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Inherited from Telegram, the TON blockchain was designed to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use native apps, some of which can be used directly in Telegram such as @wallet or @cryptobot.

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2022-06-29 19:31:04
Creating your own tokens based on TON

Independent specialists from the community of TON developers have launched the Jetton Deployer service, which allows users to create altcoins on The Open Network with one click through a convenient interface.

With this new service, anyone can create new tokens without technical knowledge.


1. Go to the Jetton Deployer site and connect your TON-based crypto wallet.
2. Give your token attributes: a name, a ticker symbol, its total supply, and a logo.
3. Click the “Deploy” button and pay the commission fee of 0.25 Toncoin.

To see your tokens, however, you’ll have to connect your wallet on the site to import your created tokens, after which your tokens will be visible on your balance, and you’ll be able to send them to other users.

Jetton Deployer also enables users to manage their created tokens. You can find a guide here.

We’d like to note that the code is open-source.
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2022-06-29 11:18:13Jettons on TON

It’s not for the first time when we mention the word „jettons“ on our channel. Today we’d like to talk about what this technology is and what usecases it has.

More than two months ago, the TON developers reported the finalization of the token standard, which is called TON Jetton. In simple words, tokens are a cryptocurrency that can be built on any blockchain by every person or a company. For example, the famous USDT, USDC, and SHIBA are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jettons have a large number of different usecases. One of them is creating the ecosystem around some product. Another one is encouraging users by their contribution to the project. We should note that many tokens might be a good investment as their price can rise (for example, due to listing on the exchange).

Tokens on TON have already appeared for the common-use. Tonhub, a popular TON Wallet, started supporting some tokens like $SCALE, $BOLT, $WTON, $TGR and others. Recently some third party developers launched the first Jetton Deployer – a convenient tool to deploy tokens.

We strongly believe that coming DEXs will significantly promote jetton’s technology on TON, making it as popular as NFTs now.
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2022-06-28 10:20:00Toncoin mining has ended.

A significant event occurred on The Open Network today: Miners mined the last Toncoin from the PoW Giver smart contracts, marking the end of the initial token distribution phase.

TON mining was the most critical step in the network’s development.

TON mining’s birthday is considered to be July 6, 2020. On that day, the Telegram team published a guide on the project’s site, and all the available tokens (98.55% of the total supply) were sent to special smart contracts, from which anyone could mine Toncoin over the past two years.

The Open Network project didn’t have an ICO, IEO, or other forms of initial token sales after issuance. Instead, Toncoin was available through mining, which helped disseminate the cryptocurrency to hundreds of thousands of users.

Now that the Toncoin mining era has ended, the only way to earn new coins is by staking TON, which is poised to become a prominent industry.

The amount of new Toncoin entering circulation will decrease by 200,000–250,000 coins per day, a 75% decrease.

The TON Foundation has published an article that describes in detail the history of TON mining, its vital role in the network’s decentralization, and the future development of the blockchain.

You can read the article here:
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2022-06-27 12:08:46Jettons in Tonkeeper.

The Tonkeeper crypto wallet has developed the means to support Jettons and now has the capacity to display the balances of custom tokens.

Interacting with Jettons is just as easy as with Toncoin. Tonkeeper users can view transaction histories and receive and send the tokens to any address in just a few clicks.

Users don’t have to import wrapped versions of these tokens manually, like MetaMask. Any Jetton sent to a Tonkeeper wallet address is automatically displayed in the wallet.

It’s important to note that all transactions on The Open Network are paid in Toncoin; therefore, there should always be a small amount of Toncoin to complete transactions.

We published a lengthy article covering Jettons a while ago (we recommend you read it), but today, we’ll reiterate the gist: Jettons are all the other cryptocurrencies on TON — but Toncoin is not a Jetton.

The TON ecosystem is about to see the launch of more Jettons, but most of them come from NFT game creators and TON-based services.

In the future, a lot of these tokens will gain value and trade on crypto exchanges with the likes of Toncoin and other giant cryptocurrencies. We’re excited that the network is getting fully functional instruments to interact with altcoins.

