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Inherited from Telegram, the TON blockchain was designed to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use native apps, some of which can be used directly in Telegram such as @wallet or @cryptobot.

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2023-01-19 22:15:30
A very favorable environment for scamming and spamming

As soon as TON gained fame and became recognizable by a large group of Telegram users, scammers entered the ecosystem and started to profit at the newcomers’ expense. With tiny transaction fees, The Open Network became the hotbed for various fraudulent schemes aimed at stealing your crypto assets. It is the reverse side of blockchain’s advantages.

You might have seen these spam transactions convincing you to enter the seed phrase on a bogus site. Akin to spam mail at off-chain services, users continue to suffer from constant transactions consisting of malicious links. Unfortunately, the developers of The Open Network cannot forbid such transactions due to the asynchronous nature of blockchain. The best method to protect yourself from spam transactions is to do your own research and under no circumstances enter your seed phrase, except when activating your non-custodial wallet.

A bunch of popular wallet apps — e.g., Tonkeeper and Tonhub — started to hide small transfers of Toncoin. More likely, the number of such transactions will only grow, leading developers to build up a filtering system for incoming messages which will help separate the wheat from the chaff. Each day scammers come up with something new and unique: recently, users started to receive a spam jetton, i.e., a token on The Open Network, named “Account banned.” It is better to ignore these tokens and hide them if they disturb you.

We wrote a detailed article a few week ago about how to avoid becoming easy prey for scammers. It will help you not fall into the hands of scammers.

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2023-01-18 18:57:08Now is the time and we are building!

The Open Network (TON) is growing strong developer communities in countries across the globe as our Hackathon provides developers with the necessary resources and guidance to build something incredible.

Super excited to announce our INVITE-ONLY, on-site events. During our Hackathon this February, we will invite 6~10 teams that are looking to #buidl on #TON in a city that could be near you!

Our goal is to empower builders and developers in local communities to create innovative applications, services and protocols with The Open Network.
For the event, builders and developers will get a chance to meet and ask questions to a member of The TON Foundation and local TON developer specialist(s). The Q&A session will ensure that builders and developers are well equipped with knowledge about TON tools, incubation opportunities and building on TON mainnet.

Join us on our mission to unite all blockchains and Web2 internet into one open network!

If you want to attend and are excited to #BuildOnTon, please submit an introduction and your BUIDL idea!

To be eligible to WIN exclusive access, please abide by the following criteria:

- Max. two people per team
- Max. 150~250 words per pitch
- Keep it concise and clear
- Focus on value for the TON community
- Submission period: Jan 18 (Wed) ~ Jan 25 (Wed)

We are super keen to have developers from all over the world join us on our mission to build the next-gen internet.

So, what are you waiting for?

SUBMIT your idea!
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2023-01-17 20:34:36TON Grant Program: Fall 2022 review

In September, October, and November 2022, the TON grant committee approved a handful of projects to receive funding.


TONDaddy is an analytics platform for ".ton" domain names. It is a project by TonX Studio, a developer of Web3 infrastructure on TON.

TONDaddy monitors TON DNS activity and helps users select alternative domain name options. For example, if you enter “user” in the search field, you’ll see open and closed auctions containing the word “user.”

The TON Foundation provided the grant for continued development of the (TON native) analytics service which will provide more useful insights to users in the future.


OpenMask is a browser-based TON crypto wallet, analogous to MetaMask. OpenMaks aims to set itself apart from the pack with its array of modern features.

It received a grant to expand wallet functionalities and build on the website documentation. Note that this (wallet) grant was specifically provided as this was a browser-based wallet project, which meets the community needs.

Rift (formerly dBuilder)

This is an instrument for Python developers providing a framework to create smart contracts on TON.

The service’s mission is to lower the entry barrier to TON development and make writing smart contracts more accessible.

Web3 Campus

A Web3 development education website.

Web3 Campus intends to create courses that educate various professions in Web3, including courses on the TON ecosystem. It aims to be the Web3 of Coursera, whereby freelancer Web3 content instructors can receive payments in crypto.

A grant was awarded to create more educational resources on the TON blockchain.


A service for creating electronic NFT signatures.

SmartSign develops unique use cases for TON NFT technology, such as minting blockchain signatures that can be used like regular signatures — i.e., to hand out autographs or sign documents.

SmartSign received a grant to advance its ideas and launch a full NFT signature service.

You can find everything you need to know about the TON grant program and submissions on TON’s website:
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2023-01-16 20:45:24Pump-and-dump schemes as a means to manipulate the market — A message on how to spot them and avoid them

The TON DeFi segment of the ecosystem has been on a steady rise lately. Unfortunately, it’s also attracted some bad actors who want to swindle people for financial gains. Today, we want to talk about one common trading tactic used to manipulate crypto markets whereby unsuspecting investors may get burned.

The tactic is pump-and-dump (P&D) schemes, a method that artificially and rapidly inflates the price of an asset and crashes shortly thereafter.

How it works:

A group of people coordinates a massive buy of a cryptocurrency, which subsequently sends the asset’s price through the roof, with all of them selling simultaneously at the highest possible price.

The result is a painful crash in the asset’s price, leaving investors with deep losses and questions surrounding the true intentions of the project.

How to play it safe

The first thing to keep in mind always is that any investment in cryptocurrencies carries an inherent risk.

The next thing we recommend everyone do is to DYOR, “do your own research.” It’s best to set some time aside to dig into a project’s specifics.

