely already passed the bottom of the macro cycle, as most market participants recorded a loss in late 2022 or early 2023 (cryptoquant)

Historically, bullruns started after that. And it looks very promising
4.6K views16:33
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2023-06-22 18:47:36
Bitcoin investor sentiment is now characterized as "greedy. This is supported by the Fear and Greed Index, which now stands at 65 points out of 100. Accordingly, there are enough people willing to invest in BTC and other cryptocurrencies today.

The last time the index was at this level was in early May.
4.6K views15:47
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2023-06-12 11:11:56
A logarithmic bitcoin trend with repeating price patterns predicts reaching $50,000 within a year.
3.4K views08:11
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2023-06-05 22:58:05 Artur Hayes made a new forecast for the crypto market this year. There is a lot of text, but I will write the most important things in a nutshell:

In the second half of the year, we will see strong growth. It will be aided by money printing and people trying to save in the face of inflation.

Bitcoin will not make new highs or lows around $15-16K this year.

For now we have to take a rest from the market, and patience will be rewarded in the end

PS: sounds plausible enough, although I don't trust most of these predictions.
5.2K views19:58
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2023-06-03 16:30:48
Table with upcoming halvings from OKLink.

DASH will go halfway through its miners' rewards in 20 days, LightCoin has two months to go. And the most anticipated halving will occur on April 27 next year.
And if nothing critical happens with the cyclicality of bitcoin, 2024-2025 promise to be traditionally very profitable.
4.3K views13:30
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