We’d also like to note that Jetton support is also available in other crypto wallets, such as Tonhub and Scaleton.

You can download the updated Tonkeeper app here:
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2022-06-26 18:46:33TON Community Weekly Digest

Here’s a roundup of the ecosystem’s most exciting news from the past seven days.

Network stats update:

The number of new wallets created on TON from June 19 to 25 grew from 790,550 to 870,377 (+10%).


Registration opened for the first-ever Hack-a-TON for JavaScript developers, with a total prize fund of 40,000 Toncoin.

Coin98 Wallet, the largest non-custodial crypto wallet provider in Southeastern Asia, added support for The Open Network.

The Tegro TON team launched the TON Hold Wallet, a new non-custodial wallet based on The Open Network blockchain.

The grant program between the Getgems and TON Diamonds teams published its initial results.

The TON Community Manager Contest continues, and the winners of the first stage have already received their prizes.

We wrote a post reminding readers about the TON Bug Bounty program, whereby anyone discovering a vulnerability in the TON blockchain’s code could qualify for a reward of up to $100,000.

TON’s official website,, added the new TON Events section where upcoming events will be placed and organizers can post information about their events.

Amid the outages at Cloudflare, a website protection company, the TON Foundation published an article explaining how the TON blockchain can replace incumbent cloud solutions and become a decentralized metacloud.

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments brewing in the TON ecosystem by turning on the notifications to this channel. You won’t want to miss a thing!
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2022-06-25 19:14:07
Up to $100,000 could be rewarded for finding a vulnerability in the TON blockchain’s code.

Developers at The Open Network take a responsible approach to questions about the network’s security and dedicate a significant amount of time hunting for and finding bugs and errors.

We’d like to remind our readers that the TON Bug Bounty program is always ongoing, whereby any programmer can be rewarded for uncovering a vulnerability.

The reward size depends on how critical the bug is and can reach $100,000.

You can find more details about the TON Bug Bounty program here:
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2022-06-24 18:30:01
The TON Community Manager Contest is still in full swing.

This post is a quick little reminder that the second stage of the TON Community Manager Contest is underway and ends on June 30.

We’ve handed out rewards to the winners of the first stage and sent them Toncoin and NFTs from the Animals Red List, Tegro, and Mintosaurs collections.

Moreover, a few contestants have received job offers and joined projects based on TON.

Anyone can participate in the contest. You can find the requirements and a description of the tasks here:

The weekend is right around the corner — it could be the perfect time to complete some tasks for the contest.
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2022-06-23 21:22:13
Registration for the first-ever Hack-a-TON, whose total prize pool is 40,000 Toncoin.

Registration for the first-ever Hack-a-TON for JavaScript programmers opens today, with the competition kicking off on July 1 and running for 48 hours.

The only requirements to participate are JavaScript and a team of four (or fewer). An SDK and prepared smart contracts will be provided.

The Hack-a-TON will be online only.

To participate in the competition, you need to register via this bot: @hack_a_ton_bot

We also recommend you keep an eye out for announcements from the TON Contests Telegram channel for updates. Once the Hack-a-TON ends, the TON Smart Challenge #2 will begin.
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2022-06-22 18:30:00
The largest non-custodial crypto wallet in Southeast Asia, Coin98, has added support for TON.

Users can now store and transact with Toncoin directly in the app.

Coin98 Finance is a multichain DeFi platform with over 2 million users and over 50 blockchains.

The company manages a popular non-custodial multi-currency NFT wallet, Coin98 Wallet, and its own DEX, Coin98 Exchange.

Over the past month, TON has established partnerships with a deep lineup of Asian platforms. For example, Toncoin has been listed by regional crypto exchanges, such as MEXC, Unocoin, Matrixport, BitoPro, and others.

We’re pleased to see how the TON project continues its expansion in Asian markets.
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2022-06-21 21:00:20
TON Events.

The official website has added a new section, TON Events, where announcements for upcoming events will be posted, including meetups, contests, hack-a-TONs, and more.

If you want to organize an event for the TON community, let us know in the TON Events calendar.

To do that, you’ll have to fill out a form included in this link:
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