Learning who is behind the project, their resources, how public they are, how transparent they are, how much experience they have, etc., would be a good place to start.
Another area to pay attention to is the liquidity of the project’s coin on DEXs — the lower the liquidity, the easier it is to manipulate it.

Any project can fall victim to this kind of nefarious trading activity — even those with a stellar reputation and a trustworthy dev team.

The only thing that needs to happen is putting in a sum of money big enough to move the markets upward.

Naturally, projects with low funding are the most vulnerable to P&D attacks because even relatively small injections of capital are enough to disrupt these markets.

Be careful of P&D schemes.

DeFi on TON has been expanding at an unprecedented rate, but market participants need to remember the risks when considering investing in projects.

We also recommend reading our guide to digital safety to learn about how to be responsible when investing.


This post is not reporting on a specific incident. The TON Foundation and TON Community do not conduct analyses of crypto projects and do not make official public reports.

Our task is to bring the issue of P&Ds to your attention because they may appear in the development process of TON DeFi.
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2023-01-15 19:34:05TON Community Weekly Digest

Here’s a roundup of the ecosystem’s most exciting news from the past seven days.

Network stats update:

The number of new accounts created on TON from Jan. 8 to 14 grew from 1,871,860 to 1,920,365 (+2.6%).


The Telegram bot @wallet released an important update: a new interface, a QR code scanner, and domains. Read more.

Crypto wallet TON Rocket also pushed an update. Read more.

Preparations for the global hackathon Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks are underway, with the kick-off date slated for Jan. 30. Read more.

Auditing firm SlowMist audited the security of the TON blockchain’s core. No vulnerabilities were found. Read more.

 MyTonWallet became the first TON-based crypto wallet to offer staking via an official TON smart contract. Read more.

Decentralized exchange became the second product from The Open Network’s ecosystem to be listed on CoinMarketCap.

The Token Bridge smart contract hacking competition closed. Participants were unable to find critical vulnerabilities in the code. Read more.

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments brewing in the TON ecosystem by turning on the notifications to this channel. You won’t want to miss a thing!
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2023-01-14 19:00:25
First Native Staking

MyTonWallet becomes the first wallet to provide staking on the official smart contract.

Staking is wholly decentralized and managed by the official TON Nominator smart contract. Neither the developers nor anyone else has access to the funds on your deposit.

Reserved funds are used to keep the network operating using its proof-of-stake mechanism. Not only do the nominators receive passive income from holding TON, but also directly influence the overall growth and development of The Open Network by participating in voting.

TON holders with a balance of 10,000 or more can make their first deposits through the MyTonWallet interface. A new version of the official smart contract is expected soon, in which the lower deposit threshold will be significantly reduced.

We encourage new users to try MyTonWallet right now. In turn, we are getting back to labs to please you again with new exclusive features very soon.

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2023-01-14 18:00:24
LBank has listed Toncoin.

Yet another prominent crypto exchange has added Toncoin to its list of tradeable tokens. This time, it’s LBank, a Hong Kong-based centralized exchange.

LBank boasts $1.5 billion in daily trading volume, over 100,000 active daily users, and ranks in the top 15 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. In addition to offering 800+ crypto trading pairs, it also supports 150+ fiat currencies and over 100 payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Spot trading is available in the TON/USDT pair.
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2023-01-13 17:45:29
The Open Network has been audited by SlowMist.

SlowMist, an in-demand auditing firm, has audited the security of the TON blockchain’s core.

The audit was a resounding success because no vulnerabilities were found. The report can be found on Toncoin’s page on CoinMarketCap in the “Audits” section.

In November 2022, auditing behemoth CertiK sifted through TON’s core code and smart contracts — and found zero critical issues.
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2023-01-12 20:14:39Tegro.Finance — The newest DEX on TON

Say hello to the newest decentralized exchange (DEX) on TON from the team at Tegro.

On Jan. 1, 2023, after a few months in the testnet, Tegro.Finance launched on the mainnet and is now fully functional.

The following features are already available:

Token swaps — The platform has already listed most of TON’s popular tokens.
Transactions with oUSDT (Orbit Bridge USDT).
Trades via “Routes” — Routes are double trades, token swaps with lower transaction fees. Tegro is the first in the TON ecosystem to implement such a mechanism. You can read more here.
The platform’s utility token is TGR.
Liquidity pools (guide).

The DEX is already listed on DeFi aggregator DefiLlama, which displays the TON network’s TVL.

The fee for standard transactions is 0.4%.
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2023-01-11 18:29:35
The latest @wallet bot update: a new interface, a QR code scanner, and domains

The team behind the @wallet Telegram bot has released a new update that delivers quality-of-life improvements to make your crypto experience even more accessible.

A new interface

The user experience wouldn’t be complete without a streamlined interface. In this latest update, the UI now contains a “Paste” button, which makes entering long wallet addresses much smoother.

Moreover, the send crypto screen has a built-in QR code scanner.

TON Web3 addresses

Speaking of long addresses — @wallet has integrated support for short human-readable “” domains to send and receive Toncoin, eliminating the possibility of bungling long addresses or copying the wrong one. You’ll have to visit Telegram’s domain platform, Fragment, to purchase a domain, but more information is available here.

Transaction history

Rounding out this line-up of solid improvements is a revamped transaction history. After making transactions with your Telegram contacts, you’ll now see their avatars instead of colored circles — a nice little touch making your history more visually pleasant.

To experience these new features, you must update the Telegram app to its latest version.
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