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Lead author's channel about blockchain projects
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2023-01-06 23:40:11 The Huobi exchange is beginning to stress its problems. Now they are planning to lay off 20% of the staff, for the last days there was withdrawn $90 million, of which $60 million in the last 24 hours.
Stablecoin USDD has again lost its 1-to-1 peg to the dollar.

That said, Justin Sun has always been a murky character. We don't know what goes on in their inner kitchen, but as a rule, there is no smoke without fire. It is advisable to keep on this exchange a reasonable percentage of the portfolio and generally look for an alternative.
3.3K views20:40
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2023-01-06 15:10:09 Today, there is a lot of writing that BlackRock has started adding bitcoin to its Global Allocation Fund for passive investors. Even details are given in the form of the number of clients of the company and the size of the fund. Allegedly, 0.32% of their investments are able to buy all BTC stocks on the exchanges.

Nice excuse to convince the crowd to buy. But only institutionals are more likely to dump and buy on the bottom than to pump and buy on the rise.
4.3K views12:10
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2023-01-06 15:08:29
Breaking: Justin Sun Confirms 20% Of Staff Layoff At Huobi
5.3K views12:08
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2023-01-04 22:53:54
Just In: Coinbase To Pay $100 Million Fine In New York
4.3K views19:53
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2023-01-03 12:27:13
The recently set anti-record for bitcoin volatility has been updated again.
There has never been such a catastrophically long flat in history.
(Galaxy Digital Research)
5.4K views09:27
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2023-01-02 13:25:45
Just-In: Bitcoin Price Bottom Approaching Fast, Time To Buy The Dip?
2.9K views10:25
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2022-12-30 23:57:22
The correlation between Bitcoin and the SP500 index has set a new record - Kaiko.

Getting tethered to the US economy at a time when a recession is looming is sad enough. But in any case, next year I expect a global turn in the crypt. I simply do not believe in the endless fall of a conditionally deflationary asset during an inflationary crisis.
5.6K views20:57
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2022-12-30 17:17:37
Breaking: KuCoin Undelegates 48 Billion Terra Classic (LUNC), Dump Incoming?
5.6K views14:17
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2022-12-28 17:13:49
Breaking: Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Buys 2395 Bitcoins
106 views14:13
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2022-12-26 09:15:13 Tether continues to block USDT wallets at the request of regulators and law enforcement. So far, 810 addresses worth $435.5 million have been blocked.
(Dune Analytics)

Recently, Tether has also been driven by a wave of FUD, but the company is doing an excellent and stable job. And the peg to the dollar is becoming less and less volatile.

But despite this, holding USDT without diversifying stables is not safe anyway.
7.7K views06:15
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